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EA's Frank Gibeau: PS4 and Xbox One will revitalise console gaming

The video game industry is fragmenting. That's the familiar refrain. The irresistible rise of smartphones and tablets, together with the arrival of smart TVs and the introduction of Android boxes like Ouya, has broken apart the traditional industry forever. What place can there be for expensive specialist consoles in this fast-paced market of free-to-play casual gaming on multi-functional devices? (EA, Frank Gibeau, Industry, PS4, Xbox One)

lastofgen  +   706d ago
I think GTA 5 just did..
Army_of_Darkness  +   706d ago
yeah GT5 and Last of Us definitely helped raise the bar in console gaming, but when exactly was console gaming dying?? I must have slept through that crisis?!
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user7402931  +   706d ago
i think gta 5 and the last of us revitalised console gaming this year.
Goku781  +   706d ago
Both of you are right.
CocoWolfie  +   706d ago
hope so!
RedDeadLB  +   706d ago
The PS4 sure peaked my interest getting back into console gaming. I'm still thinking about getting the PS4 or upgrading my PC. Not sure which is more worthwhile.
Visualift  +   706d ago
Pretty sure console gaming is doing just fine... I've purchased more games than I have time to play.
Seafort  +   706d ago
Isn't that up to the developers and publishers to create innovative and exciting games rather than the yearly boring sequels we get now?

Until that changes consoles games aren't going to be any different than the last gen apart from better graphics.

It's on you, EA and the rest of the money hungry publishers to actually take some risks for once.
XboxFun  +   706d ago
I disagree, I think the games will revitalize console gaming.

By the way they spelled "revitalize" wrong in the title.

But if games just keep the same old formula and just add bigger and better graphics then people will again start to get bored.

We need more risks as well as better design and gameplay.
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