EA: "We've asked for too much time, too much skill, too much money"

EA's Richard Hilleman has said that the console industry has demanded too much from the consumer, with players turning to innovation in the mobile space for their gaming entertainment.

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THamm1672d ago

mobile gaming sucks..

N81672d ago

Yea it does, who are these people going to Mobile gaming?

UltimateMaster1672d ago

Casual gamers that plays a game once per month.

Ryto1672d ago

Totally agree, it's saturated with a tonne of crappy F2P games, any of the decent ones usually are ports of older games (there are one or two gems amongst all the trife). If im in the mood for gaming, its console or my laptop.

MazzingerZ1672d ago

I have never played a game on any mobile device but I understand how removing the barrier of the 16 buttons opened the doors to new customers, those than in the past called gaming "waste of time", "Child's stuff", "waste of time"

Today when I say I play videogames as a hobby they tell me, "me too!!" and they show me some killing-soap-bubbles game on their mobile and I realise that they still don't understand what playing videogames is...while looking at that game I wished I could have shown something like this:

..and say, I prefer a "little" richer experience :)

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SeraphimBlade1672d ago

I don't quite get what this guy is saying. We need to learn from mobile gaming, but console games hold attention longer, but... what?

1OddWorld1672d ago

Casuals can have mobile I will play GTAV

grassyknoll1672d ago

There's not enough skill required for most games these days!

hankmoody1672d ago

Remember fellas (and gals)... the hardcore market is a lot smaller than you think. And that's why our interests are no longer the main focus of companies attention anymore. The big bucks lie with the casual gamers. Look how much those suckers brought in with Candy Crush Saga alone.

iceman061672d ago

To add to that, it doesn't cost nearly as much for companies to chase Candy Crush Saga type numbers. They can hit and miss for a lot longer on mobile than on PC or consoles. This, in my opinion, is a key reason why the mobile dev support has grown. It's cheaper, easier, and you don't have to go bankrupt trying to get a "hit".

hankmoody1672d ago

Exactly. It was a lot easier back in the days to cater to the hardcore types when budgets weren't sky high but it's a business first and foremost. The "sure thing" formula is a more viable solution as opposed to the more riskier ventures where no one is sure if it's a gamble that will pay off. I'm not happy about it but what can you, I or anyone else do about it?

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The story is too old to be commented.