UT3 360 Gets Exclusive Maps, Compared to PC/PS3 Inifinite Mods

Ripten: Unreal Tournament 3 for the Xbox 360 is coming this Summer (June 30th in the States and unannounced in Europe) and it looks like loyal Microsoft fans will be getting five exclusive maps, two new characters, and split-screen action for two players. Unfortunately for 360 users, this bonus content doesn't really mean diddly.

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CViper3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )


LoL PWN, exactly...

I'm just being completely sarcastic.

But... wait does that mean they wont do Mods for the 360? They shouldn't even bother releasing UT3. Just put those people on Gears 2. Why the hell would you buy a community driven game like UT3 and not be able to use the community!?

pwnsause3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

you do know people are going to redo these maps and mod them, and cook them for the PS3, its bound to happen

@CViper again:

yes it means no mods for the 360, blame XBL's Closed network policy

DarkArcani3891d ago

exactly what I was thinking. They shouldn't really be called exclusive when someone else will mod them.

mikeslemonade3891d ago

360 owners have to wait for there maps.

Omegasyde3891d ago

I know mods are why Ut3 isn't dead.

Also how ironic how Epic screwed the PS3 fanbase by not making a splitscreen patch. Mark Rein said it was highly feasible.

Mods vs. Split screen.

This game will still sell well on the 360 since no great games besides Ninja Gaiden 2 will be out this summer. UT3 will be all by itself this summer as far as shooters go ( Battlefield Bad company sux IMO).

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LightningPS33891d ago

Seriously, why do people fight so much over this game? It wasn't all that good and it didn't sell all that good.

It wasn't a game that pushed consoles or anything.

solar3891d ago

the arguement is over how good the game is/was...its over how MS wont let user created mods/maps drive the community. PC gaming has done that for years and its quite surprising MS isnt letting the 360 community partake in it.

LeonSKennedy4Life3891d ago

It was amazing.

It was released the same time as COD4.

Nobody's computer could run it.

Fishy Fingers3891d ago

So MS were not willing to be flexible, what a shame for 360 only gamers. Lose the Mods from UT and you lose its soul.

SeanScythe3891d ago

The thing is the ps3 version will get splitscreen aswell. If it's on 360 it will come to ps3, they already said awhile back they are planning to release it in a patch. So this just means that when this is released the patch will be finished and ready to download for free.

Omegasyde3891d ago


Epic mighht and I mean MIGHT include some Home functionality. And splitscreen is the last requested thing on thier list to do. They have to unlock a harddrive mod install option first.

nbsmatambo3891d ago

lol, it doesnt matter if Epic doesnt send us a patch. some modder is going to make a mod for it.

A 2D Mod was recently shown
FPS Mod was already shown
Even a LEGO Mod was shown

And about the maps pfft Modders can build better ones

Ju3891d ago

They'll release a split screen patch and a map pack later for the PS3, I am pretty sure about that. Epic has to offer something new for the 360. I mean it took them some time to get it out. I would have been very surprised, if it would have been the exact same game.

Bladestar3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

lol... it depends how you look at it....

You can get 5 extra maps; well balanced and made by the pros.... or you can have 2,000 maps made by pedro pica piedra...

hehe... no... I rather a car made by BMW than a car made by my uncle...

I have no problem with user created content... but let's not compare work done by proffesionals vs maps made by non-developers... comparing a map made by multiple developers and months of work vs john doe messing around...

hell! developers should take advantage of how xbox 360 haters feel and all their games should bring no maps and give them just mod tools...

damn... now... when it comes to think of it... Metal Gear online must suck... since it does not have a modding tool... and every other PS3 game that does not have modding...

and you xbox 360 haters should of prove EPIC that modding was so important by buying the game.. considering the fact that this game is the only one that has modding which you xbox 360 don't seem to shut up.. this game should sell more than any other game... including Gears... on day 1... but with so freaken low sells compares to many games... EPIC is being forced to released the game on the xbox 360 in order to make some sells... and simply stick the mods up their *@^#$# and release the game the way microsoft tell them to.. mod or no mods... if the PS3 would of break all record (specially for being the first console game ever to implement this) EPIC would force or send microsoft to hell if not allow to do mods...

Is it worth for microsoft to messup xbox live and profits over the inferior numbers of copies that UT sold on the PS3...

