GTA 5: Retailer Lists PC Release Date

"Norwegien retailer Komplett has listed a PC version of GTA 5 with a release date"

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1730d ago
weirdo1730d ago

i am so pumped to play this on ps4, hope it's released the same time as pc.

BadlyPackedKeebab1730d ago

This is one of a very few games that I would rebuy and play all over again next gen.

Kaiou1730d ago

March 2014 ??? , Then i will have to skip it since march is DARK SOULS 2... BABY .

jmc88881730d ago

So we have December and March as leaks. Well they can't both be right.

I would hope it's December, but I've always felt it was more likely going to be around March. So the March date sounds more realistic.