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Saints Row 4 Vs. Grand Theft Auto V

"To me I enjoyed both Grand theft auto and Saints Row IV they are both enjoyable in their own way. But when it comes to best game I lean more on grand theft auto but I’m not saying Saints Row is not good I’m saying it was best when it comes to the Jokes and game play they were great and first ever when it came with a gangster with super powers. But not just a normal Gangster He was the Gangster President of the United States of America which is pretty cool in a way. You never see jokes like that in any other games maybe as a Easter but not in a story mode in a video game. (I could be wrong but you guys are the Judge.)" (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Saints Row 4, Xbox 360)

Regis  +   791d ago
No just No you cannot compare the Greatness that is GTA 5 vs Saints Row 4
KonsoruMasuta  +   791d ago
That's like comparing a mansion to a shack.
BattleTorn  +   790d ago
Or a gangster to a clown.

*ahem* sorry, should I say super-power wielding President. (don't want to be inaccurate)
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alien626  +   790d ago
best way to compare a GTA game is Saint Row 4 with GTA 3. Saint Row series is no where near GTA 5
deafdani  +   790d ago
Yes. Yes, you can. It all depends on what your tastes are like.

For example, GTA IV received universal critical acclaim when it was released. Saints Row 2, by comparison, was a pretty unpolished game, and it was nowhere near the production values of GTA IV.

And although I enjoyed GTA IV a lot, I had way more fun with Saints Row 2, thanks to its over the top ridiculousness.

So, can't a similar comparison be drawn between GTA V and Saints Row 4?

I'd argue that yes, it can. GTA V is undoubtedly the most polished game, and the one with the most content, but if someone prefers ridiculous-over-the-top action, then Saints Row 4 will be, for said someone, the better game.
BattleTorn  +   790d ago
There is something inherent about "over-the-top ridiculousness" that screams 'lacks any substance'.

I can't wrap my mind around why developers would like their game's soul to be so empty.

Imma go on a tangent to express my point.

I used to think Aziz Ansari was hilarious, until I watch a documentary with him, where he talked about how he has expertimented with his delivery of his jokes. And he discovered that the exact same joke could land on the crowd cold, or in hysteria. And it was all determined by how her delivered the joke. If told it regular - no laughs. But if he told if "over-the-top" and went "WHhhaAa!!" or "WoooowwwZ!" and did a little pose at the end with his hands - people thought the joke was absolutely hilarious.

Ever since then I can't find him funny - knowing that each of his jokes are only making me laugh cause of how he blows them out of proportion simply to make a non-funny joke make people laugh. To me, his "over-the-top" delivery is now nothing more than smoke&mirrors to hide how unfunny his content truly is - how little substance there is in his jokes. (other comedians have criticized him for this)

TL;DR "over-the-top" = no substance.
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gaelic_laoch  +   790d ago
This is like PS4 vs XbOnE!
BattleTorn  +   790d ago
SR4 is better considering it's actually fun. GTA hasn't been fun since last gen. The new GTAs are all about sacrificing fun for realism.
PurpHerbison  +   790d ago
That's your opinion but, it's not better. That was my opinion.
BattleTorn  +   790d ago
In terms of sacrifcing fun for realism, I think Saints Row has definitely gone much farther in one direction than GTA has in the other.
TheFallenAngel  +   790d ago
I played saints row and 1 and 3. They are nowhere close to GTA.
MestreRothN4G  +   790d ago
It goes like this to me:

GTA 1, 2, 3, VC, SA > SR franchise > GTA V > GTA IV.
GTA V is fun, but most of the dozens of activities are completely pointless and barely fun at all.

What do you gain by winning a triathlon world cup? Not even 1 dollar.
By reaching gold medal in hunting? Money that doesn't even buy the ammo spent.
By bringing that target alive? Close to no money.
And so on for a dozen options.

GTA V has SERIOUS design and specially cohesion issues. You'll disagree, I don't mind. "Deal with it."
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KonsoruMasuta  +   790d ago
GTA SA is leagues ahead of any game in the SR series. The only game in the SR series that can even be close to SA is probably 2.
Simco876  +   790d ago
I enjoyed Saints Row 2 because it was over the top, but not like SR IV..just too much.

GTA V is better IMO, my wife disagrees so you can see the difference. If you want something totally fun and not serious then SR it is. If you want more realism and big heists get GTA V.
Mr-SellJack  +   790d ago
GTA is dead to me after this gen,Loved The story of IV,hated V's story a lot,much inferior,might be the most inferior GTA story wise.Loved the gameplay of V,hated the gameplay of IV...
zod  +   790d ago
SR games are quite different now..Volition is not running after GTA or any other open world game now..They make their own style of open world games which are genuinely fun to play..Hopefully with new publisher, they will get enough money create a new engine for SR5 ...All SR needs is a new engine and lil more polish...Gameplay is awesome in SR...

