Albert Penello Comment on Xbox One UI Demo Demand

Just couple of month is left for the launch of Xbox One, and Xbox fans hasn't seen anything related to Xbox One User Interface demo. Microsoft's Albert Penello has just responded to increasing demand of Xbox fans for Xbox One User Inferface demo.

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Izzy4081489d ago

How about you stop giving us updates and just shows the damn thing already?!

nukeitall1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Because people want an update and that you are listening to your fans.

He is trying to do it right. Your fault for clicking in here and contribute to this article being hotter news....

I'm excited and can't wait!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Check out the first xbox tv ad!!

obvious the fans love it!! lol

JokesOnYou ur paying $500 on something u cant see.

Seriously they probably have to make some 180's on the UI first.

JokesOnYou1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Izzy so now they aren't allowed to update xbox fans? He said changes are being made and they are working on things, I'd rather them focus on making things as smooth as possible all the way up to launch vs omg we have to just show the UI now to a bunch of impatient fanboys, plus its been shown. Anybody who wants either of these consoles has already made up their minds based on games/gaming habits/brand preference.

nukeitall1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )


Thank you n4g for shutting up shutup!

Your post is completely off topic, but reminds me of the MW2 boycott fail:

Once Xbox One releases, and the games are out people will get over it and no longer see the wider entertainment as a threat to their hobby.

People can complain about the new focus, but MS has invested the most of any console manufacturer in new features for gamers.

"JokesOnYou ur paying $500 on something u cant see."

What do you mean we can't see?

We have seen more of the Xbox One dashboard and features than Sony has shown of the PS4.

That said, thanks for the ad. I look forward to using those features while gaming! :D

Automatic791489d ago

I saw an article that gave us a preview on N4G just a few days ago.

Bennibop1489d ago

I bet they are holding back due to changes they are making to keep up with PS4 UI.

kennyg37391489d ago

What's so great about the PS4?

thrust1488d ago

And yet it crashed on live tv....

Deathdeliverer1488d ago

It didn't crash on live tv. It was electronic interference so the controller signal wasn't getting through. We have seen alot of the ps4 interface in use. Yoshida sitting in the chair going through features (with a crazy camera man) and that cool Japanese video with the several uses for the features and the vita tv. (if you've seen that) I'm sure that the Xbox one UI will be fine at launch and if you guys are anything like me, you enjoy going through options and finding out what you can do on your own. I put in for vacation so Microsoft just please don't let the xbox one get delayed by ui changes and what not. Vacation starts the day before ps4 launches and last all the way till the Tuesday after the xbox one launches. Gives me time to really dig in to both of them and pass out repeatedly in next Gen bliss! A delay would screw me.

PawnSacrifice1489d ago

So is our hardware, but at least it hasn't crashed at each and every public event. I LOVE SONNNNNN.... err

Goku7811489d ago

A couple of months is more like just two months left.

Goku7811489d ago

Or by definition

: an indefinite small number : few <a couple of days ago>
— cou·ple·dom noun

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