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Submitted by s8anicslayer 865d ago | opinion piece

GTA V: Why no PC version is a good thing

MMGN - "Grand Theft Auto V is dominating the media right now, with record-breaking sales figures, fantastic review scores, diatribes about sexism and violence and insane gameplay videos. As a PC gamer it seems a little unfair; most of the world is enjoying one of the biggest releases of the past five years, and we’re left in the dark. There’s a 540,000+ petition online to bring the game to our rigs of choice, and strangely enough there’s also a petition to keep GTA V off PC to teach us a lesson to stop stealing games." (Grand Theft Auto V, PC)

user7402931  +   865d ago
ps4 is coming
there will be a lot more consoles sold if theres no pc version.
LAWSON72  +   865d ago | Well said
Do you seriously think PC gamers, who have yet to buy a current gen console in 8 years after tons of amazing games have released, are going to finally go out and buy one just for GTAV. I dont see it happening.
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SonyWarrior  +   865d ago
im a PC gamer and i bought ps3 when gta 4 came out... I couldnt wait I buy it again when it comes to pc
Blacktric  +   864d ago | Well said

Such a reputable source for unbiased opinion.
quinten488   864d ago | Immature | show
pandehz  +   865d ago | Well said

I will never ever buy a console JUST FOR A GAME.

I may buy one eventually in a year or so once i sort out my maxwell rig next year.

Whats funny is that other group of gamers who think they can judge other gamers without knowing their own shit colour are making an anti petition lawlzorrr.
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GrizzliS1987  +   864d ago
but let me guess, you will buy a 600-1000 dollar graphics card that is able to play maybe 2 games on max setting out of the whole PC library.

PC is the biggest waste of tech hardware i have ever seen.

all this cash put into a rig that is always ahead of its time and games. useless stuff
awi5951  +   864d ago | Well said

No noob he can buy 1 graphics card for 150 that is more powerful that the ps4 or buy 2 for 300 and make ps4 look like total crap the choice is yours ps4 still doesnt match up at all.
pandehz  +   864d ago

lol you need to widen your view a little bit.

My investment is around $3500 for this rig next year but its not only for gaming. Main use is video editing and vfx, well thats how i can afford it. Gaming on this is just a mega bonus. But likE I said for one game I would never buy a console nor a pc. But well pc library has some amazing games.

Btw did you just say 2? LOL
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JsonHenry  +   865d ago
As a primarily PC gamer I can say that there is honestly no single console exclusive that would ever make me buy a console. The only reason I own consoles now is to play with my friends/family around the country that do not game on a PC.

And seeing as how both consoles are x86 platforms the PC will most likely be the lead dev platform for most games. They would have to go out of their way NOT to release a game on the PC this generation.
Dante81  +   865d ago | Well said
Consoles are just proprietary boxes that tie you to a specific manufacturer. The same manufacturers grease companies to make games for them. The PC has no middle man like that.
assdan  +   865d ago
You think that GTAV is going to be the big console seller? Generally speaking, if it's on two generations, it won't be a huge console seller if it's on both generations. Also, GTAV is all but confirmed for PC.
That was so dumb... Also it's coming to pc..

"Rockstar; why no GTA 4 for PC?
" - fan..

same old same old..
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DoctorJones  +   864d ago
I don't think it's going to work out like that DirtyPimple. And who's that weird looking guy in your avatar? I swear I saw him on Crimewatch the other day.
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SegataSanshiro  +   864d ago
The folowing is a comment from a forum in made by a user who is a PC gamer, and this is from 2007. Notice the same defensiveness that today's PC mustard race have whenever discussing video gaming, saying that graphics are more important than having fun:

Chazwuzzer said:
Why would someone refuse to get a console?


1. A console is similar to my PC except that it is less powerful, less capable and non-upgradeable.

2. Console games are made for kids and 'tards. Sorry, but it is true. If a game is developed for the consoles that has some appeal for the more-intelligent PC gamer, then it will be released for the PC platform and that release, these days at least, is typically superior to the console release (better visuals, extra content, improved gameplay).

3. I don't like console controllers - they feel like they were designed for someone with a few extra chromosomes.

4. I prefer not to participate in the stupidification of the species.

Ultimately, I'm also just not part of the console culture, and trust me, viewed from the outside it looks fairly ridiculous (not rediculous, as a console fan might spell it). Unemployed teenage guys standing outside in the rain for days for the privilege of plunking down $600 (at a minimum) to their corporate overlords? And I don't get the games either - Super Mega Mario something (Wasn't he the guy from Donkey Kong?), Final Fantasy XXXVII, The latest childish "Gritty" FPS (Now with extra Grit!) and HALO3 - THE GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME AND YOU'D BETTER NOT DISAGREE WITH ME 'CAUSE ITS REALLY THE BEST EVER!

