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Monster Hunter 4 has a fantastic start on 3DS but falls behind Portable 3rd in second week

Monster Hunter 4 had a fantastic opening in Japan and it set a record of selling 1.87 million units but it fell short of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd’s 2.14 million. Now that we have gotten second week sales, it seems to have fallen further behind. (3DS, Monster Hunter 4)

DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   420d ago
That's disappointing...
Nerdmaster  +   419d ago
It sure is! It's selling almost the same thing as the most successful Monster Hunter game ever, that was sold in a console with a bigger install base, but that's so disappointing... /s
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   419d ago
I actually forgot about the install base hehe, oh well
stragomccloud  +   420d ago
Not surprising, the install base isn't nearly at what the PSP install base was when portable 3rd came out.
Sharp  +   419d ago

This is what you get for betraying your fanbase. Nintendo offered you more money and you just scrap your sales? You deserve worse. You deserve the fate of Yakuza HD on Wii U.

I hope you fail with your money-hungry plans and understand that in gaming industry you cannot just make money, you have to SERVE your clients.

Back to business school! DO NOT DITCH YOUR CORE AUDIENCE. Rule #1.
gamepard  +   419d ago
bring it to Vita now...the sales will going to decrease more on 3ds . MH4 has 70 to 60 % same content with the previous titles (only 7-8 new monsters pretty lame) ..Capcom bring a proper sequel to PSVIta ...not cheap,lazy works on the weakest consoles of the market
leahcim  +   419d ago

paul-p1988  +   419d ago
This is probably one of the best articles i've read all week, maybe sales will make Capcom see the error of their ways and put it on a system that actually wants it (as shown by portable 3rd, which has been out for a few years on psp, outselling the newest version on 3DS)

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