Top 10 Best Console Logos

Gamedaily reports:

''When building a console, you'd better make sure it has a sweet logo. Here are the 10 greatest.''

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sonarus3894d ago

Another day another list. These guys need something better to do than just plain old lists

Harry1903894d ago

Gamecube logo.But it's not in there.

gonzopia3894d ago

Despite the fact that I think about Spiderman every time I look at it (and I dislike those movies) I really like the PS3 logo. The typography is sweet.

...and though I'm a PS3 fanboy, I'll give it props - the Xbox 360 logo is sweet as hell too.

Jim Crowslaw3894d ago

ppl need to stop gettin mad at N4G. all they do is report the news not create. if the article doesnt peak ur interest dont read it. U cant get mad at a newscaster for someone dying.....hes just reporting it

Pacifist3894d ago

Nobody is getting mad at N4G. I think that sonarus is just annoyed at the site that created this list. He's not getting mad at the reporter of this article, he's just talking about how the people that make this list have nothing better to do.

Close_Second3894d ago for gamers to be able to vote on the article itself. Use some sort of scale that other readers can use to see if its worth reading.

There is nothing wrong with a top 10 logo listing but the text around each logo is crap and has as much info as you'd expect if a 5 year old had written the narration. As such this article in N4G should receive a "lame" rating.

Finally, if someone posts too many lame rated articles (in a row) then maybe they should have such privileges removed for a week (or two) as punishment.

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The story is too old to be commented.