He is somehow right about FF but a truly sad specimen
DoctorJones  +   864d ago
Yes, that's quite sad, to deny yourself from playing on consoles because of power and other silly reasons.

But the truly sad thing is that you've dug up some random comment made on a random site from 2007 to try and make your point.

Now that's sad.
ArtificiallyYours  +   864d ago
How's that trust fund working out? Finding a cure for cancer, plan for world peace?

No? What a shame.
5h4h4b  +   865d ago
Bring it to pc. All gamers deserve to play this masterpiece. If only I had a gaming pc to play it and the incredible mods ofcourse. :)
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PurpHerbison  +   865d ago
Yeah still waiting on the PC version. GTAV needs to be played in full glory. Dips as low as 20 FPS with that layer of murkiness to cover up imperfections just isn't doing the game justice.
SlapHappyJesus  +   865d ago
It's coming to PC . . .
ape007  +   865d ago
lol wut??, a PC version is good for

1- people who don't have consoles

2-able to port it effortlessly on x86 ps4 and X1
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LAWSON72  +   865d ago
I mainly want a PC version to see San Andreas in nice clear 1080p/60 fps with a little AA and better textures. Also I want to be able to make my own radio station and maybe have some fun with some mods.

The only thing it is not good for are those jelly console fanboys.
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garos82  +   864d ago
Those jelly console fanboys are currently playing what is probably the best game of the year.the jelly I believe is coming from the pc elitists who are so pissed they can't play this right now.

Anyways I don't own a pc but I'd like it to come out for pc as I believe it's a game everyone should have fun with
Kieran1711  +   864d ago
FINALLY!! Someone who has a console who hasn't just gone "PC costs like $7000000 just to run game on medium setting. What the hell wrong with persons get an Xbox it cheaper and better cos it have controller"

If only every comment on here was like yours. You've basically summed up how I feel about this whole "no GTA V for PC" situation. Thing is though, don't know why people are making such a big fuss about it. They've never not released a GTA for PC so why wouldn't they do it this time? Also it's only been like a week since the release on console. The PC versions always come out later and everyone knows that. So why is everyone going "it's been a week since the console version came out which must mean it's never ever coming to PC!"
AfterThought  +   865d ago
People can steal games in a lot of ways other than pirating. Jesus christ people are stupid.

Like Rockstar probably even cares that much when they are already banking hard off the console versions. Not every person in the world pirates every game on PC's either..

Xbox 360 can be hacked. I don't see idiots making a petition to stop the Xbox 360 version from being made.
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PurpHerbison  +   865d ago
Majority of people I know got GTAV a week early on Xbox 360 due to modded consoles. So yeah it definitely doesn't happen on PC only.
eXclurel  +   865d ago
Absolutely. You can pirate games on Xbox and PS3. I can't understand the reason they are talking like piracy is only on PC.
ShaunCameron  +   865d ago
Piracy just happens more frequently on PC's since they don't require a whole lot of modding.
EXVirtual  +   865d ago
PC gamers got GTA4 right? It's not a console exclusive.
It'll make money on the PC. Simple as.
Saryk  +   865d ago
I can wait.
clmstr  +   865d ago
This article is a joke. Period.
Dynasty2021  +   865d ago
What a retarded article.

GTA 5 will sell very well on PC. As did Skyrim. As did Dark Souls.

The console version of GTA 5 experiences dips to almost 20 fps, looks blurry past 10 ft, has NO anti-aliasing AT ALL and looks pretty terrible on the egdes.

It's a pretty game for sure, but man, I get headaches looking at the lack of straight lines and constant jagged edge movement as you drive along especially at high speed.

The game will look SO much better on PC.
jmc8888  +   865d ago
It's sad people actually say it's a beautiful game and looks 'next gen'.

But then again alot of these people think Halo/TLOU/Uncharted are the best looking games that no PC game has surpassed because the 360 and PS3 still aren't maxed out.

They are good for THOSE consoles. The art direction and attention to detail are no doubt superb. But for overall graphics the 360/PS3 as with ANY video card or console is maxed at launch. They can squeeze more out what that maxed out console can do, hence why you can go from launch games to those games, but every piece of tech is maxed at launch.

It's simple. If PS4/XB1 or a video card...or three of them can't do 4k at 120 FPS and have room to be left over, then it is maxed. Hell even then, you can eyefinity three 4k monitors.

