Police: Man Went On "Grand Theft Auto"-Inspired Crime Spree

(Baton Rouge, LA) -- An Auburn University lacrosse player is in big trouble after police say he went on a "Grand Theft Auto"-inspired crime spree in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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KonsoruMasuta1733d ago

Sounds like this guy had problems before he played the game. Even with all the hours I put into GTA, it never crosses my mind that I should go get myself arrested.

Number-Nine1732d ago

i went clothes shopping today. i blame gta.

i tried to pull out a gun and rob the place but i wasn't allowed to.

Ninte1732d ago

He's a loony so he needs to be put away so stop bringing a game into every article that talkes about these stupid idiots who goes into a rampage or takes a car or truck for this matter.

Anon19741732d ago

The problem is in this case, the guy himself brought the game into it. It's not the media jumping to conclusions this time, the man flat out told police he wanted to see what it was really like to play Grand Theft Auto in real life.

Don't get me wrong. I think the media jumps to conclusions all the time when linking video games and crime, but in this case it's the criminal himself linking his crime to the game. I don't believe for a second that violent video games are responsible for real life violence, but if the guy claimed "The Lion King made me do it," you can be damn sure the media would be running that as their story as ridiculous as it sounds. At least in this case you can't fault the media for mentioning GTA in their article.

With nuts like this, it's GTA, it's the voices in their heads, it's satan, it's comic books, it's D&D, it's heavy metal...when they go off they'll always find something other than themselves to blame for their actions and others will always look for a scapegoat.

Soldierone1732d ago

If anyone here decides to go crazy, PLEASE blame it on video games then when they ask what game on the news go "Hannah Montana Sing Along" and start laughing. You will most likely get cut off air before you finish, but who cares. Make the media look like the true fools they are.

Jamaicangmr1732d ago

I'll get right on that. Lol!

BX811732d ago

Yeah, you go crazy and the media is going to be the one to look like a fool. Good one sparky! Lol.

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