In Defence of GTA V's Driving Mechanics

A lot of people really don't like the driving in GTA V and wish it was more like GTA IV. Craig Keeble thinks that the driving suits the game perfectly, but wishes that off-roading was a little more challenging.

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Hellsvacancy1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I totally agree with this opinion, i'm glad i'm not the only one

I'm LOVING GTAV, but because I got so used to driving the cars in GTAIV (I played the GTA online races ALOT) I went into GTAV thinking the driving mechanics would be the same

The driving in GTA is so easy, the cars handle like the ones in Sleeping Dogs

You can proper wreck your car in GTAV but it takes alot longer, meaning you don't really have to drive carefully in worry of wrecking your car, the cars takes quite abit of damage

It looks as though i'm hating on the game, i'm not, it's AWESOME, doesn't mean I have to like all of it

snipab8t1518d ago

Personally I think Rockstar have found a sweet spot between arcade and realistic handling. I would have to say I lean toward GTA IV cars but am no way disappointed with the handling in GTA V.

Einhert1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

GTA IV cars must have had no suspension the way they cornered like boats, although that could have just been R*s satire against american cars.

DARK WITNESS1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I have to agree. I think 5 is the sweet spot.

I mean, can you really blame R* after the amount of complaining and crying that went on over GTA4 car controls?

The only thing I am disappointed in is the level of car damage.

I mean I dare say, GTA4 had better car damage simulation then some actual racing simulators that "claim" to have car damage !

but again, I can understand why they toned it down a notch.

GTA4 was a technical masterpiece but everyone was to busy crying and moaning to really appreciate that aspect of it.

now people are doing it again....

one thing for sure using the bikes in 4 was nearly impossible so I am glad the found the right balance.

Ezz20131518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

call me crazy but i wanted the driving to be more like sleeping dogs and how you handle the brakes

i really loved the driving in that underrated game
and man driving bikes in sleeping dogs was sooo damn awesome

-Foxtrot1518d ago

I liked the driving in this game then the one in was too realistic in that game and you couldn't do silly stuff without the bloody car either breaking down or catching on fire straight away.

In GTAV you can drive off high cliffs and do silly stuff which GTA is known for without having to change your car everyone 5 minutes.

3-4-51517d ago

At first I didn't like it. Within about 4-5 hours I was loving the driving though and still do.

It takes a bit to warm up to it but it works well for this game.

yewles11518d ago

Vehicle mechanics are the only downside for me, all else is fantastic so far.

fossilfern1518d ago

Same I prefer the driving physics in GTA4.

MysticStrummer1517d ago

I can think of a few more downsides but it is a fantastic game nonetheless.

Indigon1518d ago

I'm glad they didn't implement the driving of GTAIV, I thougt it sucked.

Blacktric1518d ago

"A lot of people really don't like the driving in GTA V and wish it was more like GTA IV."

What? No. No way. General consensus on GTA IV's driving mechanics was that they handled terribly and felt like steering big ships. I'm pretty sure people who wanted IV's driving mechanics back are in minority.

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The story is too old to be commented.