Full Moon Show: Episode 24

Insomniac has finish the podcast crossover with the Top Secret crew and bring in Brian Hastings to discuss last year's 10 Reasons the PS3 Wins the Console War, including the infamous "Wii Fad will Fade" comment. They also discuss what is going on with Resistance 2, and the brand new teaser trailer. Plus Rolf's Rant and more!

0:00:00 - Introduction
0:03:20 - Resistance 2 Update
0:19:40 - Mystery Guest of the Week
1:11:51 - I Want Your Job! with Chief Creative Officer Brian Hastings
1:31:45 - Community Update
1:38:41 - Rolf's Rant
1:45:38 - Closing


Insomniac CEO Brian Hastings recently highlighted his confidence in Sony's PlayStation 3 and why he believes it'll end up being the victorious platform in the console wars when he recently posted 10 reasons for this on the company's message board. In the latest Full Moon Show (Episode 24) podcast, he explains the differences between the PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft's Xbox 360 and stumbles into teasing listeners about Sony's upcoming "community features". He makes it clear that he isn't allowed to even hint any further into giving clues as to what they'll be, but he's so confident that he sees it taking the spotlight off Xbox Live as the premium Online gaming community.

The "10 Reasons" part begins at the 1hour 14minutes mark.

Credit to Meus Renaissance

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-EvoAnubis-3841d ago

New Full Moon! Downloading now.

beast3841d ago

Also downloading..


Arent we suppose to get NPD results TODAY

GiantEnemyCrab3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

So I take it Insomniac will never develope for another platform? What a shame and he can talk till he is blue in the face but the Xbox community is busying playing good games on an excellent service so they are going to have a tough time hearing Insomniacs knob bobbing of $ony.

Of course he is confident, $ony is signing their checks.

MS have worked 5 long years(going on 6) to make their service the best. If he thinks $ony and it's ego will be enough to do it in 1.5 year good luck. People are busy watching movies on that platform not playing games.