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Submitted by Nike 867d ago | news

Shuhei Yoshida on DualShock 4 Lightbar Concerns, PS App, No PSP Remote Play and Knack's Play Length

"The original PlayStation Portable is Sony's most successful handheld device which is currently enjoying a bigger user base than its successor, the PlayStation Vita. It is a well known fact that users can remote play PS4 games on their PS Vita but unfortunately, those looking to do the same on the PSP are out of luck." (PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

pedrof93  +   867d ago
10 hours for platformer is good, and since the game can be extremely hard it may take quiet a while.

I mean the original Sly Cooper was 6 hours long and was a great game.
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Every time a developer comes out and says their game is X amount of hours it always ends up being longer for me since I take my time when playing games.I love to just walk around and look at stuff and get immersed in the world that it takes place in. I bet this game is longer than just ten hours.
Conzul  +   867d ago
True, dat.
I really milk my games. Especially the first playthrough.
pedrof93  +   867d ago

I actually only milk it after the first playthrough.
mewhy32  +   867d ago
the remote play feature is important to me as there are four of us and as a result conflict commonly occur. The light bar??? Well, I'd prefer to have the ability to turn it off. If for no other reason than to lengthen battery life. Reflections on the screen???? I never play in a completely dark room therefore this is probably going to be a non issue for me.
Timmey  +   867d ago
yeah true. played uncharted 1 and 2 almost twice the time because of the beauty of the environments...
3-4-5  +   867d ago
Same here. Dragon Quest 9 takes about 45-50 hours to beat I think.

I took 71 hours to beat the game. I loved so much about it I would just play just to play just doing anything was fun. Music could be better though.
@3-4-5: Yea when JRPG's are involved it takes far longer to beat then what the developers say. The world of Chrono Cross for example has so much depth and beauty to the world and I just want to absorb every little detail. Final Fantasy IX as well among others like it.
_QQ_  +   867d ago
Character Action Game*
wishingW3L  +   867d ago
have you seen any platforming action? Yeah, that's why most people outside of N4G think the game will suck. Because is just a braindead 3D brawler and not a real platformer like Crash Bandicoot.
pedrof93  +   867d ago
Yes, I did.

Check some gameplay vidéos.
@ wishingW3L: Every time you post a comment on here its something negative and nasty. Not sure what your problem is.
SoulSercher620  +   867d ago
Did anyone actually expect PS4 Remote Play on PSP? The PSP is one of the best handhelds but it's slowly dying out (except in Japan). I don't think Sony really wants to do anything with it anymore. That's all up to the deveopers now to keep it going. It's Vita's time now
buynit  +   867d ago
It never even crossed my mind either but that's either cause i probably won't find my psp anyway or, i just don't care cause i have a vita already.

I can't wait to try remote play and im interested in vita tv to play my ps4 on another tv while the living room has been taken over for things i couldn't care about..
SoulSercher620  +   867d ago
Sme here. All they have to do is announce the Western release date and I'll be there real quick to buy one.
feraldrgn  +   867d ago
On the topic of not being able to turn the DS4 lightbar off, I just hope we get some dark colour options so it becomes less noticable.

Though most times (imo) the TV will be higher than the controller, so at those times it probably won't be an issue.
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PositiveEmotions  +   867d ago
I hope we get the ps app around oct or a few days before the launch of the PS4
RiPPn  +   867d ago
I imagine if the light bar becomes too much an issue they will add options to dim or shut it off. I personally don't think it'll be an issue for me and I have a reflective screen, but we'll see on November 15th!
LoTuZ  +   867d ago
Excited about the app.
buynit  +   867d ago
What is the playstation App? I must of missed that tid-bit....
MultiConsoleGamer  +   867d ago
The light bar sucks and should be removed now that the camera is no longer part of the standard bundle.
buynit  +   867d ago
But then you would need to buy a controller and the camera if you wanted to buy it.

I think motion gaming can compliment the controller very well, i don't want motion to take over just add to the experience. I wish Sony had included the camera that way devs can be more likely to code for it

I have not held the ds4 yet but i can't imagine the light reflecting off the tv, You would either have to be gaming on a glass boob tube or like a foot away. I don't think this is a problem but i can be wrong since i won't be able to find out till nov15..

And can't that light bar do a lot of other things with out a Camera Anyway?
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Kidmyst  +   866d ago
I hope the App is also for Android too and not just IPhones like Rockstar has now with the Ifruit App.

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