Grand Theft Auto 5 Easter Egg Map Will Blow Your Mind

GR - "A map within GTA 5 will aid you to discover easter eggs."

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claud31339d ago

I gathered the Mount Chilland map had something to do with the UFo easter eggs

JunoDivided1339d ago

Didn't see this one on the map so i thought I wold point it out. If you go scuba diving 2000 feet past the northern shore there will be a ufo crash in the ocean

GameSpawn1339d ago

Does it fall in line directly above the "eye" in the image?

If so, it could be part of one of the "burst" lines around the eye that is cut off the image.

Nitrowolf21338d ago

Now the question is
WTF is the Egg and does this game have a jetpack

CaptainPunch1339d ago

Hoping for some crazy single player DLC, maybe something with aliens or zombies?

despair1339d ago

I just want to trip out again and kill aliens and much fun.

colinf4381339d ago

play saints row then! plenty of aliens in that game

BattleTorn1339d ago

As much has I did enjoy those bits, I hated how obvious R* was at catering to the Saints Row fanbase.

Sure, they were just some harmless psychedelic rampages - now. But next thing we know we'll be playing in an entirely virtual Los Santos.

I personally want avoid praising these scenes to avoid the slippery slop.

TheFamous11339d ago

Those missions were terrible IMO.

despair1339d ago

It's a couple side missions with some of the funniest lines in the game. Not really a problem and they were doing crazy shit before saints row anyways.

Valkyre1338d ago

you found triping and killing dozens of aliens and clowns "so much fun"??


I found it was one of the most boring things the game had to offer...

despair1338d ago

It was a simple "kill everything" survival mission but the comments from both Michael and Trevor in their respective ones were pretty funny and why I liked it so much.

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KwietStorm1339d ago

Isn't that a little expected?

Majors1339d ago

Enough with the zombies please.. Every other game has bloody zombies, Be a little imaginative.

metalgod881339d ago

That's pretty cool. I hope this is correct. I found that symbol at the top of a mountain but had no idea what it meant lol.

Fasttrack761339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Aliens yes plz but plz plz plz not zombies,it's so overdone these days,nearly every game has zombies or gets them added in dlc, it's actually getting really boring now.zzzzzzzzz Zombies zombies

axerated1339d ago

If I wanted aliens I'd play SR4, which I don't want to do. Undead nightmare however, on a gta map? Hell.Effing.Yes

PoSTedUP1339d ago

agree. zombies are just a past time. always loved zombie games. id rather be shooting at a blood thirsty nasty looking zombie that wants to eat me alive rather than E.T. who wants to anal probe me. zombies FTW.

Lord_Sloth1339d ago

Only if there's an actual survival aspect to it and I don't mean surviving wave after wave of a horde mode. I want an actual Zombie survival mode like Day Z on a GTA map.

GameSpawn1339d ago


Doesn't that basically describe Dead Rising 3 word for word? At least what they hope to achieve.

I think Zombies and Vampires were phases that have passed. They may come back around (everything does) but hopefully not anytime soon.

Lord_Sloth1337d ago

@ GameSpawn

No, it describes Day Z in a GTA game. Look it up to get what I'm talking about.

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isarai1339d ago

I have found 3 of thos symbols around the map so far, two of which are at some strange alien community, one looks like *space ship symbol* = *crescent moon* and the other shows the symbol with a rain cloud below it, and of course the mural shows the mountain surrounded by lighting, so i'm thinking something something is supposed to happen during a lighting storm at the top of the mountain maybe above the clouds where you can see the moon? or where the moon aligns with the top of the mountain during a lightning storm?

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