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AMD announces new flagship model GPUs, includes Xbox One-esque programmable audio chip

The flagship models also boast a programmable audio chip in them. AMD also provides GPUs for the next-gen consoles i.e. for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. (AMD, Industry, PC)

Philaroni  +   791d ago
I hope AMD makes a come back, I use to use them only back in the Athon x64 days. Wonder what that audio chip can do, maybe GPU's will replace dedicated sound cars (Not like you need them much anymore with how good Mobo ones can be.)
aceitman  +   791d ago
whats interesting is they are using gddr5. so is that the future of gaming.
Letros  +   791d ago
That's 5 year old tech, GDDR6 is the future, expect it on the next card after this.
Dasteru  +   791d ago
How is it interesting? GDDR5 has been standard as VRam for about 5 years now.
Ipunchbabiesforfun   791d ago | Trolling | show
aceitman  +   791d ago
there goes another troll(Sonyclearlylistens) look at the dam pic it shows gddr5 , its newer than gddr3 u call someone a ps4 fanboy for what saying is the gddr5 the future of gaming grow the hell up. and stop creating troll problems and flame baiting. http://gearnuke.com/amd-ann...
and by the way I do this to u http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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SkullBlade169  +   791d ago
No, it isn't the future of gaming. It's the past of gaming.

I had a Radeon HD 4870 card back in 2008 which had GDDR5, that's not exactly new.
starchild  +   791d ago
People are disagreeing with you because you are acting like GDDR5 is something new when in fact it has been standard on PC graphics cards for years.

The PC gaming world will be moving on to GDDR6.
aceitman  +   791d ago
@ starchild , thank u for explaining it to me , I don't game on pc and bubbles to u for telling me in a mature way, not like Sonyclearlylistens , I thought they where going to use gddr6 so that is what was so interesting with them coming out with gddr5 on there new cards.
AliTheSnake1  +   791d ago
LOL even PC fanboys don't know what they are talking about. GDDR5 is 5 years old. but it has changed over the years.
Your graphics card from 5 years ago had only 512mb running at 3.6 Gbit/s.

PS4 has for gpu around 4.5 gb. Running at 176GB/s.

GDDR6 won't be much of a jump at he beginning. most likely power saving and small improvements here and there.
And YES it is the future of gaming for consoles.And most people game on consoles. And most games are made with consoles in mind so YES it is THE future of gaming.
aceitman  +   791d ago
thanks AliTheSnake1 bubbles to ya. and http://0.tqn.com/d/animated...
kewlkat007  +   791d ago
"whats interesting is they are using gddr5. so is that the future of gaming."

You "console" only gamer are funny..I think it was the first time many ever heard of GDDR5 when it was announced Sony was using it...
P0werVR  +   790d ago

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Ps4Console  +   790d ago
Believe it or not GDDR 5 has been round a long time .
Bolts  +   790d ago
Lmao. Classic fanboy comment. Welcome to 5 years ago "nextgen" consoles. Speaking of 5 years ago can the PS4 lock in 1080p for all content yet or are they saving this feature for 2023?

When they say Greatness Awaits, I didn't think I will be waiting that long for a true 1080p console.
WarThunder  +   791d ago
AMD makes a come back? really?

AMD right now has the best Price/performance CPU ($185), its beats Intel i7 ($319) http://youtu.be/eu8Sekdb-IE...

And AMD GPUs are also the best Price/performance ratio on the market.
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starchild  +   791d ago
These look fantastic, but I'm still going to wait until 2014 to upgrade. For now my HD 7950 is doing very well. We'll see how the first round of next gen games run on it.
Philaroni  +   791d ago
I hate to even bother commenting to the people in this thread, but, GDDR5, GDDRX*2 means little. Yes it will improve graphics and what we can track in games as far as variables but the real future is expanding the market to people that have yet to play games or don't play them as an everyday form of entertainment like music and movies have done for years. Yes those forms of media have much more history but I feel games are growing at a faster rate. If technology is the only driver / future of the game industry then what is the point of gameplay, story, characters, emotion, and so on? Graphics get out dated on a yearly bases. They are a poor and to be honest an irrelivent gague on the 'future of games' hardware helps but its the design and demand of gamers that drive the indsutry.
ATi_Elite  +   791d ago
Nice but I'm not buying a GPU until GDDR6 arrives in 2014!

