GTA V: Why no PC version is a good thing

MMGN - "Grand Theft Auto V is dominating the media right now, with record-breaking sales figures, fantastic review scores, diatribes about sexism and violence and insane gameplay videos. As a PC gamer it seems a little unfair; most of the world is enjoying one of the biggest releases of the past five years, and we’re left in the dark. There’s a 540,000+ petition online to bring the game to our rigs of choice, and strangely enough there’s also a petition to keep GTA V off PC to teach us a lesson to stop stealing games."

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user74029311669d ago

there will be a lot more consoles sold if theres no pc version.

LAWSON721669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Do you seriously think PC gamers, who have yet to buy a current gen console in 8 years after tons of amazing games have released, are going to finally go out and buy one just for GTAV. I dont see it happening.

SonyWarrior1669d ago

im a PC gamer and i bought ps3 when gta 4 came out... I couldnt wait I buy it again when it comes to pc

Blacktric1668d ago


Such a reputable source for unbiased opinion.

quinten4881668d ago Show
pandehz1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )


I will never ever buy a console JUST FOR A GAME.

I may buy one eventually in a year or so once i sort out my maxwell rig next year.

Whats funny is that other group of gamers who think they can judge other gamers without knowing their own shit colour are making an anti petition lawlzorrr.

GrizzliS19871668d ago

but let me guess, you will buy a 600-1000 dollar graphics card that is able to play maybe 2 games on max setting out of the whole PC library.

PC is the biggest waste of tech hardware i have ever seen.

all this cash put into a rig that is always ahead of its time and games. useless stuff

awi59511668d ago


No noob he can buy 1 graphics card for 150 that is more powerful that the ps4 or buy 2 for 300 and make ps4 look like total crap the choice is yours ps4 still doesnt match up at all.

pandehz1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )


lol you need to widen your view a little bit.

My investment is around $3500 for this rig next year but its not only for gaming. Main use is video editing and vfx, well thats how i can afford it. Gaming on this is just a mega bonus. But likE I said for one game I would never buy a console nor a pc. But well pc library has some amazing games.

Btw did you just say 2? LOL

JsonHenry1669d ago

As a primarily PC gamer I can say that there is honestly no single console exclusive that would ever make me buy a console. The only reason I own consoles now is to play with my friends/family around the country that do not game on a PC.

And seeing as how both consoles are x86 platforms the PC will most likely be the lead dev platform for most games. They would have to go out of their way NOT to release a game on the PC this generation.

Dante811669d ago

Consoles are just proprietary boxes that tie you to a specific manufacturer. The same manufacturers grease companies to make games for them. The PC has no middle man like that.

assdan1669d ago

You think that GTAV is going to be the big console seller? Generally speaking, if it's on two generations, it won't be a huge console seller if it's on both generations. Also, GTAV is all but confirmed for PC.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

That was so dumb... Also it's coming to pc..

"Rockstar; why no GTA 4 for PC?
" - fan..

same old same old..

DoctorJones1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I don't think it's going to work out like that DirtyPimple. And who's that weird looking guy in your avatar? I swear I saw him on Crimewatch the other day.

SegataSanshiro1668d ago

The folowing is a comment from a forum in made by a user who is a PC gamer, and this is from 2007. Notice the same defensiveness that today's PC mustard race have whenever discussing video gaming, saying that graphics are more important than having fun:

Chazwuzzer said:
Why would someone refuse to get a console?


1. A console is similar to my PC except that it is less powerful, less capable and non-upgradeable.

2. Console games are made for kids and 'tards. Sorry, but it is true. If a game is developed for the consoles that has some appeal for the more-intelligent PC gamer, then it will be released for the PC platform and that release, these days at least, is typically superior to the console release (better visuals, extra content, improved gameplay).

3. I don't like console controllers - they feel like they were designed for someone with a few extra chromosomes.

4. I prefer not to participate in the stupidification of the species.

Ultimately, I'm also just not part of the console culture, and trust me, viewed from the outside it looks fairly ridiculous (not rediculous, as a console fan might spell it). Unemployed teenage guys standing outside in the rain for days for the privilege of plunking down $600 (at a minimum) to their corporate overlords? And I don't get the games either - Super Mega Mario something (Wasn't he the guy from Donkey Kong?), Final Fantasy XXXVII, The latest childish "Gritty" FPS (Now with extra Grit!) and HALO3 - THE GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME AND YOU'D BETTER NOT DISAGREE WITH ME 'CAUSE ITS REALLY THE BEST EVER!

He is somehow right about FF but a truly sad specimen

DoctorJones1668d ago

Yes, that's quite sad, to deny yourself from playing on consoles because of power and other silly reasons.

But the truly sad thing is that you've dug up some random comment made on a random site from 2007 to try and make your point.

Now that's sad.

ArtificiallyYours1668d ago

How's that trust fund working out? Finding a cure for cancer, plan for world peace?

No? What a shame.

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5h4h4b1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Bring it to pc. All gamers deserve to play this masterpiece. If only I had a gaming pc to play it and the incredible mods ofcourse. :)

PurpHerbison1669d ago

Yeah still waiting on the PC version. GTAV needs to be played in full glory. Dips as low as 20 FPS with that layer of murkiness to cover up imperfections just isn't doing the game justice.

ape0071669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

lol wut??, a PC version is good for

1- people who don't have consoles

2-able to port it effortlessly on x86 ps4 and X1

LAWSON721669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

I mainly want a PC version to see San Andreas in nice clear 1080p/60 fps with a little AA and better textures. Also I want to be able to make my own radio station and maybe have some fun with some mods.

The only thing it is not good for are those jelly console fanboys.

garos821668d ago

Those jelly console fanboys are currently playing what is probably the best game of the year.the jelly I believe is coming from the pc elitists who are so pissed they can't play this right now.

Anyways I don't own a pc but I'd like it to come out for pc as I believe it's a game everyone should have fun with

Kieran17111668d ago

FINALLY!! Someone who has a console who hasn't just gone "PC costs like $7000000 just to run game on medium setting. What the hell wrong with persons get an Xbox it cheaper and better cos it have controller"

If only every comment on here was like yours. You've basically summed up how I feel about this whole "no GTA V for PC" situation. Thing is though, don't know why people are making such a big fuss about it. They've never not released a GTA for PC so why wouldn't they do it this time? Also it's only been like a week since the release on console. The PC versions always come out later and everyone knows that. So why is everyone going "it's been a week since the console version came out which must mean it's never ever coming to PC!"

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