A console or any video card can be coded to that can increase the effectual output of that card, and these gains can go on for a long time. Hell if someone wanted to they could probably learn a new trick to somehow better Atari 2600 tech to achieve something that wasn't possible before. It doesn't change the fact that whether it's an Atari 2600 or PS3/360 that there are power levels that can't be passed.

It's also another reason why people want PS4 versions of TLOU. Because they want to play the game in a higher resolution and with more effects then the PS3 will never be able to do....even if you can still teach the PS3 a new trick or two.

So yes, GTA V will still have the same art style and attention to detail that indeed looks good. But the actual graphics that all that runs on will be vastly superior on PC and PS4/XB1 compared to PS3/360 versions.

When you know the difference between sub 720p and full 1080p and beyond. When you know the difference all the graphical effects can add to it. When 60 FPS is nice, but not surely don't want 20-30 FPS.

Finally it's funny how for years people said the so and so PC game looked no better then PS3 or 360 that. But now when the new consoles can't even match PC's, many of the same people are seeing a big jump. That gap was always there, and while many people have finally allowed themselves to notice the massive gap, others still pretend it doesn't exist. The people saying GTA V looks great on 360/PS3 are the remnants of them.
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   865d ago
Having gone back to this on the ps3 after a year on a high end pc it hurts. It needs to be on next gen and pc for one reason and that is its criminal for this game to be limited to the way it is. Its like watching an amazing block buster film on a cheap 3 inch android phone.
Trago1337  +   865d ago
A multiplatform game not being on all the platforms is pretty stupid.
PJQPAC  +   865d ago
after going through three xbox 360's from april 2008 (bought one to play GTA4) to fall 2009 i would never buy any console again and i switched to pc gaming and can never go back now. give me full 1080P/60FPS or death. the only downside of pc gaming is console exclusives but the only ones i want are gran turismo or forza since there are a lack of sim style racing games on pc.
PersonMan  +   864d ago
That's your problem... you bought the xbox 360.

I bought a PS3 and I've been using the same one since I got it back in 2009.
jmc8888  +   865d ago
The people with the petition to 'teach PC gamers a lesson' are morons. Perhaps they should learn the lesson they speak of doesn't exist. Console piracy exists.

Also the number of people who will buy a PS3/360 version and then also buy a PC/PS4/XB1 version will be in reality far more than those who pirate the game who would have bought if they didn't.

Why do morons, both gamers and executives treat piracy as if they see 1 million downloads that equates to 1 million lost sales. The simple fact is of that 1 million (or whatever number) the vast majority would never buy the game anyways. So if that 1 million was 0 their sales might rise by 10,000. There is going to be probably hundreds of thousands that buy multiple versions of the game. (and that hundreds of thousands is a small percentage).

In other words by not putting out a PC version, Rockstar would lose more money from such an idiotic decision than their next 50 games combined from piracy. All that lost because they decided to listen to a bunch of morons who don't know what they are talking about, and want to 'teach someone a lesson'. That is, if they decided to listen to those dips.

I don't have a problem with waiting for the PC version. It's been obvious that the videos were the PC version. It's obvious it will be the best version, though I'm sure the PS4 version will be pretty close it might actually not be out for awhile.

We've seen the leaked stuff from late nov/early december launch for the PC version. If that is true then it is going to come before a PS4/XB1 version. Otherwise Sony/Microsoft would be advertising that GTAV would be coming to their new consoles, and with their 'trade up' programs for PS3/360 to PS4/XB1 version of games there is little incentive to have a double standard with trade up games. Why would MS/Sony have such programs and yet keep GTA V launching on those consoles a secret? Yet not the other games. Makes no sense.

Which to me means either the GTAV PC release date leak isn't true OR GTA V will have THREE releases. PS3/360 we just saw. Then the PC version. Then sometime in 2014 a PS4/XB1 version will arrive.

There simply is nothing wrong to wait for a PC or PS4/XB1 version of the game. They are going to be vastly better graphically and vastly better in terms of functioning like FPS. (of course they could have other bugs as well)

