EA's Frank Gibeau: PS4 and Xbox One will revitalise console gaming

The video game industry is fragmenting. That's the familiar refrain. The irresistible rise of smartphones and tablets, together with the arrival of smart TVs and the introduction of Android boxes like Ouya, has broken apart the traditional industry forever. What place can there be for expensive specialist consoles in this fast-paced market of free-to-play casual gaming on multi-functional devices?

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lastofgen1211d ago

I think GTA 5 just did..

Army_of_Darkness1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

yeah GT5 and Last of Us definitely helped raise the bar in console gaming, but when exactly was console gaming dying?? I must have slept through that crisis?!

user74029311211d ago

i think gta 5 and the last of us revitalised console gaming this year.

Goku7811211d ago

Both of you are right.

RedDeadLB1211d ago

The PS4 sure peaked my interest getting back into console gaming. I'm still thinking about getting the PS4 or upgrading my PC. Not sure which is more worthwhile.

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