Nintendo Shelf Space Substantially Reduced at Major UK Retailer Tesco

Tesco has gotten rid of its dedicated Nintendo section and combined it with the Xbox 360 section. Instead of having multiple Nintendo games in stock, Tesco is only carrying the top five best-selling games from either Wii U/3DS/DS/Wii.

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Thatguy-3101703d ago

This holiday they are going to get eaten up by the ps4/xbone hype. It's safe to say that the wii u won't take off or sale half the wii units in its life span. Nintendo will be lucky if they reach 50 million.

colonel1791703d ago

While Nintendo is not doing great, it's also not doing bad either. However, I am too afraid that when PS4 and Xbox One launch, Nintendo will be just forgotten. Right now they have no competition at all, and people who want a new thing might buy a Wii U, but with the next generation consoles on shelf, there is a low probability that Nintendo will sell well.

It will be interesting to see sales numbers for Christmas and then Q1, and what if Nintendo will actually be affected by the 2 big consoles. Also, what they announce for next year

Hatsune-Miku1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

the wii u wont even sell 20 million. wii u barely sold 500,000 units this year already and total unit count is less than 5 million

wii u is finished. i seriously doubt itll even sell 12 million. nintendo doesnt have enough support or game studios to make software for them to be relevant. the console is too weak and it wont get enough good games. the fanboys will tell you otherwise though even though its averaging rubbish sales weekly.

thanks for the disagrees, sucks that they wont make wii u a next gen console or get them good games and better sales

Quetzll1702d ago

The problem with fanboys is they cherry-pick details to support their own claims. You, for instance, are talking about the WiiU - disregarding the fact that Nintendo quit trying to compete DIRECTLY with 3 other platforms last gen. That's 3 FAT CATS of gaming: Xbox, PS3, PC. Why be the fourth, identical member of a market when you can branch off into your own side of the gaming market.

All Ninty has to do is release a new Zelda, a new Metroid, and resurrect some old ones like Star Fox, F-Zero. etc.

Nintendo paces their releases. Slow and steady always wins the race.

Yep1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

This comment and the amount of likes it got shows how many fanboys and trolls rampant N4G.

"I seriously doubt itll even sell 12 million"

This has got to be the dumbest estimation yet. At Wii U's current selling rate, it'll 28 million at least after 7 years, which is more than what the Xbox and GameCube, a console Nintendo profited from, sold.

This is just worst case scenario.

KonsoruMasuta1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

But what reason did they have to limit the space of 3DS games? The 3DS doesn't having any problems selling.

Also, how do you know the WiiU is doomed? I can pull up similar articles that stated the same about the 3DS.

mcstorm1702d ago

I agree the Wiiu is far from finished. Also those that are saying the Wiiu has not had any competition is also wrong. Look at the games that have been coming out for the 360 and ps3 this year alone. The Wiiu has not had the same support as the other two and the 3rd party games it has got most of them have been poor ports.

People seem to think the Xbox one and ps4 sales will be as high as the 360 and ps4 sales have been for the past few year but they won't.

Most people who play gamea like fifa, cod, bf ect will not get a ps4 or Xbox one as why spend 400 plus on a console when you can have the game for 40 on your current one.

Its the people who want games like kz, forza, ryse that will go out and get the new consoles.

People are forgetting that the Wiiu line up between now and the end of the year is a big one and we all know Mario Kart is Nintendos biggest system seller. So come the end of this year Nintendo will of turned it around like they did with the 3ds. IM not saying the Wiiu will be the best selling console but I will do very well come the end of this gen as I think all 3 will do well come the end of the gen

Studio-YaMi1702d ago

With the right software,they can and will reach 50 million units maybe even a lil more,but I agree .. the Wii U will not see glorified results in sales like the Wii did.

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Benjammin251703d ago

This is usually a bad sign. The only other two times I can remember Tesco doing this were with the PSP and Vita. I'm not having a go at the Wii U. All three of those consoles are great. But Nintendo really need to have their games being shown off in stores for everyone to see.

_QQ_1703d ago

They did it for 3DS too not just Wiiu

UncleGermrod1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

I think nintendo would have done better to evolve the wii concept and give some hardware that is at least 75% as powerful as the next gen systems. They could have built in some kind of second-screen compatibility with the 3DS. Now all they need to do is garner some support for a couple more 3rd party titles and leverage their big names a little more and they could have had a shot.

They got cocky with wii. Wii never had the best software sales and they should have known it was time to change it up while still incorporating what made the wii successful. I havent been a nintendo guy since gamecube. The wii was never my thing but at this point i think nintendo has almost just kind of given up. I mean seriously, whats their plans with this wii-u?

We bought my niece a wii-u for xmas last year so i guess i could pick up mario kart etc

stragomccloud1702d ago

Actually it really is about that powerful. But since the architecture isn't as easy as x86(though significantly easier than cell), it'll take a little while before the games start to really look impressive. Since x86 is the standard, it's pretty much what you see is what you get for the other next gen consoles, though they will still have better looking games regardless.

yellowgerbil1703d ago

I think someone is doing this outta spite.
It makes sense to limit the stock of Wii U products, but 3ds is the current champ for hardware sales monthly. The only excuse to stop supporting the 3ds is somebody is trying to make a statement because there is no shortage of market for the 3ds

weekev151703d ago

I agree, Im currently looking at a banner either side of this page advertising some game thats exclusive to 3ds. Looks like some kind of japanese game poke something, pretty sure that alone is reason to give the 3ds its own metre. Unless they are gonna go for a dedicated Pokemon space, maybe get some pokemon rumble balls added to it too. Otherwise this is not a very clever move from Tesco IMHO

grassyknoll1702d ago

Businesses don't do things out of spite. Supermarkets have very tight margins so it's just not worth having consoles taking up the space. They still sell the consoles online too.

kingPoS1702d ago

Man that's bad!... I never thought I'd see Nintendo games in the Xbox section.

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