HD7970ghz CFX and 660ti SLI are GREAT for a long time.
U mean a comeback in cpu performance or just market share. They can't beat intel.. Intel will be market leader as they should till amd ups their game.
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windblowsagain  +   791d ago
Strange i'm the other way. Prefer AMD.

Nvidia are just to full of it, But AMD Smokes NVIDIA in compute.
Dasteru  +   791d ago
AMD sometimes has more powerful hardware, it is about a 50/50 in that regard. Nvidia always has much better drivers though and they release new drivers to increase performance with new games far more often.

Nvidia also provides much larger gains in SLI vs Crossfire and is alot more stable.
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ninjagoat  +   791d ago
But but but PhysX for me this is where Nvidia wins out. Compare any game that supports that feature to an AMD(ATI)game and basically you get what you pay for. For me BF3 is a good example and this will follow to BF4 as well.
steve30x  +   791d ago
The PhysX is just a load of rubbish. There arent many games that have it and it has nothing to do with physics anyway. Just something to add extra graphical effects that you would hardly notice while gaming anyway. I know because I have a GTX680
Dasteru  +   791d ago
PhysX does have to do with physics, the graphical effects are part of it.


Watch at 0:45 and 1:09 for some good examples.
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Feralkitsune  +   790d ago
ARMA 3 uses Physx for the vehicle physics.
ninjagoat  +   790d ago
@Steve30x Play without your card and come back and tell me how rubbish it is. Except for good frame rates that by the way my 770gtx does deliver by the bucket load on anything i throw at it. The ATI cards miss out on PhysX.

Its a game changer for me when it comes to Graphic Cards. Hell expect for the games being 1920 1080 on PC with mental fps. It may as well be the same as the console version off a game without the effects that nvidia provide if you stick with AMD.

Its just more Cost effective to be an AMD gamer while bei9ng a PC gamer that's all. Me personally when i do a low flyby in my jet in BF3 i want every tree to bend with the wind my plane is creating.

In Batman i want when i run around there to be crap loads off stuff on the ground that is affected by my cape that i can knock around. I don't want to being plain and lifeless. Alice Madness this is represented as well. There's many games on PC that takes advantage off Nvidias PhysX.

Remember even the new line off AMD cards are still behind Nvidia in these regards. So when it comes to PC gaming my first and only choice is Nvidia and i recommend them to anyone. It dosen't mater what consoles use what this is where N4G gets a bit twisted really.

You all forget there are difference between PC and console. I own the current gen consoles and i plan on getting the next gen ones as well.

Well the PS4 i was going for the xb1 but I'm not gonna trust something that hasn't been live tested with less than two months to go till release. I'd be a fool to part with £500.
MarkusMcNugen  +   790d ago
A decent CPU can easily make up for the lack of a Physx chip built onto the card. There is a reason why you can download the software for Physx and use it without an Nvidia GPU. A decent Core i5 or Core i7 will work just fine in that regard.
Erdrick  +   790d ago
i thought bf4 was partnered with amd, no? it wouldn't use physx
vulcanproject  +   791d ago
Graphics cards have incorporated onboard sound processing for several years now, mainly due to offering all in one HDMI out for home theatres. Its usually only on par with integrated sound, which is why a lot of people still go with a dedicated sound card for the best audio from their machines.

It seemed inevitable that graphics cards would eventually incorporate superior sound processing, its quite welcome if it raises the bar above your standard motherboard integrated fare.
Stsonic  +   791d ago
What is happening to the 8000 line?
Kayant  +   791d ago
Nothing because those are rehashed HD7* series parts for OEMs.

