Exclusive GTA IV Xbox 360 bundle for the Portuguese market

"According to Microsoft Portugal, there will be an exclusive bundle for the Portuguese market.
The pack will consist of GTA IV, a xbox 360 elite and 1600 ms points.

This limited edition will be available on the 29th of April and will be sold at €389,99."

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Yi-Long3894d ago

... welcome to European pricing ;)

Rocko3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Sucks for you guys.

etownone3894d ago

is it a true bundle, like the ps3 bundle that comes with the GTA4 artwork on the box.

Spike473894d ago

is this ...."Portugal"? j/k.

mariusmal3894d ago

i know by name and location almost all the countries in the world. smart ? no, i'm just aware.

G1L3894d ago

Portugal is in Europe and as the commercial aired in the uk showed, some of the first exclusive publicty starting to appear is in Europe. So I think Microsoft is "attacking" the European market, where Sony still has a strong grip.
This comes to show that they are not only focused on the "biggest" market players around here (like UK), but also smaller (4 me it's big :P) countries like Portugal where Microsoft is still struggling 2 get to the consumer.

mariusmal3894d ago

yeah im from portugal. i own a ps3 and xbox360. and i gotta say that here is hard to be a 360 gamer,

ps- 5-3. mágico

Yi-Long3894d ago

... I really wish this bundle would come to Holland. We really need an Elite-bundle here, as it's always been sold without any games...

I would buy this bundle, for this price, in a heartbeat.

But if they dont do a GTA Elite bundle here, I think I will just buy the GTA-PS3 bundle for 400 euro. (or hope that they will release a 80 GB MGS bundle...)

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The story is too old to be commented.