Saints Row 4 Vs. Grand Theft Auto V

"To me I enjoyed both Grand theft auto and Saints Row IV they are both enjoyable in their own way. But when it comes to best game I lean more on grand theft auto but I’m not saying Saints Row is not good I’m saying it was best when it comes to the Jokes and game play they were great and first ever when it came with a gangster with super powers. But not just a normal Gangster He was the Gangster President of the United States of America which is pretty cool in a way. You never see jokes like that in any other games maybe as a Easter but not in a story mode in a video game. (I could be wrong but you guys are the Judge.)"

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Regis1700d ago

No just No you cannot compare the Greatness that is GTA 5 vs Saints Row 4

KonsoruMasuta1700d ago

That's like comparing a mansion to a shack.

BattleTorn1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Or a gangster to a clown.

*ahem* sorry, should I say super-power wielding President. (don't want to be inaccurate)

alien6261699d ago

best way to compare a GTA game is Saint Row 4 with GTA 3. Saint Row series is no where near GTA 5

deafdani1699d ago

Yes. Yes, you can. It all depends on what your tastes are like.

For example, GTA IV received universal critical acclaim when it was released. Saints Row 2, by comparison, was a pretty unpolished game, and it was nowhere near the production values of GTA IV.

And although I enjoyed GTA IV a lot, I had way more fun with Saints Row 2, thanks to its over the top ridiculousness.

So, can't a similar comparison be drawn between GTA V and Saints Row 4?

I'd argue that yes, it can. GTA V is undoubtedly the most polished game, and the one with the most content, but if someone prefers ridiculous-over-the-top action, then Saints Row 4 will be, for said someone, the better game.

BattleTorn1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

There is something inherent about "over-the-top ridiculousness" that screams 'lacks any substance'.

I can't wrap my mind around why developers would like their game's soul to be so empty.

Imma go on a tangent to express my point.

I used to think Aziz Ansari was hilarious, until I watch a documentary with him, where he talked about how he has expertimented with his delivery of his jokes. And he discovered that the exact same joke could land on the crowd cold, or in hysteria. And it was all determined by how her delivered the joke. If told it regular - no laughs. But if he told if "over-the-top" and went "WHhhaAa!!" or "WoooowwwZ!" and did a little pose at the end with his hands - people thought the joke was absolutely hilarious.

Ever since then I can't find him funny - knowing that each of his jokes are only making me laugh cause of how he blows them out of proportion simply to make a non-funny joke make people laugh. To me, his "over-the-top" delivery is now nothing more than smoke&mirrors to hide how unfunny his content truly is - how little substance there is in his jokes. (other comedians have criticized him for this)

TL;DR "over-the-top" = no substance.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1699d ago

SR4 is better considering it's actually fun. GTA hasn't been fun since last gen. The new GTAs are all about sacrificing fun for realism.

PurpHerbison1699d ago

That's your opinion but, it's not better. That was my opinion.

BattleTorn1699d ago

In terms of sacrifcing fun for realism, I think Saints Row has definitely gone much farther in one direction than GTA has in the other.

TheFallenAngel1699d ago

I played saints row and 1 and 3. They are nowhere close to GTA.

MestreRothN4G1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

It goes like this to me:

GTA 1, 2, 3, VC, SA > SR franchise > GTA V > GTA IV.
GTA V is fun, but most of the dozens of activities are completely pointless and barely fun at all.

What do you gain by winning a triathlon world cup? Not even 1 dollar.
By reaching gold medal in hunting? Money that doesn't even buy the ammo spent.
By bringing that target alive? Close to no money.
And so on for a dozen options.

GTA V has SERIOUS design and specially cohesion issues. You'll disagree, I don't mind. "Deal with it."

KonsoruMasuta1699d ago

GTA SA is leagues ahead of any game in the SR series. The only game in the SR series that can even be close to SA is probably 2.

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