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Nvidia boss: “No longer possible” for consoles to have better graphics than PC

Tamasi: It’s no longer possible for a console to be a better or more capable graphics platform than the PC. I’ll tell you why. In the past, certainly with the first PlayStation and PS2, in that era there weren’t really good graphics on the PC. Around the time of the PS2 is when 3D really started coming to the PC, but before that time 3D was the domain of Silicon Graphics and other 3D workstations. Sony, Sega or Nintendo could invest in bringing 3D graphics to a consumer platform. In fact, the PS2 was faster than a PC.

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Community1581d ago
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Irishguy951582d ago

News to me, I always thought PC >>> Console graphics wise. Half life 1 and 2 etc

OlgerO1581d ago

Just leave it to Naughty Dog to show you that games on PS4 can look prettier then any PC game

Hufandpuf1581d ago

And then I'll just show them Crysis 3 running at max settings.

vishmarx1581d ago

you guys cant even play tlou or gta v .
the two best games of the year.
does crysis on max still feel better than actually playing these games.
pc games will always look better.
consoles will always get better games.

_QQ_1581d ago

@vishmarx i didn't realize consoles had DOTA2 and Starcraft HOTS, i guess console games aren't better afterall.

Bolts1581d ago

GTA 4 on the PC looks better than Watchdog on the PS4. And you don't have to wait for anyone to see that.

Oh and GTA 4 release date? 2008 and you can play this on the TV with Steam Big Picture mode.

starchild1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Ridiculous. Uncharted and The Last of Us are really fantastic games and they look very good by console standards, but there are MANY games on PC that look better.

And that is despite the fact that the PS3 was more powerful relative to high end gaming PCs than the PS4 is going to be when it launches. No, the truth is, console games, even the very best of them, will still be well behind the visuals that you get on a good PC.

@ vishmarx
I love the way some of you console fanboys try to use something as subjective as taste in games as an attemept to downplay the PC as a gaming platform. There are TONS of exclusives on the PC that I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on.

You guys live in your own little bubble and aren't even aware of the world outside that tiny sphere. I own both a PS3 and a 360 in addition to my PC and honestly there are like maybe a half dozen games that I really love on each of those consoles that I can't get on the PC. There are more exclusives on the PC that I love than on either console.

But beyond all the talk of exclusives, my favorite platform is always going to be the one that offers the best experience with the vast MAJORITY of games, not the platform that has a couple more exclusives than another platform. With the best graphics, smoothest performance and the wonderful world of mods, the PC is hands down that platform.

SlapHappyJesus1581d ago

The game, you know, needs to exist first.
Then you can talk.

showtimefolks1581d ago


preety graphics boring/dull gameplay enjoy crysis


so many FTP MMO's are coming to consoles next gem, while most of consoles exclusives are staying exclusive. don't get me wrong i understand how big PC market is and how much money it makes but like console players miss out on some excellent pc games so do the pc gamers

difference being most console owners say yes those pc games are great, while any game that doesn't end up on PC automatically gets labelled


how many people can actually run most games in max settings?

Amazingmrbrock1581d ago

The real difference between console exclusive games and any games on the pc is funding.

There are no pc manufactures spending the lavish amounts of money on pc exclusive content in the same way console makers do. The closes would be valve, and blizard, as far as spending money to push the pc market in a way thats similar to how the console market gets pushed. Even then valve doesn't put out a whole lot of games compared to sony or even microsoft.

So yeah thats why there are such top notch AAA console games and less of those for the pc. Granted there are still some for pc just less. Where the pc makes up for this difference is in the almost overwhelming amount of indie games. Not just medium sized indie games like ftl, or chivalry, but the thousands of small games that come out of game competitions. There's no comparison to those on consoles and in my view its something consoles are sorely missing out on.

wtopez1581d ago

@ OlgerO

By the time Naughty Dog launch a game on PS4, Titan level GPUs will probably be mid-range $200 video cards. ND has incredible talent but they're still dealing with severely limited hardware that's already old in many PC gamer's homes.

nukeitall1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )


Stop being delusional!

