3DS Has Overtaken Wii In Lifetime Sales (Japan)

"Powered in part by the recent release of Monster Hunter 4, the 3DS sold nearly 160,000 units in Japan this past week, pushing it to about 12,753,000 in total. The Wii has sold about 12,699,000 units to date, including 965 this past week." -GR

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I winder what wiiU sales are..

truechainz1641d ago

Sad that you feel the need to immediately try to divert attention away from good news. Says a lot about you. That and the fact that you edited your comment and still misspelled wonder.

Brazz1641d ago

He's just saying a fact, lol! WiiU sales are weak, like PS Vita sales.
I dare say that at this point Nintendo is almost giving up from WiiU, you know why? because they have a beeter optioncalled 3DS!
put all possible "fanboy spirit" aside, and focus your mind in possibility of profit...
that is the question:
If you are Nintendo, that is very strong in the first party development, and, as every company has a limit of investment projects (games), you would create games in HD, with a high amount of spending, for a console that sells 20k-30k per week and has no support from others, or would invest in your product which is able to outsell all other consoles in the market "TOGETHER"!? (not to mention the low cost of producing games that do not require features such as HD)
Put the spirit of fanboy aside, and think:
The nintendo will invest heavily in the golden boy who has even the possibility of surpass Playstation 2 and the original DS or the "underdog" whit poor sales, and which is criticized by many consumers and industry members, plus almost no third-party support.
face facts, the 3DS is so fantastic, and so good, that nintendo did not have to "risk" in the WiiU. Of course Nintendo wants a successful Wii U, repeat the generation Wii / DS which undoubtedly became the most successful in the history of nintendo, but the situation is very different now, and nothing indicates that the WiiU will have the strength to dominate the competition.
sorry for my english, i'm not american, nor from england, and sorry if I offended anyone, i just said what I see on the picture presented. A console so strong and profitable that is killing his "younger brother".

Chrischi19881641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Sorry, but you are off topic, its news about a mobile handheld. What does the truth you are talking about matter, if you are in a completely wrong area to discuss that? Are we talking about how Sony finally managed to make profit after over 5 years of the console being released? No, because this is a 3DS topic. Go troll somewhere else or study so you can finally manage to get past 8th grade.

A handheld and a console aim for different people with different needs. But I guess you never thought about, that nintendo might want to increase its install base on Wii U. How were 3DS sales before they released their first party games? How many first party games are there for Wii U? How can someone even try to know what will happen with the console, if it doesnt even have the main selling point released?

Man you made me angry right now, always this BS. Oh nintedo made something good, I have to be a total a** and have to point out where nintendo is bad right now, even if it is way off topic. Good job.

n4f1641d ago

you failed at trolling.

AceBlazer131641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

geez how many ppl are there to buy a 3ds again?

KonsoruMasuta1641d ago

Can you blame them? Especially with monster Hunter 4 out.

The 3DS is a must have.

AceBlazer131641d ago

yh but you would think everyone who wanted a 3ds would have one by now. and it's not like the sales are just coming bit by bit, they're coming in full force.

_QQ_1641d ago

Imagine what happens October12th

lilbroRx1641d ago

Why would you think that everyone who wanted a 3DS would have one by now? Its not the Vita. The 3DS is actually fun and has something unique to offer. On top of that it has loads of good games on it and coming out for it.

Shin Megami Tensei 4 is awesome. The 3D just makes it even more delicious.

sincitysir11641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

U just can't be happy for the 3ds huh? Childish. And just to be sure I understand, what's so unique about it? U mean the 2 screens that has been around for like 8 years now? Or the 3d that they're getting rid of? Please enlighten me. It's a great device but don't exaggerate.

Chrischi19881641d ago

Why are you so angry about his comment? Did he say something bad about it?

TongkatAli1641d ago

Playing games on my Vita are very fun : / Playing Final Fantasy IX, old game, but I see no 3DS rpg that tops that one.

Congrats to the 3DS!

CrimsonStar1641d ago

just wait till Pokémon comes out .

Murad1640d ago

Dude don't insult the 3DS, that thing is badass. It has Fire Emblem, it has Monster Hunter and so on and so forth. EVEN SHIN MEGAMI TITLES. Go troll somewhere else.

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mcstorm1641d ago

Wow and it has yet to have a pokemon game. I think they will go crazy once Pokémon x and y are out and I am one of the fans who cant wait to get the game. Great console Nintendo and glad its selling well after a slow start. Lest hope you can turn the WiiU around as well as it is anther under rated console.

Beetey1641d ago

Exactly. It's crazy to think that we are talking about how great the system is selling when its first Pokemon game is still a few weeks out. IMO the 3DS's has the greatest lineup of games ever.

Seriously. Ever.

mcstorm1641d ago

I agree. I remember when Sony showed off the PSV and I was blown away by the games for it and at that point the lineup of games on the 3DS was poor but how that has changes. I have felt Sony have neglected the PSV and Nintendo have given everything to the 3DS and im loving the device and cant wait for Pokémon. I do hope Nintendo give the WiiU the same love but looking at the next lineup of games they are now starting too. We even have super smash bros to look forward to next year too.

nosferatuzodd1641d ago

wow 3ds is a monster i have a psp vita but you of to give respect to the mighty 3ds

N4GDgAPc1641d ago

I have no clue at all on what the sentence says^^

Blastoise1641d ago

Wow, 3DS is a monster. I have a Playstation Vita, but you have to give respect to the mighty 3DS

Or something like that..

KonsoruMasuta1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

It says "Wow!! The 3DS is a monster!! I own the competition's handheld, but I have to give respect to the spectacular, wonderful, super-duper, divine, wise and all knowing 3DS. "

Belking1641d ago

This is what you call success.

lilbroRx1641d ago

And yet there are still people who attack the 3DS like its a flop while praising vita. Its makes no sense.

sincitysir11641d ago

Same thing ur doing now isn't it? To a lesser degree albeit still the same

lilbroRx1641d ago

No, its not the same. The Vita has been largely unsuccessful. Just stating that fact isn't attacking it.

There is nothing ridiculous about that. The 3DS on the other had has been the lead selling piece of gaming hardware for over a year, and yet I still see articles talking about how Nintendo needs to improve this and that with the 3DS, and how Nintendo is going to die.

ThePsychoGamer1641d ago

So saying the Vita isn't doing well is just stating a fact, but by your comment history, anyone who says the same thing about the Wii U are just bashing Nintendo?

I think you just won the award for biggest hypocrite on this site.

lilbroRx1641d ago

By my comment history? You didn't get that from mine.

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Misaka_x_Touma1641d ago

your comment goes both positive and negative.

Just by reading it.

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