Hell... even Vega 1 sold more copies and introduced the face mapping.. and you don't see games adding face mapping...

solar3891d ago

id rather have the choice of 2000 maps over 5. you dont like "said" map...join another. not every map is awesome. not every map is crap. the professionals arguement is a weak one at best.

CViper3891d ago

Considering that most people that DO Create maps do so for a living (3d modeling/animation/programming , and do Maps for this game on the side OR to try to get hired at EPIC(Which many have) Its not like there is some huge skillset that people with these talents are missing.

Counterstrike for example, User created mod.
Desert Combat, User Created mod that turned into Battlefield 2.

All Developers were doing work, and looking for jobs at one point in time. You aren't born an employee.

Its sad that you are too blind to see that this is in fact crippling the game. It shouldn't be released on the 360 if it doesn't have mod or KB/mouse support. They should put all of those resources on Gears 2. No one is going to buy this game. Unreal has a big community of people that love the game, and love to make things for it. XBL's policy ruins that element of the game.

You can't compare Unreal to MGO because MGO isn't POPULAR from the modding community.

Although, You would know all of this. If you ever played Unreal Tournament and were part of the community. You are just trying to do damage control, and its obvious.

Fishy Fingers3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

All the maps I've downloaded have all been on par with any of Epics. The deathmatch ones anyway (only mode I play). These always plenty of comments from other users and info to help you know what your getting.

You really dont know the UT community if your bashing their quality. The PC community is massive and filled with many skilled individuals, any of their mods are easily converted to be compatible for the Playstation. There really is no other way of spinning it, 360 gamers are going to miss out on what many would argue is UT best feature. Mods.

Superiorrior3891d ago

I love how Bladestar always expands on jackshit, you don't know anything do you?

solar3891d ago

@ blade

for once id love to see you live you fanboyism to the side and see that what fishy and Cviper said....the community drives a game like UT. it always has and always will. and it sucks the royal big one that you 360 guys wont be able to enjoy the craziness that user created content can spawn.

fenderputty3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

So I see you've finally decided to actually drop the cash on a PS3 then huh MR. 360 fan ...

It's just so ironic that you're using an argument that PS3 fanboys used a year ago while the 360 fanboys laughed. blah blah higher quality blah blah ...

It sucks that UT3 doesn't have MODS and you know it. Stop trying to dance around it. Modding is one of the reasons the game is so liked. Loosing that feature for 5 "exclusive" maps that are going to be copied by some "amature" isn't a good deal.

I know you actually believe this crap you spew out too. It's almost funny to watch you twist reality into an easier concept for your one track mind to grasp.

"Must make 360 version look better ... Must make 360 version look better .... must make 360 version look better"

Click them shoes Dorothy ... you just might get out of oz.

Spinner3891d ago

Blade can spin ANYTHING.

Enjoy your gimped version!

EZCheez3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Says the guy who can't install mods.

chanto233891d ago

Way to make yourself look like a fool LOL...this has to be the stupidest comment i've read here in the last 2 years. Did your mom drop you on your head when you where a baby or something?

RecSpec3891d ago

You know, pedro pica piedra is a map making genius.

INehalemEXI3891d ago

The best mods are those that are totaly custom and look totaly different from what epic makes those textures we see enough of. User mods with custom content are refreshing.

Custom characters are superb. Total Conversions and gametype mods , mutators etc. You are sadly mistaken if you think 5 epic maps can equate to everything the mod community has and will make.

Marceles3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

With your logic, I guess you would rather have real games for the 360 as well instead of not having XNA games...I'm sure the Xbox community is praising XNA and even trying to compare it to LBP. Now the 360 is getting praised for not having mods??...good thinking blade...good thinking...DLC is evil unless it's made with XNA right?

Bladestar3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

lol.. ok.. ok... You people completely ignore a few valid points....

If mods were so important for console gamers... why the game flopped in terms of sales?

If the game was such of a success on the PS3 why is EPIC holding microsoft balls and bringing the game to the xbox 360 in order to try to break even and make some money?

Do you think if this game and modding would be so important this game wouldn't break all the records? If anyone should be blamed for the xbox 360 not having modding is you PS3 gamers.... Why should microsoft go through the trouble of doing anything about the PS3 terrible sells compared to other games that do not have mods? even a demo sold more (Grand turismo)...