GTA IV ran like crap on my 360. Crashed every 5-30 minutes. Hell all my rockstar games played like crap on my 360. All had problems. Perhaps I could buy the PS3 version that might not have these problems, but I'll just wait.
COBRA93PR   865d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Bonerboy  +   865d ago
Bahaahaha, yet another retarded article from some ignorant kid who cant stop jerking off over his favorite "mighty and untouchable" console.
Why on earth would a dev want to make MORE money by bringing their game to another platform? Sounds like an utterly retarded business model to me. I for one sure as hell wouldn't want to ensure a game that I made be profitable just to satisfy the ignorant desires of whining children. Nope, no sir, sure wouldn't, hell, on second thought, I would even do it and take a huge loss simply to gain the admiration of millions of fucking idiots. Besides Rockstar doesnt want to make millions bringing it to PC, that would be an extremely poor move from a business standpoint. Clearly they just make games for the fun of it and to hell with turning as much profit as possible. They are just here to serve you. With all the death threats and such being thrown around from console whiners who don't get their way it just makes sense not to. Clearly.
Man, what a retarded so called "journalist". Who posts this shit? Oh n4g, the meca of retarded articles.
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Lourenco  +   865d ago
ok we want apetiton for red dead series before anew red dead come to concoles I have the money to buy any concoles but am a pc gamer lets get red dead on a pc its faaaaaaaaantastic western rockstar game ever better than call of juares series nd gun the game I don't no if activision will release gun 2 on pc but we could do it yes we can lets bring red dead to pc
josephayal  +   865d ago
not gonna happen
RVanner_  +   865d ago
Previously as mentioned in the article I would have had no idea what I was doing tampering with files etc and was always to afraid of messing up the game itself (previously a console gamer only) However since Skyrim on Steam using the workshop it was so easy. My first experience with mods was amazing. if Rockstar could do something similar that would be great. Everyone is going on about a late Nov, early Dec release but I'm not sure now. I don't think it will come out with PS4 and Xbox One versions (if they come) but i think it will be closer to March/April/May next year. Then the next gen console versions during the summer. No evidence to suggest this, just my gut feeling.
urwifeminder  +   864d ago
If It does not come to pc I wont play it its not like its the only game in the world I am sure to survive.
pandehz  +   864d ago
Lol I think exactly this.

I have a life and theres SOO MANY GAMES OUT THERE THAT ARE GOOD.

I was anyways looking forward to Watch Dogs much much more than this. GTA V on pc would have been a bonus well whatever, comes or doesnt come no problemo.
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PersonMan  +   864d ago
If you don't have a PS3, you're missing out on some amazing gaming experiences with all the quality exclusives (Infamous and Uncharted for example).

Just get a PS3 already! Jeeze!
Kieran1711  +   864d ago
I partially agree. Yes, lots of the PS3 exclusive games are great, but I don't think buying a PS3 now be a wise move seeing as the PS4 is almost here. Also, most of us PC gamers are too stubborn to buy a console simply because of all the hate we get from console gamers :P
KontryBoy706  +   864d ago
It'll come just give it time. You might as well buy the console version for now though. I'll get the PC version later for the mod support, better graphics etc. I rather them take their time because their port of GTA IV was HORRIBLE on PC.
#22 (Edited 864d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
aliengmr  +   864d ago
Does Rockstar actually want to support the modding community? I mean GTA 4 was not very mod friendly at all. AFAIK it was never intended to be modded in the first place. If I got it wrong, please tell me.

I see no reason to suggest it would be any different with GTA5. I certainly can't see them taking the Skyrim route with modding. Again, if I'm wrong, let me know.
Deygus  +   864d ago
You guys are all morons for hating on pc and pc games. If it weren't for pc's then consoles would never even exhist! Plus if you tear off the cover of a console all its all really just a hyped up Computer so stop hating on pc gamers because your already playing on one that's just been dubbed " console " and that don't mean nothing!

Also, thankfully RockStar isn't stupid and is much smarter then those that dis pc gamers...they didn't announce the game on pc yet because it's had a history of coming late to pc mainly because of all the conversions so you have to model and design them differently so really it's like making 2 different games almost because of the processor and graphics differentials between the them both. But in the long run the PC will always have better in-app purchases and superior modding that the console cant even handle. You'll always hear about tons of mods for pc games but never really for consoles so once you beat a console game its pretty much over whereas a pc game it's infinite. Rockstar knows this so there's bound to be a pc version eventually. They will lose out on a multibillion dollar revenue share if they don't and I seriously doubt rockstar is that ignorant.

And last which is best to say the least is technology changes roughly every 2-3 months and computers change much faster this is why pc's get so behind so quickly whereas consoles are maxed but only redesigned about every 6 to 10 years so technically speaking computers are always ahead of the game from day one and the console just maxes that and builds off that each time a new one comes out. So you can pretty much guess by now that an Overhauled PC with Moddability to upgrade is much better in the long run.
Kieran1711  +   864d ago
Let's clear some things up:

1. Saying that PC Gamers sacrifice fun over graphics is a load of crap. Just because Gaming PC's are capable of better graphics it does not mean that us PC gamers would prefer to have good graphics rather than a fun game. Yes, we do prefer good graphics but to say that because we like nice graphics we don't have fun games is utter crap. Take Garry's Mod for example. That has very outdated graphics however people still play as it is a very fun game.