Also, SR3 and 4 both are miles better than boring GTA 4 in gameplay....There is not a single boring moment in SR plus it allows better and deeper customization for both character and vehicles in the game...Ability to play Male or Female and choose different voices is a big WIN for many gamers...
zod  +   790d ago
SR4 is a super hero game not a GTA style gangsta game...SR4 is more like CrackDown and Infamous now than GTA...SR4 is the best Superman game which was never made :P
zod  +   790d ago
For me Sleeping Dogs, SR3, SR4 and RDR >>>> any GTA game .

GTA V is good but combat and vehicle handling still not good...R* obsession with realism is ruining the series for me....
MestreRothN4G  +   790d ago
Which obsession with realism?
BattleTorn  +   790d ago
No, see - if R* made the vehicles with good handling that would be ruining the series, for you.

People complain about GTAs handling because they crash too much.

When the poor handling is a feature not a bug.

You can't fix what's not broken.
LuCifer845  +   790d ago
Lol you f@#king kidding me? Saints row is poor mans GTA. If it wasn't for GTA there would be no saints row
pandehz  +   790d ago
joint8877  +   790d ago
This is how it is!

You play games like Saints row, Sleeping dogs, Just Cause and other games that is identical to GTA because you like the concept! The open world experience!

But we all know that GTA is the master of them all, GTA started it all!

But what you do, dont miss out on the other games!
Rigbly  +   786d ago | Well said
SPOILERS*** I do not work for or endorse either maker.

This is my first post so a hearty hello to all respectful members of this thread. Now...

I think some of you are missing the point. If you are already sold on GTA V and don't know anything about SR IV or the franchise then why comment?

Saints Row IV is an amazing experience compared to GTA V.

GTA sets out to create a realistic gangster style, hit man-esque glorification of realistic sexual and violent sadism.

Saints Row has evolved to not only provide that in spades, but it does not focus on realism. It focuses on the game play, something most open world manufacturers have failed to keep in mind. Give me fun don't give me ultra real. I might as well be a surgeon if that's the case.

Let me put it this way for those of you who haven't played SRIV. SRIV makes fun of itself the whole time. It traces other games and makes fun of them the whole time and it gives you tiered super powers, a gigantic mech suit, the ability to hook up with your partners over and over again on your ship, a ray gun that inflates your opponent until they explode, a black hole generator, a disintegration gun, a heavy metal gun, polka and classical music assault weapon that...well...you'll find out. A glitch power that glitches out the game while you are playing it and makes the glitch experience part of the game levels. The game turns MID GAME into an 8 bit side scroller and THEN a text based adventure...all while making fun of itself and what it's doing. This game laughs and takes shots at from Fallout, Mass Effect,GTA, Red Dead Redemption,and a slew of nut kicking, pro wrestling old school chow yun-fat movies.

In GTAV I am nothing but a god damn open world gangster and that is freaking sweet but in SRIV I am king of My Town, the town where my backup deploys a giant crabby Saints Row soft drink from another dimension into the simulation I am occupying in order to overload the world with itself so it glitches out and runs itself back to SRI intro for no reason other than to make you laugh and enjoy gaming.

So please tell me what am I doing in GTA...any one of them...well I am a gangster and I used to be Ray fucking Liotta. Not that voice casting is as important as the guy or girl who actually acts out the role or how the developer sets up the story ala The Last of Us where they actually act out the scene then insert it into the game. Anyway off track.

SRIV is a pure gamers game. I am laughing my ass off, listening to great music, blowing shit up, cussing up a storm, looking at my hot ass character I created and using a rather large array of wacky to super serious weapons, including a giant black hole gun...having sex with my crew, lol, I'm president of the God Damn United States inside of a alien controlled simulation where my ultimate glitched out life stealing building leaping wall running UFO piloting car jacking Genki people-a-pult hurls bodies across the map. And...AND I am faced off in an ultimate dance off with my entire crew ala Soul Train. Who does that in a game. Why a company that cared about gaming, the rescued a franchise from shits-ville and wanted you and I to have fun.

Thats SRIV and none of you capture that in your review.

So while you are playing GTA V and walk into someones house and try to take a shower but cant because you have to get the hot and cold water just right OR you get into a car accident and have to exchange insurance information with the person you hit OR you have to change a flat tire on your jacked car and cant find all the lug nuts...please think about what it is to game and go play SRIV

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