Injustice: Gods Amongst Us, the PS Vita Cover revealed

Injustice: Gods are amongst Us, is coming to PS Vita. Darkoss93, Community manager on Playstation forums revealed the PS Vita Cover on his Twitter account.

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av3nger1099d ago

No, it comes from a french community manager on Playstation forums.

BXbomber1099d ago

well heres hoping it doesn't pull a MK on us cuz MK on vita looked like Sh*t. Really hope it looks graphically impressive on vita.

Beetey1099d ago

It may not have looked great, but it ran great. I wouldn't mind better graphics, but I care more about a high framerate than anything else.

snitch_puck1099d ago me a favor and jump off the empire state building.

bothebo1099d ago

Lol a AAA game coming for the Vita? *Checks pulse*

Dinoegg_961099d ago

It's just a myth, Vita has no games

IMightBeRetarded1099d ago

Before you all disagree, I think this may be sarcasm.

Dinoegg_961099d ago

@IMightBeRetarded yeah, that was sarcasm xD