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Submitted by Abriael 868d ago | news

Sony Japan SVP Talks about the PS4′s Design, New Colors, USB 3.0, Difference with Xbox One and More

Sony Japan's SVP Masayasu Ito talks about the PS4′s design process, possible new colors, the reason why the USB 3.0 technology was chosen, what he feels about the difference with the console’s most direct competitor and more. (Masayasu Ito, PS4)

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PlayStation_4  +   868d ago
yay, more colors! this gen seriously lacked home console color variation, especially in the west
Abriael  +   868d ago
Personally I'd be happy already if they made the console of the same blue and red they made for the controllers. Though in the end i'd still buy mine black, but that particular blue and red are very cool.
Thehyph  +   868d ago
You would think that they'd at least attempt a blue console seeing as how they've 100% adopted it across the PlayStation brand.

Ever go to bestbuy or somewhere and see the official accessory in the new blue package and the old red and white one right next to each other? It went full blown blue around vita release I'd say.

I'd still stick with the black one though, literally everything else in or on the TV stand, as well as the stand itself, is black.
ErcsYou  +   868d ago
There is only one color I want, classic PlayStation grey.
Tiqila  +   868d ago
irepbtown  +   867d ago
They should call them: Old School Grey, Playstation Blue and Red Station.
xKugo  +   868d ago
My uncle in Japan gave me a white PS3 some years back, so I was fine on that front. However I don't think, he would be willing to do that again, so I hope they bring color varied PS4s to the United States.
UncleGermrod  +   868d ago
Seriously, a classic PS grey with the blue light strip would be so sick for PS4. Black is always the best overall choice for HT components IMO but if a console stands out I think that's OK. Also the xbox one would look sick in a stealth grey with the whitish-blue light on the front. I'm all about colors. Every xbox 360 controller i have ever owned has always been a new color. Have had the same DS3 since i bought it in 2009 because i dont put as much wear on it, but i think the chrome series xbox 360 has would look equally awesome for a DS3
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3-4-5  +   867d ago
* White with neon green/blue Tron lines please
Robotronfiend  +   867d ago
I really wanted that white/gold Ni No Kuni PS3, just didn't have the money for it.
darthv72  +   868d ago
"Materials and shape of the controller were reviewed from scratch to increase the comfort and grip."

Funny as when i look at the DS4 i see this but with a touchpad:

The dual analog has the longer grips (like the DS4) and the concave thumbsticks (like the DS4) so they had something tangible to work with.
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Abriael  +   868d ago
Having held it quite extensively, I can tell you that the actual shape is really nothing like that. It feels completely different.
darthv72  +   868d ago
i get so many disagrees but there are some similarities with the scph-1180 and the ds4. True the feel may be different but many are used to either the original ps1 controller or the dual shock style.

The dual analog was only out for a very short time and if you compare side by side there are some real differences between the dual analog and the dual shock.

Its not an insult to sony so why do people disagree so much? the dual analog is a closer resemblance to the ds4 (minus the touchpad) than the dual shock that everyone knows about.
claudionmc  +   868d ago
LOL are you serious?!
Tiqila  +   868d ago
wow, that controller really is a beauty
naBs  +   868d ago
Get your eyes checked xD
Panthers  +   868d ago
It has a grip on the back. It looks VERY comfortable. If controllers lacked in one aspect, it was confort, so I am very much looking forward to the new design.
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boing1  +   868d ago
Only sticks look similiar.
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tarbis  +   868d ago
Funny. I never had held that kind of PS1 controller before. From originals to bootlegs.
ShinMaster  +   867d ago
So... longer grips and concave sticks? That's it?
The build and feel are VERY different.
princejb134  +   868d ago
ps4 day one
almost done paying mines off at gamestop

one concern i have though
does the ps4 have an internet browser
i havent seen any news on this
Abriael  +   868d ago
I don't think there are any firm info on it yet
LOL_WUT  +   868d ago
I don't see why it shouldn't the ps3 had one so its pretty much expected at this point. ;)
Thehyph  +   868d ago
I agree, but the ps3 browser was a throwaway.

If they could somehow have Chrome on ps4, then I'd poop myself.
Aghashie  +   867d ago
Firefox all the way. Hate Chrome.
thejigisup  +   867d ago
pretty sure i saw a browser being shown. Chrome, firefox, i dont care for either too much. Waterfox is where i play. I just want a more functional browser that gets necessary updates like the ability to properly handle flash and maybe not hang or crash so often. Though im 100% confident the new browser is perfectly functional.
Skate-AK  +   868d ago
Yes is will. They were doing a live stream of Blacklight: Retribution and the game crashed to the XMB and showed a Web Browser icon.
Ju  +   868d ago
It does, yes.
AceBlazer13  +   868d ago
Yh I was wondering this myself,I assumed with the 8gigs the browser would be leaps and bounds better than the ps3's.So maybe they just assumed we would assume it had a browser?
cell989  +   867d ago
The ps3 has one, the Vita has one, ps4 should too
nosferatuzodd  +   868d ago
PS4 allday everyday
xKugo  +   868d ago
Just give me a white PS4 and I'll be happy. It'll match my PS3 beautifully!! :D
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tulholdren  +   868d ago
Those are all good but for me its been the same since day one they got the games that I love to play while the others don't.. Sony Goodness
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cellfluid  +   868d ago
No cd play back?? Madness
Abriael  +   868d ago
Now you notice?
sprinterboy  +   868d ago
Put your CD collection on your pc then transfer onto usb memory stick into ps4, easy really CD is getting old now bra
joeorc  +   867d ago
@cellfluid ,sprinterboy

while it is disheartening to see CD-playback taken out, you can take your CD's and copy to the PS3 hardrive and copy to flash drive or stream if needed be, so its not really a problem. than copy to PS4's harddrive, could do so from a PC and like you stated stream. but with streaming radio being the main form now its no wonder CD's have lasted this long, now navigation systems come with streaming radio in automobiles. with satellite radio , CD playback optical drives ,its getting kinda outdated since many new cars are equipped with a USB port for MP3 or smartphones!

