Criterion to Burnout fans: 'Be patient'

Criterion has dropped the greatest hint yet that it's working on a new Burnout game, asking fans to "be patient" if they'd like to see a "decent Burnout game".

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CalamityCB1700d ago

A developer acknologing fans its fans is a nice think to see, unlike some developers who keep their key franchises in the shadowns without giving a word of mouth to a fan in years.
*cough*cough*VALVE*cough*coug h*HALF LIFE 3

CalamityCB1700d ago

Typed that in a rush lol, wish I could edit that now @[email protected]

Septic1700d ago

This is why you should "be patient".

antz11041700d ago

Anyone with a burnout fix should play NFS: Most Wanted. Criterion did such an awesome job with that title, its basically Burnout under a new title.

pyramidshead1700d ago

Interesting. I think I downloaded that off PS+ actually, will have to give it a shot!

antz11041699d ago


Retroman1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

@ antz

yeah, unfortunately thats what we got instead of NFS
glad criterion going back to BURNOUT. maybe Ghost games will do NFS justice.

if not i got Blackbox studio # in case.

tachy0n1700d ago

epic fail!!

blackbox does not exists any more....

pyramidshead1700d ago

Next gen Burnout 3: Takedown style game please.
Bring back the traditional crash modes too, hated Paradise's bouncing of the car, seemed so dumb. -_-

But hell yes. Would buy. Sooo many hours put into road rage.

Goku7811700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Burn out games are massively fun! I wish they would use real world cars or let you build and modify your own. And yes Pyramidshead, Takedown rocked!

MaximusPrime_1700d ago

I want burnout 3 and 4 remake. I joined the online world when playing the original on playstation network. I really enjoyed it. One time, serious racing, the other time taking other players down accidently. My, some had spectacular crashes.

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The story is too old to be commented.