2. Capable gaming PC's aren't as expensive as console gamers think they are. I've recently built one for £40 less than an xbox one. And no it's not slow and underpowered,it's about 50% more powerful than and Xbox One. Also, I earlier read a comment on here which said something along the lines of, "why would you spend $600-$1000 on a graphics card just so you can run one or two games at max settings?" This is highly inaccurate. My graphics card cost £130 (about $180) and it can easily run all my games on max settings without lag.

3. Many console fanboys say consoles have better controls than PC. First of all this is not entirely true. If you prefer a controller to a keyboard and mouse (or vice versa) then that is just your opinion. So therefor it's not a fact which means that there is no point in stating that you prefer one method of controlling over the other if you are trying to prove consoles are better than. Furthermore, if you do prefer a controller over keyboard and mouse then just buy an xbox controller and use with your PC. Microsoft have made drivers specifically for that.

4. Despite what many console gamers think, on PC we get about 99% of the games consoles get, plus some PC exclusive titles (e.g. Garry's Mod).

5. The overall experience of PC Gaming can be as good as (if not better than) console. For example the other day I had one of friends over. He is very "Pro Xbox" and thinks it is superior to PS3 and PC. I let him play Black Ops 2 on my PC and the first thing he said whilst playing it was "wow".

6. Saying that graphics aren't everything if quite hypercritical if your trying to prove that PS4 and Xbox One are better than PC. Why? Because one of the main and heavily advertised features of the PS4 and Xbox One are vastly improved graphics.

So there you go :)

P.S. The whole PC vs Console thing is kind of irrelevant anyway as consoles are just low/mid spec PCs with different controls and operating systems.
st2000  +   863d ago
I have been a PC Gamer for years, I own a PS3 but I am yet to get GTA V. Frankly, it's because I hate using a control pad.

Yes you're right, most people just want to have fun, however - for me, I want to play games at their visual best and for that, a console will never offer that.

For example, DICE have already announced that BF4 on the PS4 will look like PC Medium Settings. Not bad for a machine that cost £350. However, that goes without saying, you need to pay for Playstation Plus (£40 a year Max) and games cost £45-£50

The initial fee for the PS4 is reasonable, but I cannot justify how companies can charge so much for games. PC Games (Pre Order I can get for under £30, after a few weeks they are really cheap - Recently picked up Tomb Raider (£6) Hitman (£4) Sleeping Dogs (£4)

People may say PC's are expensive but overall, you will spend so much more on Consoles through the high price of games / controllers (£55!) Stand (£15)!

When BF4 is released I will likely spend £250-£300 upgrading the graphics - that should allow me to run BF4 on Ultra with everything cranked up to full.

Now, just to show the difference between Current Gen / Next Gen Console and PC. Please see below the Modded GTA 4 on PC using a 4K Monitor.

Yes GTA V needs to come on PC not only for the fun side, but for us to really show how good GTA V can look ;)
Thiswebsiteisdumb  +   863d ago
A blogger is defined as someone who will say any incredibly dumb thing just so he will have something to post on the internet.

This piece is a great example.
gNarNar  +   863d ago
Am I the only one who has a Console and a PC?(or rather had) Ive been a PC gamer since tf2 came out which isnt THAT long but Ive played a lot of pc games, everything from teamfortress2 and valve games in general to WoW. Grand theft auto has always been my favorite series. I bought gtaiv 3 times, Once for ps3 once for xbox and once for pc, I beat the game 5 times between all the times i bought it, I bought the DLCS and everything.

When I heard gta v was only for consoles I didnt give a fuck because im not an asshole pc elitist, I went out and preordered gta v for xbox DAY 1. Yes I game on both a pc and a console, and I honestly hope PC "gamers" dont get gtav because I see a lot of you are 4chan assholes from /v/ that are entitled hipster pieces of shit and I dont want to be associated with PC gamers anymore.

I cant say im a pc gamer anymore because of elitist assholes like you "pc gamers" which just picked up your rig 3 years ago and now act like a fucking god. Im glad I have gta v and Im glad whenever I feel like I can boot up steam and play my pc games. Sucks2suck if you dont have consoles and PC.
#28 (Edited 863d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Rage244  +   861d ago
so everyone knows... GTA 5 has been announced for release on pc on November 22nd. Do your research :)this whole topic is pointless

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