CD is pretty much on the wayside anymore sad to see such a great format go, but that's just the nature of progress.
thejigisup  +   867d ago
Though it is interesting that there is no cd playback its not much of a loss for me. I ripped hundreds of cds onto my ps3 and now ill just transfer it via usb if i need to but many people these days have other methods of listening to their music than sticking a archaic disc into my super awesome new ps4
migrateddoor  +   868d ago
Maybe I haven't seen this yet but have they said or talked about being able to change gamertag but also keeping yer trophies as well
colonel179  +   868d ago
Yoshida said that it was "technically difficult" to implement it. Also, that they are giving the chance to display the real name instead. In other words: NEVER
buynit  +   868d ago
Yes finally some dame colors other then black, im looking forward to see what color they put out and im loving the new colors they are doing for vita too..

No cd playback is fine but seriously i still buy cd's so it would have been good to have even though cause i have a better system for it.. Its funny though cause i prefer digital games if they came down on prices for it but i could never get into digital music..
diehllane  +   868d ago
Spray paint here i come!
MAULxx  +   868d ago
I don't like that it doesn't play CDs. I know they want you to buy into music unlimited but come on.
Can you rip your CDs or play mp3 from a flash drive?
I was hoping for custom soundtracks for all games.
nunley33  +   868d ago
yes you will be able to play mp3 files on your ps4 and custom soundtrack them in your your cds on your pc first then transfer with a usb stick.
MAULxx  +   868d ago
I hope your right. I know the machine is capable. Just haven't heard anything about it doing this.
Now, about that HDD type/size.
nunley33  +   868d ago
The PS4 has a 500gb 2.5 inch laptop Hdd and you can switch it out for a bigger one,same as with PS3.
joeorc  +   867d ago

"Can you rip your CDs or play mp3 from a flash drive?
I was hoping for custom soundtracks for all games."

well the PS3 allows you to copy your CD's to USB drives and the PS4's USB has 3.0 so since flash drives are supported, i doubt very much it would be a problem since your smartphone can wireleassly connect to the PS4.

as for custom soundtracks, Yosh. talked about that yes it's confirmed to be on the PS4!
MAULxx  +   867d ago
This makes me very happy. I love custom soundtracks.
I mean, I was getting a PS4 regardless but it's nice to have all the features I like.
So, do we know if PS4 is using a traditional 2.5" HDD or a SSHD? I was planning on waiting & seeing what was inside the PS4 before buying one but if I missed the announcement please fill me in so I can go ahead & purchase a 1TB right before launch.
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Ch1d0r1  +   868d ago
Daniel Bryan's response to more PS4 colors, "Yes! yes! yes! yes! yes!"
swerve121  +   868d ago
Im down for more colors.
kingPoS  +   868d ago
Come on Sony!! How the heck am I suppose to get my personal CD Collection unto the PS4? If Sony knows what good for them, they had better support flac or some other lossless audio codecs for music. USB 3.0 indeed!

R.I.P. Comapact Disc... You were a true legend.
I still treasure my burnt dts cd's to this day.

When my nieces & nephews ask me what that slot in the car radio is for. I'll just nod my head & answer in a nostalgic tone.

[What's a CD player..... (sigh) Listen up kid! 320kbs only became the new king king through sheer ease of use use, not quality. Remember that.]
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AceBlazer13  +   868d ago
Doesn't matter what color it is if a beautiful enough sticker is released I'm slapping it on.I mean just look at that beauty.
Ps4Console  +   868d ago
I'd like to see the old Playstation grey too it will bring back memories especially when the Ps1 opened the music was awesome .
beebap  +   868d ago
Yes have the old opening music i would feel nostalgic every time i play
Aghashie  +   867d ago
WTF!? No CD playback!? I actually own a huge CD collection and I do use my PS3 to play them on my expensive home theater system. Hate to use the HDD to store music, my 320G HDD is near full with games alone... :/
GT67  +   867d ago
no CD playback?? oh' no MR. BILL what we going to Dooooooooo!
KrimsonKody  +   867d ago
I would love a shiny, mirror-like, chrome silver PS4, with the Dualshock to match, maybe with hints of dark red (maybe the light could be red), but the silver alone is fine.
Sorry, I can be so bourgeois at times, Lol.
& I don't really care about CD playback much. It's true that most music is digital now, though some people still like to support the artist & buy CDs.
Also, the USB 3.0 choice was brilliant. Everytime Sony implements tech that not quite used yet or cutting edge, it usually comes into heavy play not long after, not to mention that it's completely neccesary for the features of the camera & possibly other accessories that may come along.
Sony is so on-point, I'm loving what they're doing.
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KontryBoy706  +   867d ago
A number of different designs were considered, but the final design was adopted because it felt “new” but it also shown the DNA of PlayStation, especially from the PS2 era.
--this could be Sony's re-envisioned PS2!

Ito’s impression of the Xbox One is that it tries to be an entertainment device, on the other hand PS4 focuses on games. of course PS4 also does entertainment, as Sony is an Audio/Video company after all.
--stabs at Microsoft again lol
fyapitt   867d ago | Trolling | show
Rikuson1  +   867d ago
All I wanted was a white Dualshock 4 controller.. I'm sure Japan will get that color first and I'll import that color. Just like I did the Dualshock 3..
isarai  +   867d ago
Absolutely LOVE the different color DS4, wouldn't mind buying a blue one at launch if i got the cash for it

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