Microsoft should be begging EPIC to bring this game and modding to the xbox 360... but from the sells on the PS3 + the fact that EPIC is willing to released it without mods tells you the importance of this game... and even worst.. microsoft does not care... thanks to you PS3 owners that can't shut of about modding for not buying 1,000 copies each to prove that people care about this game and modding...

Microsoft would do anything for a game and a feature that sells... GTA4 anyone? they are willing to pay billions and beg... EPIC was counting on you PS3 owners to force microsoft to allow mods by looking at the sells...

you know what's going to be funny as hell? when this game without mods sells more copies than the PS3 version on the xbox 360...

Money talks... and UT and modding did not do the talk... and it looks like nothing more than a handful of xbox 360 haters talking about mods... that the mainstream don't care...

I tell you... if UT on the PS3 would sell 3,000,000 copies... microsoft would be begging EPIC to not only add mods to the xbox 360 version but to add a floppy drive...

@Marceles - XNA games.... I am a software developer and currently creating a game engine for the XNA... XNA is a mod tool... you need Visual Studio and it uses C# to create games... XNA is also being used in educational institutions to teach game programming... they are not using UT mod tools to do that... have you seen XNA? it's just an API/framework which you have to use a real computer language and a real compiler... please don't compare XNA to a mod tool that you can only use to create something for a specific game... XNA can be used to create any type of game... including comercial games... can you make a racing game using the UT mod tool?

By the way I am not against people using mod tools and using them... I am against this stupid comparison (UT3 360 Gets Exclusive Maps, Compared to PC/PS3 Inifinite Mods).... apples and oranges... would modding be a great thing for those that like mods... yeah.. nice..

Everything has it's place... split screen vs mods? 5 exclusive maps vs mods? that's like saying... water vs food... not everyone does modding... everyone plays maps... get it?

CViper3891d ago

Gamers play games because they like GAMES.
Gamers mod games because they LIKE GAMES.

You are so cute trying to dance and spin everything.

First it was:


After you got completely owned on that..


N+ sold millions right? Oh wait, it didn't so that means it must suck now? Because it didn't meet your made up standards? God.. you need to get into Game Finances, because you definitely aren't a gamer.

devilhunterx3891d ago

All I got to say is: BURN!!!

Greysturm3891d ago

Break even.... hello unreal engine 3 says hi. Development cost covered in middleware and for your knowledge most games break even at about 200,000 copies i wouldnt be surprised if this one did it at 100,000. Epic is not begging to release on the xbox 360 its called they already had a version working along with Ps3 and Pc so why not release it. They were only seeing if they could convince microsoft to take one for the community and the gamers, but then again by the way your venting your ideas here you must be a detractor of XNA oh wait your not...

The point was that this game without mods is utter crap and if people didnt buy it in massive quantities before why will they now? The addons are just glitter over a turd comnpared to mod support. As pointed before epic would be better off adding the resources they are spending on gears 2. I can assure you for all hte talk you make the game is gonna sell less that its counterparts be sure of it.

solar3891d ago

i couldnt even make it thru have of your second comment before i realized how much of an idiotic arguement you are trying to make. consoles are becoming more and more like PC's every generation. Modding is a HUGE part of PC gaming...always has...always will be. Sony letting Epic join in on the fun for consoles is a treat to those who are taking advantage of it.

there are endless amounts of mods for even WoW.

fenderputty3891d ago

Blade ... you're typing a lot but, I'll I see is, "blah blah blah I got ripped blah blah twist twist blah blah blah. 360 is better blah blah blah."

mistertwoturbo3891d ago

Wow... I cant believe bladestar is actually typing that out. Using BMW as an example? Good god...

joydestroy3891d ago

i would have a lot to add to this but it seems like just about everyone has covered the basics.

if i had waited for the 360 version and gotten it and never experience the PS3 version, i would be a pretty sad person. i love using the mods that the guys make. they're pretty awesome. they add unlimited amounts of fun to the game dude.

Marceles3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

you're reading into it too much're saying nothing should be made for any game unless it's content made from the devs themselves, even if it is free...and you're saying having a few maps is better than having people who've created mods for years be able to have people access play their stuff and share with the community. XNA is isn't for a specific game, whatever, but nonetheless it enables people in the Xbox community to share their projects with other back to the point I was making...maybe they should scrap the XNA program since MS or a real developer isn't making the game? I want a published and manufactured DVD certified by Microsoft to play the game on my 360, not something someone else made because anything less than the real thing should be scrapped all together, even if it's free?

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