Killzone Mercenary Review - A Portable Achievement

Killzone Mercenary is a game every Vita owner should have in their library.

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remanutd551727d ago

Best fps game on any portable gaming machine.

PoSTedUP1727d ago

incredible graphics and gamplay, awesome online, and 9 good missions, on my handheld. Yeah Baby. play beyond.

mdluffy1727d ago

By far the best portable shooter, the metacritic reviews haven't been fair to it.
But at-least the normal players know it's very good, rock on!

remanutd551727d ago

I trust my fellow psn friends than some joke video game reviewers, always have and always will.

jp_footy21727d ago

Listen to the user score which is 9.1 which is more important.

Thoth20201727d ago

One of the reasons I wanted to do this review is because I saw Polygon's 6/10, and shouted out loud "That's bullshit!" I had ONLY played the multiplayer beta at that point, and 5 minutes at E3, but it was already 8 or 9.

I actually struggled between 8 and 9 for my score (We don't go half points), but I couldn't stop talking about it to anyone that listened, and personal enthusiasm does factor into review scores on our site.

Thehyph1727d ago

Polygon is a joke. Their reviews of PlayStation exclusives are nonsensical and illogical.

I would struggle to choose between 8 and 9 as well. I think the game is an 8 overall, but a 9 to anyone with an affinity towards shooters.

Nice review.

Ju1727d ago

BTW: This almost looks like a preview of KZ:SF. I think some of the art style is actually closer to SF than previous KZ games. Plants and color scheme, eg. I love this game.