Steam Family Sharing only works locally?

Steam Family Sharing is one of the more exciting features coming from Valve but how exactly will it work? Naturally a lot of gamers assumed that users can simply share their games with their friends or "family" remotely. Not true, apparently.

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cunnilumpkin1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

here's a brainstorm

actually SHARE your login details with your family, unless they are scumbags and you don't trust them

then your entire library of steam games (origin, gog, greenman gaming, gamers gate, gamestop downloads, uplay and amazon downloads all work as well) will be at their fingertips to download as the please!!

same goes for things like Netflix and hulu and amazon prime
Comcast and att streaming

my family we all share that stuff, one person pays for one
the others pay for other ones

I can watch cinimax and showtime and hbo online whenever, but I only pay for hbo

get the idea?

doesn't really take a rocket scientist to figure out how to share with everyone and anyone you trust

my brother and I have shared pc games since 2004

on console they make it harder but it can be done as well

Software_Lover1730d ago

Game sharing with steam is easy. I do it at home. I have one pc in the living room that I let my son use. I mainly just download NBA 2k games for him and other things. I'm always logged out of steam on that pc unless I need to download. That is also my media center pc, which is the reason it's in the living room (it does rock a HD 6950 though). My main rig is in the den. We have no problems whatsoever.

Unless Valve decides to make it mandatory to be online when playing your games, I dont think this will change anytime soon. If they pulled that move, I wonder how many people will praise them then though?

nukeitall1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Sounds like this feauture is not what everyone expected. The shared games happens over the same computer!

Ugh, I guess it is better than nothing.

hazelamy1730d ago

so, you can have more than one account on the same machine that can access the games of a main account holder?

isn't that what consoles have been doing for like seven years now?
well, PS3 and 360 anyway.