I love Naughty Dog, but you simply cannot outpower a PC even with careful optimization.

Just look at the games, they are all shown on PC then downgraded to console to maybe hit 1080p across the board on console.

On PC we can easily talk about 2k graphics, and best specced rigs can hit 4k with little problem.

Before even release of either console, we got 6 gflops graphics card. That is almost 4 times as much flops as PS4. Even if the PS4 was running on secret sauce and puffing the cloud, it could not outgunn a PC.

Heck a console is simply a PC downgraded with added features (NOTE, ADDED FEATURES). It is not a supercharged PC, nor is it play beyond PC.

Anyone that says otherwise is selling you snake oil!

I love consoles, but we don't buy them for graphics. We buy them for the games, the ease of use and the ease of access to.

My PC can easily play Netflix and I can navigate it even faster, but my console is easier to use on my couch.

NewMonday1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

the very top PC sure are stronger than next gen in numbers, but the issue is price vs power, how about that BF4 demo on a $2000+ PC, can anyone show us a difference vs the PS4 demo worth over $1600? anyone that brings up the PC without specifying the GPU is being dishonest.

and how many games actually take advantage of the PC power? very few because developers scale down to the most common specs, the one game that is mentioned (Crysis3) is an average game, CryTech push the high end specs to show off their engine.

every developer that brings up the PS4 vs PC say the console is like a high end PC, only those in denial argue otherwise.

I wonder how many of the so called "PC master race" actually have a high end rig.

Nvidia are continuing the trash talk because AMD swept the console deals, and they feel the turning of the tide business wise, they talk like this to stir the fanboys into confrontations.

MRMagoo1231581d ago

when every pc gamer in the entire world including myself all have the complete max hardware everytime new hardware gets released then we can care about PC having the superior graphics but at most its around 10% that can play everything at its max.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1581d ago


Why can't we all just get along?

Blackdeath_6631581d ago

crysis beyond being a pretty game isn't very good. linear shooter and lameass story

Krosis1581d ago

"Just leave it to Naughty Dog to show you that games on PS4 can look prettier then any PC game "

Wow...only on N4G would you read that AND get agrees lol It looks good--for a CONSOLE game lol Christ these kids are deluded.

MuhammadJA1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )


And that's always your argument, console fanboys. Everytime someone say a PC game looks better than a console game (which is true all the time), you get defensive and say "we have better games". Games are and always will be SUBJECTIVE, graphics capabilities: PC > Consoles.

PeaSFor1581d ago


it take more than high resolution and hi res textures to look great, meanwhile OKAMI on ps2 still look better than crysis3 on max setting.

ChrisW1581d ago

Considering the dollar to CPU/GPU ratio*, A $399 console is going to out perform a PC of the same price for quite some time.

* GPUs like nVidia's Titan ($1,000 for GPU only) vs PS4 (which has both CPU & GPU), the amount of power per a dollar is darn near equal.

Skips1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

"“No longer possible” for consoles to have better graphics than PC"

It doesn't matter much when the VAST majority of PC gamers don't even have PC's as powerful as PS4 and XB1. lol

And that probably won't change for a good few years... The majority of PC gamers aren't all gonna upgrade at the same time just because the PS4 and XB1 come out. XD

And "well said" @ showtimefolks...

Fluke_Skywalker1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Graphics shmaphics, Crysis 3 (at max settings) is by far the prettiest game of the last well, ever really, but it's absolutely shit!!

HardcoreGamer1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )


HardcoreGamer1581d ago

im digging the new ps3, but its not the same with ps4, the ps4 is off the shelf pc parts. its not gonna work like the same ps3 in terms of lastability

ps2 took 5 years to maximise
ps3 still not maxed out, but mad there, in 7 years

ps4 will be topping itself in 3 years.

this is the truth. its not like the days of ps2 and ps3, because sony only has to compete and not give away market share to xbox, otherwise ps4 wouldnt of be releasing this year.

its hard now and sony cannot afford the old route. (ps3 was a little too hard to develop for and were too ambitious. but thats what sony is)

thats why your getting alot of dissagrees

TRU3_GAM3R1581d ago

Just like crysis 3 did? even on console.

