Police: Man Went On "Grand Theft Auto"-Inspired Crime Spree

(Baton Rouge, LA) -- An Auburn University lacrosse player is in big trouble after police say he went on a "Grand Theft Auto"-inspired crime spree in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1542d ago

Let me guess it's all the games fault? Anyone that would do stuff like that was obviously crazy in the first place. You know mentally unstable?

Xof1541d ago

Nothing exists in a vacuum.

It's entirely possible that playing GTA:V served as a trigger to send this mentally unstable person over the edge. As an adult human being, you have to accept that violent media can and will have real-life consequences. Grand Theft Auto V is a very violent game, and its interactive nature exacerbates its effect on us.

The point here is to recognize that violent media--and, to a greater extent, the culture of violence that exists in our society--contributes to violent crimes. Obviously, it's immature and ignorant to declare any form of violent media to be the sole cause for these acts of violence... but it's equally immature and equally ignorant to claim they have zero effect.

AO1JMM1541d ago

yup, so lets censor everything so that small percentage of the world population wont ever do this ever again. right?


hellzsupernova1541d ago

so 16 million copies sold, one guy goes nuts, punish everybody.

Dee_911541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

You're 100% right Xof
Its insane how over generations and generations people are still in denial about how we are influenced by these things. One would think that with age and especially years after school, oneself would realise just how much you were influenced by whats going on around you...

I don't understand the sarcastic reply.It doesn't make sense, unless of course you're implying that thats what the point or moral of his comment was, then you should re-read it or work on your reading comprehension.
No where in his comment did he say or even imply such.All he is saying is it does have an impact.Being defensive wont make the problem go away or even help it.

Soc51541d ago

Wow, really well said. That's exactly how I feel and it's a balanced view that is hard to find on boards dedicated to games. Of course watching violent media and playing violent games has an effect on us. The issue is to what degree and how does it affect those who are unstable and prone to violence already. Combining pleasure reward centers in our brain with violence definitely rewires our brain somewhat. Not to say that we as a species aren't already violent and we definitely have been for millennia. But lets not as a community prematurely jump to the defense of something we love to do (gaming) when it's under fire just because we don't have any desire to go on a rampage. There probably are some people out there who shouldn't be playing violent games and children probably shouldn't be either. Violence in any media will affect your brain and possibly alter your behavior and level of empathy. I'm curious myself what effect gunning down thousands of characters in acts of violence in games has on me. I still love playing games but I do wonder.

Gaming1011541d ago

Violent media may affect people, but there's a line that is crossed between being affected and taking action. It's the same line that is crossed when a person emotionally affects you and you beat their head in, versus being an adult and being civil. We can't take all things away that affect us emotionally, people are going to react no matter what, and some reactions will be good, some will be bad, it's the mentally ill person who will more likely have a bad reaction (although not all mentally ill people, as there are a lot of mentally ill who never act out violently).

The point is, there are an infinite number of things that can affect us, and it's childish to think we should limit them. That's like saying we should limit all human interaction, since that by far leads to more violent outbursts than any videogame, rap song or comic book ever has (although they always become the scapegoat).

KarateExplosion1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Grand theft auto is based off of crimes that people have already committed and do everyday. Dont blame a video game that is based off of real life crimes and criminals. These crimes were being done before this game was released.
Lets blame the war on Call of Duty and Battlefield next while we are at it. Tell the president to stop playing those games.

Dee_911541d ago

1.Its been established that no one here is soley blaming gaming or even remotely entertaining the idea of removing these games or media.So please kill these sarcastic remarks
2.Rather the crimes depicted in a video game are based off of real world crimes and events are WAY beyond the point...
Like do you guys actually read or just skim through ?

Enigma_20991541d ago why the hell do they only point the finger at GTA?

ufo8mycat1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Xof - It has ZERO effect to people who are mentally stable.

You don't see me going out gunning down people in real life, after playing GTA V, nor do you for the 16m people who bought the game.

This guy was mentally unstable or obviously had issues, was going to happen regardless if he played GTA V or didn't.

The failure here is this 'mental issue' wasen't recognized in this person, by his friends, parents or whomever.

Not the games fault.

ape0071541d ago

fantastic comment, well rounded thinking

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KonsoruMasuta1542d ago

Sounds like this guy had problems before he played the game. Even with all the hours I put into GTA, it never crosses my mind that I should go get myself arrested.

Number-Nine1541d ago

i went clothes shopping today. i blame gta.

i tried to pull out a gun and rob the place but i wasn't allowed to.

Ninte1541d ago

He's a loony so he needs to be put away so stop bringing a game into every article that talkes about these stupid idiots who goes into a rampage or takes a car or truck for this matter.

Anon19741541d ago

The problem is in this case, the guy himself brought the game into it. It's not the media jumping to conclusions this time, the man flat out told police he wanted to see what it was really like to play Grand Theft Auto in real life.

Don't get me wrong. I think the media jumps to conclusions all the time when linking video games and crime, but in this case it's the criminal himself linking his crime to the game. I don't believe for a second that violent video games are responsible for real life violence, but if the guy claimed "The Lion King made me do it," you can be damn sure the media would be running that as their story as ridiculous as it sounds. At least in this case you can't fault the media for mentioning GTA in their article.

With nuts like this, it's GTA, it's the voices in their heads, it's satan, it's comic books, it's D&D, it's heavy metal...when they go off they'll always find something other than themselves to blame for their actions and others will always look for a scapegoat.

Soldierone1541d ago

If anyone here decides to go crazy, PLEASE blame it on video games then when they ask what game on the news go "Hannah Montana Sing Along" and start laughing. You will most likely get cut off air before you finish, but who cares. Make the media look like the true fools they are.

Jamaicangmr1541d ago

I'll get right on that. Lol!

BX811541d ago

Yeah, you go crazy and the media is going to be the one to look like a fool. Good one sparky! Lol.

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