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How the new consoles will help DICE keep Battlefield 4 updated as an "ongoing service"

Battlefield 4′s multiplayer beta is coming very soon, and DICE has been keen to talk about how the game will cope with being released on both current and next-gen consoles. One of the biggest differences is that it’ll be far easier on next-gen for players to get hold of the latest updates. The idea is to offer an “ongoing service.” (Battlefield 4, PS4, Xbox One)

mdluffy  +   205d ago
Sounds good, but ongoing service always goes wrong ^^

btw: The guy in the picture looks like: joey from the serie friends ^^
bumnut  +   205d ago
Battlefield has ended up like a free to play game that isn't free!
Pillsbury1  +   205d ago
"Ongoing" to them means: how can we milk more from you? Greedy EA better not start charging for ammo and reloads, they would though.
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Hufandpuf  +   205d ago
How about you just dont buy the game? The Premium service for bf3 was great. So why the fuss now?
Pillsbury1  +   205d ago
Listen, they ruined plants vs zombies 2 with micro transactions and will do the same to other series. I love dice and I love battlefield but EA is trying to turn it into the next mega cash cow. If you like getting nickel and dimed for everything that SHOULD HAVE been included then that's you.

Ea takes great series and ruins them with greed.
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