Army_of_Darkness1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I have no problem with 1080p console games on my.... well, 1080p hdtv ;-)
I don't care if my ps4 can't do 2k gaming because for one thing, I don't have/ and can't afford a damn 55" 4k tv anyways!

If pc fannies ain't impressed by killzone:sf yet, then I know they will be when naughty dog shows what they have in store for us.
I'm sure that's when the pc fannies will cry back to crysis max settings once again LMAO! the one series that makes them sleep better at night for purchasing that expensive precious video card.

MWong1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I just don't get why Nvidia seems so fixated on consoles now. I mean of late all you hear is them saying console this console that. I mean consoles (PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii-U, XB360 & XBone) range low end gaming to mid-high end pc's with non-interchangeable parts. PC's aren't and are fully customizable as long as you have the money and need for a game. I don't why there is always a debate of which is better. PC and game consoles are both great in their own rights. It will always depend on the gamer and the price they are willing to pay.

To me Nvidia just seems mad that AMD is doing something they aren't.

schubacca1581d ago

I got love for Naughty Dog, but please stop with this notion that PC graphics are inferior to equal to console graphics.

1Victor1581d ago

Well At Least Console Gamers Don't Have To Buy A $300 GraphicsCard To Play The "Latest Game" Every Year And A New CPU Every Other Year .Don't Even Bother To Say But But That Is If You Want To Play The Game On Max Settings

hollabox1581d ago

Yeah Naughty Dog can work their magic, the same goes to SCE Santa Monica Studio in the GOW series. Crysis 3 maxed looks good, the PS3 looks ok but I doubt you could run Crysis 3 on 7 year hardware and perform as good as the PS3 or X360 version. Heck my ATI 3870 couldn't even play Crysis War Head at decent frame rates back in 2008.

kurac1581d ago


I'm sure he meant ARTISTICALLY better. Of course PCs will always be technically better but it doesn't matter since the best artists and game-designer superstars make games mostly for consoles

saber000051581d ago

@OlgerO I would love to see the PS4, or any console, try to handle Arma3 on max settings, with maximum view distance.. Oh wait.. It's exclusive for PC.

The PS4 WILL be nice, but never will game consoles be more dominate that the PC. And this is coming from a guy who pre-ordered the PS4 as soon as it became available after E3.

RVanner_1581d ago

The Last of Us, uncharted series, GTA V are gorgeous for PS3 standards but compared to the vast majority of PC games over the last 2-3 years they look like a game running on low settings and low resolution. PC games have been looking next gen for the last few years. A future release by naughty Dog on PS4 will look amazing no doubt and I will buy it as I play both platforms but still if there was a PC version it would look as good and for those with High end machines they're would be options to exceed the graphical fidelity on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Pintheshadows1581d ago

Has no one here played Metro Last Light. Max that out and it is waaaay prettier than Crysis 3, and not only that, it is actually an amzing game. One of the best this year.

The_Con-Sept1581d ago

I finally sold my pc and my accessories. PC gaming is dead to me.

So ..!., Nvidia and their pro pc gaming elitist torrenting fanbase. Continue to get games last.

LonDonE1581d ago

Only a retard would dispute that a pc priced at £1000 can out perform a console at £350, why nvidia feel the need to point out the obvious just shows how butt hurt they are over Sony,and MS going to amd their rivals!! LOLOL i own and game on all platforms, i love consoles, and i love my gaming pc, but pc guys need to remember that most pc gamers do not own rigs which can play at max settings, this is fact,sorry but its true, i see so many pc fan boys banging on about how great the games look and run on pc on max, when statistically most of these so called pc elitists are not running said games at max!

Consoles are great for what they offer,cheap price of entry, with relatively great performance and bang for buck, you would be hard pressed to build a pc with ps4 level performance, and extra's, if you couple in cost of EVERYTHING in the ps4 no way can you build a pc for the same cost, its not happening!

And i am not talking about just the gpu,cpu etc, i am talking about EVERYTHING in the box,the blue ray drive, the Ethernet port,the wifi adapter,the gpgpu,cpu, operating system, etc, EVERYTHING!!! with the same power consumption rate!

