PS4 Remote Play with PS Vita TV Will Be Limited to 720p Resolution

The PS Vita TV by itself supports a resolution of up to 1080i, but what about when it’ll play PS4 games taking advantage of the remote play feature?
Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia Senior Vice president and Director of Business Unit 1 Masayasu Ito answered exactly that question.

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jujubee881671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Whoa. Higher than I thought!

I thought the VITA TV would get a signal from PS4 at 544p and upscale it. It seems like the stream is being sent at HD and output on HD (at least on VITA TV since VITA display is qHD).

Abriael1671d ago

Why did you think lower since the PS Vita TV can support 1080i by itself? Platying in PS Vita resolution on a big screen wouldn't be that great.

Mind you, 720p isn't bad.

jujubee881671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Well, it adds more latency when you need to add extra mbps (carried over a wireless stream). qHD bits versus HD bits on that bandwidth seemed like a safer bet...but damn. Gaikai really is working some magic.

I wouldn't be surprised if PS4 only outputs 720p HD video (through remote-play) and it's STILL lagless.

mewhy321671d ago

Well since it's such a small screen I don't think that it'll be a very big deal.

darthv721671d ago

720p isnt bad....but what i would love to know is if the vita tv will upscale PSP games. I know it wont for PS1 but it could still give off the PS2 filtering effect for PS1 games.

If the vita TV will upscale PSP to 720p would be nice as i use a PSP Go at 480p on my tv and they look okay but 480p on a 42" plasma....yeah not as appealing as it could be.

UltimateMaster1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

A 60 frames per second on 720 is better than 1080 with 30 fps for playing games.

Games will be smoother with a better fps than having it 1080 while not being as smooth, especially over the internet.

You can always play your glorious 1080p on PS4.

This is just a means of having a cheap transportable alternative then bringing your 399$ console around. (And potentially drop it and break it)

While keeping your internet usage low, both on your connection speed Mbps and your bandwidth limit cap if you have one.

stuna11671d ago

Truthfully I don't see this as being a concern! Because from te announcement Sony said Vita TV was upgradable with software updates and patches! Matter of fact that is exactly how the PS3 is able to output stereoscopic 3D! Even if not possible considering how popular it's already becoming I can even see them releasing a upgraded version sometime in the future.

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GrizzliS19871671d ago

what people dont understand is that 720p on any tv below 38 inches is an equivalent of 1080p on bigger tvs.

essentially, if you game on a tv that is 38 inches or less, playing with 720p is "1080p", so youre not missing out on anything

Axonometri1671d ago

Tell that to tablet owners who have gone from sub HD screen resolutions to HD screen resolutions.

You can most definitely see the difference on small screens. Unless you are blind.

darthv721671d ago

my 42" samsung plasma is native 720p so im good with it. That is what i use for my 360 and PS3.

i have a 47" LG lcd that is native 1080p and that will be for the ps4 and xb1.

MasterCornholio1671d ago

My 26 inch monitor is 1080p while my Nexus 7 2013 is a little bit over 1080p. Trust me I can tell the difference in sharpness between the two.

With that said I'm glad that its able to stream it at 720P because that will look decent on my other TVs.

Nexus 7 2013

stuna11671d ago

@ SegaSaturn669 and Axonometri

He actually is partially right! What it all is dependant on is the distance from the screen, this is a well known fact with actual studies done to support it! I'm not good with posting links, but you can google it.

GrizzliS19871671d ago

i can tell by the agrees and disagrees the average level of stupidity on this site. children :/ not worth arguing with stupid

UltimateMaster1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )


Can you agree when you're wrong?

1080 really becomes "maxed out" near 55".
Beyond that you need a higher resolution "4K"
But it doesn't mean that an 1080 on a 38" doesn't looks much better than a 720, you're looking at it the reversed way.

You Need 4k for TVs bigger than 50~55".
But if you got 4k on a 40", it'll look way better.
It's just that 1080 for a 55" and up is Insufficient.

There's a difference between being Good, being Great and then Not being Good Enough.

With each leap of Resolution, you'll notice the difference.

ShinMaster1670d ago

Distance is also a factor.

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Death1671d ago

The rule of thumb is sub 32". There would be a noticable difference on 38" HDTV. There is still a difference at smaller sizes, it's just much less distinguishable.

As for the topic at hand, 720p on remote play is still very impressive. Most 1080p games are simple upscaled anyway.

GribbleGrunger1671d ago

As expected. Most secondary TVs are usually smaller anyway so you won't see any difference from looking at a 1080p image on your 50 inch screen to looking at a 720p image on your 32 inch screen.

Beastforlifenoob1671d ago

Who cares most PS4 games will be running at 720p.

If you guys hate 720p so much you shouldnt really play any console in existence.

TomShoe1671d ago


Just kidding. Getting a PS4, Vita, and Vita TV.

joeorc1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )


"Whoa. Higher than I thought!

I thought the VITA TV would get a signal from PS4 at 544p and upscale it. It seems like the stream is being sent at HD and output on HD (at least on VITA TV since VITA display is qHD)."

Yeah, its HD to HD resolution. the reason being the chipset in the PSVita is no slouch.


the Chipset in the PSVita supports a much higher resolution than the PSVita screen native supports. the SGX543MP4+ GPU onboard the PSVita's SOC is the same GPU that is inside the iPAD 3 ! , with higher clock rate and added tweaked bus.

yes its that [email protected] robust, with dedicated 128 MB of dedicated GPU VIDEO RAM, it has the most dedicated ram for a GPU in a handheld. To put this into a real blunt fact term, the Nintendo 3DS has a single core Pica 200 GPU with only 6 MB of dedicated GPU ram, while the PSVita and thus the Vita TV has a Quad Core GPU with 128 MB of dedicated GPU VIDEO RAM. Nintendo's 3DS GPU single core GPU clock rate is 264 Mhz, while the PSVita's SGX543MP4+ is clocked over 400 Mhz!

that's why it can do these games @ 720p the PSVita's GPU Fill rate is [email protected] near the same as the PS3! not even that far away..!

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JoelT1671d ago

Considering Vita titles aren't 720, actually half of 1080 (960 x 540), the up-scaling would not do the games any justice.

Just because you can do 1080 doesn't mean you should force it.

Abriael1671d ago

we're talking about PS4 games...

AfterThought1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

You obviously haven't seen it action have you? The PS Vita games on Vita TV look just as good as PS3 games on the big screen.

The PS Vita is very capable, stop fooling yourself.

BX811671d ago

I got this....720p is last gen 1080 is the standard.

memots1671d ago

Said no one, ever ....

WorldGamer1671d ago

@ BX81....

Your comment ignores so much of the nuanced technical discussion that makes this achievement so noteworthy, it's mind boggling.

The fact that you are able to seamlessly play a game, remotely, with little to no difference from the console experience at 720p is quite an achievement.

Perhaps you are attempting to troll, but it is sad that you don't take more pride in how you represent yourself. Get it together brotha, you're embarrassing yourself sir.

BX811671d ago

It's left over from the Xbox 1080 upscale. A lot of people were saying 720 was crap. I should've thrown a /s in there. My bads

strigoi8141671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

720p is safe for streaming games specially with less lag...i think im good with that

colonel1791671d ago

It's for PS4 games via Remote Play, not PS Vita games. If you have a 1080p PS4 game and play via remote play, the game will be downscaled to 720p.

Afterall, there won't be a lot of 1080p games for quite some time anyways.

WorldGamer1671d ago

This is great news. A PS Vita in my future is seeming more and more possible.


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