Sony Japan SVP Talks about the PS4′s Design, New Colors, USB 3.0, Difference with Xbox One and More

Sony Japan's SVP Masayasu Ito talks about the PS4′s design process, possible new colors, the reason why the USB 3.0 technology was chosen, what he feels about the difference with the console’s most direct competitor and more.

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PlayStation_41671d ago

yay, more colors! this gen seriously lacked home console color variation, especially in the west

Abriael1671d ago

Personally I'd be happy already if they made the console of the same blue and red they made for the controllers. Though in the end i'd still buy mine black, but that particular blue and red are very cool.

Thehyph1671d ago

You would think that they'd at least attempt a blue console seeing as how they've 100% adopted it across the PlayStation brand.

Ever go to bestbuy or somewhere and see the official accessory in the new blue package and the old red and white one right next to each other? It went full blown blue around vita release I'd say.

I'd still stick with the black one though, literally everything else in or on the TV stand, as well as the stand itself, is black.

ErcsYou1671d ago

There is only one color I want, classic PlayStation grey.

irepbtown1670d ago

They should call them: Old School Grey, Playstation Blue and Red Station.

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xKugo1671d ago

My uncle in Japan gave me a white PS3 some years back, so I was fine on that front. However I don't think, he would be willing to do that again, so I hope they bring color varied PS4s to the United States.

UncleGermrod1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Seriously, a classic PS grey with the blue light strip would be so sick for PS4. Black is always the best overall choice for HT components IMO but if a console stands out I think that's OK. Also the xbox one would look sick in a stealth grey with the whitish-blue light on the front. I'm all about colors. Every xbox 360 controller i have ever owned has always been a new color. Have had the same DS3 since i bought it in 2009 because i dont put as much wear on it, but i think the chrome series xbox 360 has would look equally awesome for a DS3

3-4-51670d ago

* White with neon green/blue Tron lines please

Robotronfiend1670d ago

I really wanted that white/gold Ni No Kuni PS3, just didn't have the money for it.

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darthv721671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

"Materials and shape of the controller were reviewed from scratch to increase the comfort and grip."

Funny as when i look at the DS4 i see this but with a touchpad:

The dual analog has the longer grips (like the DS4) and the concave thumbsticks (like the DS4) so they had something tangible to work with.

Abriael1671d ago

Having held it quite extensively, I can tell you that the actual shape is really nothing like that. It feels completely different.

darthv721671d ago

i get so many disagrees but there are some similarities with the scph-1180 and the ds4. True the feel may be different but many are used to either the original ps1 controller or the dual shock style.

The dual analog was only out for a very short time and if you compare side by side there are some real differences between the dual analog and the dual shock.

Its not an insult to sony so why do people disagree so much? the dual analog is a closer resemblance to the ds4 (minus the touchpad) than the dual shock that everyone knows about.

naBs1671d ago

Get your eyes checked xD

Panthers1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

It has a grip on the back. It looks VERY comfortable. If controllers lacked in one aspect, it was confort, so I am very much looking forward to the new design.

boing11670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Only sticks look similiar.

tarbis1670d ago

Funny. I never had held that kind of PS1 controller before. From originals to bootlegs.

ShinMaster1670d ago

So... longer grips and concave sticks? That's it?
The build and feel are VERY different.

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princejb1341671d ago

ps4 day one
almost done paying mines off at gamestop

one concern i have though
does the ps4 have an internet browser
i havent seen any news on this

Abriael1671d ago

I don't think there are any firm info on it yet

LOL_WUT1671d ago

I don't see why it shouldn't the ps3 had one so its pretty much expected at this point. ;)

Thehyph1671d ago

I agree, but the ps3 browser was a throwaway.

If they could somehow have Chrome on ps4, then I'd poop myself.

Aghashie1670d ago

Firefox all the way. Hate Chrome.

thejigisup1670d ago

pretty sure i saw a browser being shown. Chrome, firefox, i dont care for either too much. Waterfox is where i play. I just want a more functional browser that gets necessary updates like the ability to properly handle flash and maybe not hang or crash so often. Though im 100% confident the new browser is perfectly functional.

Skate-AK1671d ago

Yes is will. They were doing a live stream of Blacklight: Retribution and the game crashed to the XMB and showed a Web Browser icon.

AceBlazer131670d ago

Yh I was wondering this myself,I assumed with the 8gigs the browser would be leaps and bounds better than the ps3's.So maybe they just assumed we would assume it had a browser?

cell9891670d ago

The ps3 has one, the Vita has one, ps4 should too

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xKugo1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Just give me a white PS4 and I'll be happy. It'll match my PS3 beautifully!! :D

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