Rockstar Shows Naughty Dog Some Developer Love?

What happens when one big developer wants to give a shout out to another big developer without making it known to the public? Rockstar sure seems to know how to pay homage to a prestigious developer!

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Treezy5041669d ago

There are definitely a lot of similarities! That scene totally reminded me of the Uncharted 3 plane scene.

badboy7761669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

I think Naughty Dog Would Approve.

abzdine1669d ago

the level of detail and the character animation is Uncharted is insane!!
But nice tribute from a top developer to another top developer.

Thehyph1669d ago

I'll bet Naughty Dog will throw one back at them next release.

It'll probably be hidden like a mofo though.

The_Con-Sept1669d ago

I played this mission yesterday. I like the moments of dialogue before the begining of this part. One of his lines could have been like this.

Mayweather plane: unidentified airplane divert now or we will engage!

Trevor: What? But I am the only other plane in the air! That's discrimination against hard working crop dusters!

Ezz20131669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

i respect R* for their masterpiece RDR but now i respect them even more

it great when 2 of the best studios in history show respect for each other like that

Boody-Bandit1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

When I played that mission on GTA V I was wondering why I had deja vu.

It makes me want to play Uncharted 3 again.

Maddens Raiders1668d ago

This is awesome but what the hell??? No spoiler alert?? Silly me, I shouldn't have pushed play on that video.

blennerville1668d ago

at least this time we had better movement and shooting mechanics - both were very poor in UC3 and it killed the scene for me.

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Thatguy-3101669d ago

And to say that the Uncharted series didn't influence games this Gen. Blasphemy to those who don't think it did.

miyamoto1669d ago

Like ICO and SOTC was the most influential game last gen, there is no doubt Uncharted is the most influential game of this generation. You can see little bits of Uncharted elements and stuff in most games made after it.

The U3 cargo plane level is one of the best puzzle/stages ever made.

Blaze9291669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

....are you all serious -_-? This is a joke right? An easter egg? And you all are actually juicing this up? WOW...quite the parallels we're drawing here lmao.

I guess Ubisoft is paying homage to Rockstar and GTA when Ayden breaks into a car and speeds away in the city of Chicago in Watch_Dogs. Respect.

And aaaaall the WW2 shooters back in the day were just paying homage to each other huh? MoH to CoD to BiA

buynit1669d ago

Same here blaze.. Like really an easter Egg?! Lol

ZodTheRipper1669d ago

You must be fun at parties.

Enemy1668d ago

Your attempt at logic failed pretty hard, Blaze. Not only did you fail at that, but you failed to realize that it looks exactly the same in GTA5 as it did in Uncharted 3, which was released two years ago. Or are we really going to call mere coincidence?

AridSpider1669d ago

this sound like something HipHopGamer would pull. That's no easter egg fools

TenSteps1668d ago

People seem to forget what an easter egg is. Easter Eggs are things hidden meant to be found. Last I checked this was one of Trevor's story missions so it doesn't even count.

Homage? Possible. Easter Egg? Definitely not.

Ducky1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Barring the fact that a shootout in a cargo plane isn't exactly unique (SaintsRow3, for example, also did it), this really doesn't seem like an easter egg.

There was a mission in San Andreas called Stowaway, where you ride a motorcycle into a cargo plane, fight government agents, dodge debris, steal a parachute, and blow up the plane.

Sounds pretty similar to Trevor's mission, doesn't it?

Trying to connect it as an easter egg for Uncharted3 is quite a stretch.
Interestingly enough, Uncharted3 uses the same name "Stowaway" for its plane scene, but that is likely just a coincidence too.

Ezz20131669d ago

you do know that saints raw 3 came after uncharted 3 ...right ?!

Ducky1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

^ You do realize that that has nothing to do with my point... right?

HardcoreGamer1669d ago

WHO FEELS LIKE playin uncharted 3 again. i know i do from watching that.

tordavis1669d ago

No, Naughty Dog got the idea from James Bond -

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Austin481669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

naughty dog has better story's than rockstar but rockstar and naughty dog both have fantastic gameplay. imagine if these two would make a game together

-Foxtrot1669d ago

Better gameplay....I don't know man I don't think you can really compare the gameplay since the games are totally different. Ones a linear well told story and the other is an open world game which you can do whatever you want

PoSTedUP1669d ago

all of a sudden you are an ignorant weirdo making no sense in a reply bc Austin decided to stealth edit his comment, LOL.

-Foxtrot1669d ago



Thats N4G users for you :|

PoSTedUP1669d ago

*sees reply*
abort! abort!

Austin481669d ago

lol i didint see your post yet foxtrot so i didint edit it becaues of your comment just letting you and postedup know that

Bathyj1669d ago

Ha. Sometimes when I want to tear someone a new one and dazzle them with my insight, I'll wait til their 15 minutes is up. Its extra nice when they only have one bubble. ;)

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BrezzyTv1669d ago

Rockstar are definitely some sly devils for this one. It doesn't look exactly the same but you can tell it was HEAVILY influenced

Arcanine1669d ago

thats interesting... but did anybody notice the difference in quality between the 2..? because uc3 was wayyyy better!

leahcim1669d ago

yes but GTA V is an openworld game

Skips1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Imagine Naughty Dog making an open world game with Rockstar's budget. lol

A whopping $265 million...


Arcanine1669d ago

i dont need the excuse of open world. If its there its there there is no need to dumb down a game they had plenty of time and money. the quality is better on UC3 thats all i said and its noticable.

Septic1669d ago

Difference in quality? You do realise that the set piece in Uncharted was purely linear whereas in this mission of GTA, *spoiler alert* you fly a crop duster across the map into a a cargo plane and then fly the cargo plane.....ALL IN REAL TIME.

Skips1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Maybe he was talking about quality up close??? Because Uncharted 3 definitely has better character models, fluid animations, and smoother shooting mechanics... While GTA V isn't really about those, but more about huge scope, exploration and whatnot.

And not to mention, we're talking about a $25 million budget vs. a $265 million budget here. lol

Arcanine1669d ago

regardless the quality is better thats it why put more thought than what needs to be put. its noticable that uc3 looks better thats my comment. IDGAF about money or open world or cheats or limited edition. no excuses are need UC3 looks better that wasnt even an argumentive statement i was doing on purpose. i never said rockstar sucks. im just talking about graphics. heres one for you jump off the bandwagon!!!

DoctorJones1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Arcanine, Naughty Dog couldn't make an open world on ps3 with the visuals of UC2, I don't know why you can't seem to grasp what you're being told. If you think they could you don't have a clue what you're talking about, there's not unlimited power they can use.

UC2 looks that good because the scope of the game is a lot smaller than GTA5, a hell of a lot smaller.

Wni01669d ago

What are you talking about? One has auto lock the other doesnt!

DarkBlood1669d ago

you dont notice you cant autolock in gta5 can you?

TheUndertaker851669d ago

Yes you can. Check your in game settings.

Directly from the GTA V Manual: L2 Button Aim Weapon/Lock On

DarkBlood1669d ago

yeah my bad i meant to say can* typing too fast is a bitch for me lol

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