I love my pc for playing games like skyrim with mods etc, and i love my consoles for the console exclusives, like nintendo first party games,and Sony exclusives!

If anything this gen, its the xbox 1 i see no point in buying, i will have my pc and ps4 for all multi plat's, and my wiiu for the nintendo first party, and so i wont get a x1 till later in its life!!!

PC fan boys need to grow up and remember this is not a dick measuring contest, and console fan boys need to realise that consoles can never be more powerful then pc,but when you take into account all factors, it balances out!!
you cannot get a pc for £350 which gives you the same level of performance as a ps4 with everything that is in the ps4 unit!!
And even if you could, you wont have the Playstation or nintendo exclusives so what's the point? ITS ALL ABOUT THE GAMES PEOPLE!!
not graphics, the GAMES AND GAME PLAY!

FamilyGuy1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

*clears voice*




I don't get what all the talking is about, PS4 is "mid ranged" yet I'm seeing lots of cases were the characters are looking better than what's been seen on PC, high-end or otherwise.

People bring up Crysis with its dead plastic eyes and freshly starched faces as if it's something to be proud of.

I'll take my PS Exclusives over PC games any day.

duplissi1581d ago

That is an overstatement if I have ever seen one.

Sure Naughty Dog's skill is well known but they make do with the tools they have, and sure their games are some of the prettiest around (on any platform) there will always be pc games that will look better, sometimes staggeringly so.

Syntax-Error1581d ago

OlgerO, Naughty Dog doesnt make graphical masterpieces...they make amazing games and stories. Quantic Dream does a better job graphically than Naughty Dog. I like those developers, but let's be honest here

Chrischi19881581d ago

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ^^

sorry, but that just made my day^^

This is impossible and everybody knows that, some deny it, but even they know it.

Chrischi19881581d ago


Total nonsense. Every so beloved game, that is even worth mentioning, except Zelda and Halo and maybe GOW, are on PCs and will be way better on PCs. GTA V will come to PC and there it will actually look good, not like a modded GTA4 because the Hardware cant deliver.

PC has a ton of exclusives and some of the best games ever, which are not even close to be playable on a console and everyone knows that. That is actually not a thing of opinion, it is pretty much fact and everyone who denies that, just doesnt own a PC capable enough and tries to defend his or hers investment in a console.

Gabnet1581d ago

The thing is any game made for that super pc has the potential to look better. The sad thing is, most game devs don't take full advantage of that hardware like naughty dog does for Sony's hardware.

PSX041581d ago

that's super old news for me BTW PC has a great graphics but console have a great games .... I want the games

tachy0n1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )



consoles will now be able to do 1080p @60fps

while PC runs @ 2k and has been doing 1080p+ at 60fps+ since years ago......

be realistic and dont be a sheep.
sony sure is going to kick ass next gen but it just cant have better graphics than PC no matter what. PC got far more support from tech companies than all consoles combined (corsair,AMD, INTEL,MSI etc....

watch crysis 1 running at ultra settings thats next gen consoles right now.

but hurr durrr crysis gameplay and story is boring hurr i liked a lot, i have passed the game multiple times.

and TBH i find uncharted boring as hell. IMO...

saying that BS about a game is pretty much invalid since everyone got different opinion

Murad1581d ago

I don't want to offend you, but I depise your comment. You got a huge flame going underneath you because you had to say something about consoles, and then someone else had to say something about PC. Why can't you guys learn to enjoy both?

Sony3601581d ago

"Well said".

Right, right...

You can already get a PC that can out perform the Ps4, and it hasn't even been released yet.

If Naughty Dog made PC games, then we'd see what they can really do.

KazHiraiFTW1581d ago

@ FamilyGuy

That's cute you took all that time to link those pics but the reality is none of those PS3 or PS4 games look as good as the best looking games that PC has to offer. Even multi-plat games like Tomb Raider on PC absolutely smash anything you linked. Compare the Tomb Raider PC benchmark to Beyond 2 Souls and you shall be enlightened.

