New Pokemon revealed: Doublade, Honedge’s evolution

A brand new Pokemon has been revealed on the official Pokemon Facebook page. It’s none other than Doublade, the evolved form of Honedge.

Here’s the official overview:

“The evolved form of Honedge has been revealed! Meet Doublade! This Steel- and Ghost-type Pokémon is capable of carrying out intricate attacks by telepathically coordinating its two blades to deliver twice the slice in battle. Who’s planning to catch this sharp-looking Pokémon?”

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TripC501910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

SPOILERS>>>>>3r d and Final evolution?...Master sword. Has the ability to be wielded by Mega Blastoise making it the most powerful pokemon in the universe.

Blastoise1910d ago

Gotta catch me one of these bad boys lol

-Foxtrot1910d ago

Your going to catch yourself?

TekoIie1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

October's going to be epic for gaming :D

kirbyu1909d ago

What's with the change from blue to pink and purple?