It's OK not to Play GTA

CCC Says: "I'm not mad about Grand Theft Auto V. I just don't care. In fact, I care so little about Grand Theft Auto V that when I scheduled a vacation for last week, the game's release date never crossed my mind. Even while avoiding the Internet, as is my habit on vacations, I still ended up being subjected to a gushing review of Rockstar's latest blockbuster from a friend of a friend over sushi on Friday night. I have to admit, the way the game handles its multiple protagonists seems neat, and I'd love to see something similar pop up in a game that I actually want to play."

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xHeavYx1671d ago

"I care so little about GTA that I'll write about how I don't play it" hipser gamer

Hufandpuf1671d ago

seems like satire to me.

Audiggity1671d ago

As an online advertiser/marketer - I love how this is yet another article intended only for link bait, and the author/website is being financially supported by a MASSIVE GTA V takeover/banner ad campaign.

The irony is brilliant. If R* hadn't broken every sales record in gaming, they would probably pull their ad campaign for this article.

If people don't like GTA V... or don't want to play it... they won't. They don't need someone to give them permission to have an opinion.

I don't write articles about how Call of Duty and Madden are IPs entirely based on recycling the same content w/ minor revisions to maximize profit, they still sell, they just happen to sell predominantly to people with lower IQs and that's ok! Keeps them out of GTA: Online.

Have fun with Rune Factory 4! (Just remember that it's OK NOT to play it... I've given you permission)

psych1671d ago

I love it. Bubble up.

Max-Zorin1671d ago

It's okay not to play any game. Not everyone have the same preference.

Grimhammer001671d ago

I was intending to stick with diablo 3 until ps4.
But it's rife with hacked items. Plus I prettying did everything. Hellfire ring and pony level.

So my buddy gets gta5 on release. I was on vaca.
I get back. And I pick up my preorder - solely because I've played every big game on ps3 to date.

So I largely disliked gta4. And steer clear of pseudo-reality open world. (Though sleeping dogs was excellent - but Japan is largely alien to westerners I'd think. So dies that count?)

Anyways, gta5 story is excellent. Some gameplay is very fun.

However - traversal is tedious. No fast travel from my cell? Forced padding I guess. Unless you take a taxi...if you can find one. Gunplay isn't great. I thought they'd just port over max Payne...

Cars feel slippy. Popup, jaggies, framerate issues. This game is ambitious and fun mostly, with great narrative. But it's no 10/10. Not even a 9/10.