And I love how Naughty Dog is the go to argument for Sony fanboys. It literally is the only reason I use my PS3. The games are great yes, and they look good for console games yes, but compared to PC the graphics are uglier than Kirstie Alley's cellulite riddled ass. There is nothing wrong with that, for some reason fanboys keep trying to defend against there console being like 1/20th the power of a high end PC when nobody in there right mind would ever expect it to compete. Stop with this nonsense

ProjectVulcan1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

PC will always have better graphics. Its a fact. Pointless arguing over it. End of that discussion.

Its also a fact that these new consoles are behind the technology curve before they even hit the shelves unlike generations that preceded them.

Does this really matter? Probably not much.

Should you talk a bunch of crap that only consoles have good games worth playing? Should you make up a load of balls about how much PC gaming costs because you have no clue about it?

Please don't.

Just get over it, these platforms have their strengths and weaknesses and people who love games would embrace whatever platform they can afford.

Typically PC gamers also game on consoles, which in my opinion makes most of the PC gamers more knowledgeable.

Why do console only gamers think PC gamers only play on PC?

Surely you are more likely to have a PC and a console if you can afford a good gaming PC. Its a mystery to me, some of the nonsense people talk on here. Straw man arguments all over the shop.

gaffyh1581d ago

TECHNICALLY PC games will always look better than console games graphically, because you're paying a ridiculous amount more for it.

ARTISTICALLY/STYLISTICALLY - That's debateable. Uncharted/TLOU and even simple games like Journey look fantastic, and better than almost any PC game I can think of. Yes Crysis 3 looks good blah blah blah, but graphics isn't all about the amount of polygons.

zippycup1581d ago

lol love how they always use crysis series as the best looking pc game although after playing it i can see why its all pretty graphics and crappy story and gameplay

GentlemenRUs1581d ago

GTA:V and TLOU look WAY better then no-gameplay-crysis 3

Seafort1581d ago

@vishmarx I'm a predominantly PC gamer and I can play GTA5 and The last of us. well I already have done and finished them.

It's good to be a gamer and not have fanboy tendencies hehe.

My PS3 is a nice compliment to my gaming PC :)

blackmagic1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I remember at the beginning of the current generation of consoles when few people had 720p televisions let alone 1080p and tons of people were playing ps360 on tube televisions.

Fast forward to today, 4K televisions have been available for a while now. Seiki has a 39" 4K television for $700 and a 50" 4K television for $944 and TCL has a 50" 4k television for $1000. Those are competitive prices. Even Samsung's UHD display is $3500 for a 55" which is less than I paid for my first 50" 1080p Samsung and that was well after 1080p televisions were established.

Earlier this month HDMI 2.0 was announced at IFA with an industry wide 4K display standard and Singulus announced 100GB Blu-ray fabrication machines, both of which are a precursor for the upcoming BDA announcement of 4K Blu-ray. CEDIA starts today with tons of 4K announcements expected.

PC gaming at 4K has already arrived. Running an NVidia Titan, 780/770 in SLI or AMD HD 7990, 7970 in Xfire will run just about any game at 4K. And some games will run 30 fps or better on an HD 7950 or 660 which can be easily found for under $200. Meanwhile, both AMD and NVidia are expected to bring a new generation of GPUs either late this year or early next year (ie same timeframe as consoles) which will make 4K gaming even more affordable and accessible.

Meanwhile, in console land, 1080p 60fps is the best you can hope for with many titles already falling to 30fps or worse sub 1080p resolutions.

Bobby Kotex1581d ago

From the votes it just looks like there are way more console gamers here than PC gamers. The content of your posts are meaningless. I'm glad I game on both.

Dee_911581d ago

Games doesn't look better on my pc.
My laptop has better graphics card and more ram than both PS3 and 360, but I can't even run gta iv on here...
Oh wait. we are talking about modded PC's...