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T1125P  +   791d ago
Sound chip nice, but still the king is actually Creative Sound Blaster, especially with their new line of audio cards, the Sound Blaster Z, I have it :D Amazing sound I heard them all, but I personally think Sound Blaster is king.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   791d ago
I have a sound blaster z aswell good audio card my only gripe is on initial start up it didn't play nicely with windows but a few driver updates later and it's perfect. Got it set up with a Intel i5 4670k, xfx 7950 3GB ghost and 8gb ram :D
Dasteru  +   791d ago
Creative hasn't been that good for about 12 years now, they are along the same "gaming junk" line as gaming headsets.

Anything from the Asus Xonar line or HT Omega is much better as far as sound quality is concerned.
solar  +   791d ago
AMD > Nvidia because they undercut for consoles derp.
hellzsupernova   791d ago | Trolling | show
fossilfern  +   791d ago
Great conference cannot wait for these GPUs but its the Mantel API I'm really excited about!

Kayant  +   791d ago
What???? The conference was awful that's being kind but the mantel API is differently interesting for PC.... But from the way they talked about it. It seems proprietary which contradicts what amd have been saying about Nvidia and Physx and lessens the impact of it.

Other thing that was awesome at least was the sound demo ---> it's amazing https://www.youtube.com/wat...

They hardly talked about the 290X which was why everyone was there :(

But man I need to get a decent PC soon.
Feralkitsune  +   790d ago
This was a conference for tech people, if you were expecting some silly Steve Jobs style Presentation that overuses the words "Innovative" "Amazing" "Gigawatts" and such, you weren't the target audience.
Kayant  +   790d ago
And you think non-techy people would watch this for about 3 hrs... Right thanks for generalizing me :/ but on record I actually love tech it's the reason I watched it if not why would I considering I don't even have plans to buy anything from there. The point is the conference was badly paced and lacked information about the new GPUs.

And no Apple's use of words/statements like "iPhone 5C is beautifully, unapologetically plastic." don't impress me.
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starchild  +   791d ago
Yeah, the Mantel API is definitely exciting stuff.

I like where PC gaming is headed. With SteamOS, the Mantel API and X86 ISA in consoles, PC gaming is going to get a lot more efficient and powerful.
gamernova  +   791d ago
AMD is notorious for their bad drivers. What is the point of having sick hardware if it does not have the core software to push it? There needs to be a serious change if they expect to get any of the green team slice of the pie.
Dante81  +   790d ago
Welcome to 2005
gamernova  +   790d ago
Got Nvidia. I am in 2013 :P
Metfanant  +   791d ago
Its not really "Xbox One esque" At all...unless from now on we are going to refer to all audio processors as "Xbox One esque" like MS invented the idea of dedicated audio hardware lol

I wonder if my Onkyo Receiver is "Xbox One esque" because it decodes audio...
Jumper09  +   791d ago
there is no audio chip on the graphic card lol and its not the same as shape. Shape is mostly there for Kinect
DomceM  +   791d ago
we need competition so i hope AMD does better with cpus.

I hate their drivers so i hope they dont do any better than they are right now in the gpu space. healthy competition for nvidia and nothing more.
kaozgamer  +   790d ago
I don't get the new naming scheme..
KontryBoy706  +   790d ago
I was going to spring for a GTX 780 but I'm going to sit back and chill with my 670 for a bit. I think it's going to be a lot of dust and smoke to be cleared for the rest of this year. Real upgrades will come next year.
Bolts  +   790d ago
Same here. My 670 may be old but it easily smokes the nextgen, I have no real reason to upgrade anything at all and my PC is 3 years old.
KontryBoy706  +   790d ago
Yup! The only game I'm concerned about is BF4. I'll know next week when the beta comes out. If I can run that game at 60fps then I'm holding out until sometime next year. I'd know there would be no game coming the rest of this year that could test a 670. Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed 4, Call of Duty Ghost etc.. those games won't be as demanding as BF4
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