PurpHerbison1581d ago

"Just leave it to Naughty Dog to show you that games on PS4 can look prettier then any PC game"


vishmarx1581d ago

for supposed console fanboy on a pc article.
thats a new world record folks.

black0o1581d ago

400$ with great games, auto updates, streaming sharing, .....easy UI for malti media and much more features which are pain in the a%# doing it with a PC and always comes with cost and req extra devices .. and every 2 years I gotta update Something in the box, drivers, looking for patches ...etc

PC only got better looking/frame rate on the console which come with extra cost
with the same experience and some times it's better on consoles

Diblo3 says Hi

AuToFiRE1581d ago

Im sorry, but you are incorrect. The playstation 4 can pump out 1.6 TFLOPS as a whole., while my 2 year old outdated graphics card pushes 6 TFLOPS on its own.

PopRocks3591581d ago

That wouldn't change the PS4 specs you know. PC tech is constantly evolving with new upgrades releasing each year. The PS4 is deadlocked in its current state as of its launch. So at one point or another, PCs will have better specs and therefor the potential for better games.

However, Naughty Dog is an excellent dev. They'll make some damn great looking games; PC specs be damned.

The_HarryEtTubMan1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

lol silly console gamers have no clue. Some do, but this comment shows you certainly don't. The Last of Us and Uncharted don't even scratch the surface of how even console ports run on PC.

Higher resolution, way higher framerate, better effects and dynamic lighting/post-processing, way higher-rez textures.

Silly console peasants. ;)

buckley1581d ago

Not sure if serious... o_0

assdan1581d ago

Naughty Dog is an amazing dev, but the PCs are still stronger than PS4. I bet their game will look amazing, but no. Naughty dog games would look even better on PC.

lesrima881581d ago

"Just leave it to Naughty Dog to show you that games on PS4 can look prettier then any PC game "

that is all

starchild1581d ago

I'm getting a PS4 and I definitely feel that consoles have their place, but some console gamers on here are really grasping at straws.

I keep seeing the same repeated excuses that people use to make themselves feel better about the PC having better graphics. It's funny, too, because a lot of these same people will turn around and talk up the graphics of the PS4 and try to rub it in the faces of Xbox or Nintendo gamers.

Here are the top rationalizations that I keep seeing.

1. "A PC might have better graphics, but it costs like $2000 to get something like that".

False. A $700 PC with something like an HD 7950 will likely generally beat the PS4 and XB1. And a year or two into the generation there is no doubt that you will be able to build a PC for that price that will eclipse the consoles by a wide margin.

2. "The graphics might be technically better on PC, but there is more to graphics than graphics is just as important".

This one really makes me laugh. Art direction is definitely important, but considering that the PC gets 90% the same games as the consoles it's silly to act like only console games have good art.

Personally, I think games like The Witcher 2 or Castlevania Lords of Shadow have better art than pretty much any console exclusive that I have played. Those games just happen to also have amazing graphics tech as well and they look amazing on the PC.

The point is, there is an equal amount of good art to be found in PC games as there is in console games. PCs just have much higher quality technical graphics as well.

3. "Crysis 3 is the best looking game on PC, but it sucks so it's worth nothing".

Console gamers have really started to latch on to this one. They think if they downplay the Crysis games it will somehow nullify the graphical advantage PC has over consoles.

Well, the fact is, Crysis 3 might be the best looking game on PC, but it is far from the only outstanding looking game on the platform.

Second of all, the Crysis games are good games. They have a higher average score than the Killzone games that are hyped so much. I don't think they are amazing games, but they are still enjoyable games that are well above average.

4. "PCs might have the most powerful hardware, but developers never really use that power".

This is a line of thinking that I see even some PC gamers fall into. Nevertheless, the power in our PCs IS being put to use. It seems some people don't understand how much extra hardware performance it takes to output at much higher resolutions and framerates, with higher quality textures, higher resolution shadows, vastly better texture filtering, high levels of anti-aliasing, and all the other graphical advantages we usually see on PC.

If every developer was pushing the most bleeding edge visuals on PC there would be no performance left over to run the games smoothly at 60fps+, with high quality anti-aliasing and texture filtering, with all quality settings maxed out.

Sure, more optimization would make things even better--and things like SteamOS, the Mantel API, and X86 in consoles will greatly help this--but the extra performance in PCs is still being put to good use even now.