Xbox One Hands-On: Five Launch Games Tested

Lifehacker: "If you’re still sitting on the fence about whether to buy the Xbox One this Christmas, these are the games that will make you jump one way or the other."

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Dlacy13g1883d ago

Wait...what did I miss? Why is this author quoting the likes of Kotaku for their impressions and then giving us an excitement score for their site like its their words?

grumpysmurf1883d ago

It was a collective set of impressions -- Lifehacker, Kotaku and Gizmodo are owned by the same company and all attended together.

Dlacy13g1883d ago

Ahhh....thank you. I had no clue they were all together.

JokesOnYou1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

"With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the flagship launch titles for the Xbox One." 

uhmm, so between these 3 sites nobody is informed enough especially Kotaku to know Kinect Sports Rivals is not a launch game?

It was delayed so that the issues he experienced could be be worked on, perhaps they wont get it right but you got to at least give it time, I always hear folks say *blank* game isnt finished so its too early to judge but he and so many seem eager to judge the new kinect and its obvious alot of it is preconceived notions from past kinect games...Im not a fan of these full kinect games but I still think each one deserves a fair shot on its own merits.

guitarded No theres far more to kinect the experience than this one game. Again as has been stated a million times selling it seperate would be short-sighted because not only is it part of the current UI, it would also limit future integration of kinect in core games, new UI functionality and only further contribute to poor utilization instead of steady progress for new gameplay ideas. Tha5 is a step back into tje status quo vs moving gaming forward into fresh unique gameplay or at the very least added options.

mikeslemonade1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Kinect with the system is $499.99 and with a price point like that they will not sell anymore than 50 million units(generous) compared to 360's life to date of 70+ million. The xbox still doesn't have the name recognition of what was the PS2 which was clearly the main reason why the PS3 beat the xbox 360 this generation.

So here you are worried about the UI when the XI should really focus mind-share with a lower price compared to PS4. Not only should they take out the kinect, they should also sell the system at a lower price point compared to PS4 in order to survive the next generation.

kickerz1883d ago

Maybe I'm wrong, but reading that I kinda got impressions that those guys don't really like Xbox no matter how good the games were.

ballsohard20131883d ago

@mikeslemonade you mention the price $499.99 is what will keep X1 at 50 million units. Ok bro... lets think back to when ps3 released at $599 years ago....

nukeitall1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )


I think a lot of so called "game journalists" write to please the crowd, and there is a loud niche crowd who do not like Kinect.

That perception is changing though, with games like this:


Excluding Kinect would make the Xbox One simply an improved pixel pusher over Xbox 360. It would have a few more pixels, but hardly brings gaming forward. It stagnated.

Motion control and Kinect is moving gaming forward, and hopefully we would be untethered from the controller.

Imagine if people said, I don't want touch screen, because the mouse works better and that is what I'm used too.

Which moves me over to the next point. What sort of support do we actually see for accessories historically?

It's pretty non-existant, and the best support any device has ever gotten is Kinect with MS push, and the fact that it is the fastest selling device.

Without that, nobody would care. Hence the stagnation again.

Look at the controller based games. They all look the same, feel the same with slightly different story lines and likely have similar big budgets.

I for one support Kinect One, because I want next generation console, not another upgraded pixel pusher. Then it is just like the iPhone's annual release. Boring!

Finally, MS just needs the killer app for Kinect and it will sell itself. Wii's killer app was Wii Sports. Nobody would have thought Wii would be so popular.

FamilyGuy1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

@ ballsohard2013

Xbox One =/= PlayStation 3

*PS3 came off the success of the PS2 (150million sold, 360 is at 80 mil, ignoring rrod repurchases)

*PS3 was also the cheapest bluray player you could find at release as well as being the most feature packed/multi-functional. X1 has no standout ability such as that.

*PS3 had a large number of first party dev teams pushing lots of noteworthy exclusives that helped it chug along till it eventually caught up to the 360. X1 will need lots of "system sellers" to compete.

*PS3 is still far behind the 360 sales in the U.S., The price being a huge factor was a major cause of this. U.S. is the largest console gaming market and also has the cheapest consumers (see Wii sales). Cheaper hardware sells better, much better.

All that said, at $499 the X1 doesn't stand a chance. 50 million sounds about right but seeing as gaming has increased over the years it could be higher but still not 360s levels without a steep price cut.

50-60million tops unless MS drops mandatory kinect and price. Comes up with some extremely worthwhile feature. Releases a ton of extremely desirable exclusives.

dmeador1883d ago

To everyone saying the X1 wont succeed without a steep price cut, have you not seen every single console do this? Price cuts will come, and the X1 and PS4 will both sell

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Naga1883d ago

Well that was a less-than-glowing assessment of KSR... I'm now rather glad it has been delayed a couple of months.

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guitarded771883d ago

"To summarise, it appears that the Kinect still has significant technical issues when it comes to actual physical gaming."

That's why MS needs to offer an XBOX One SKU without Kinect. Even if it did work well, many either don't want in or don't care. Have a Kinect free XBOX One for $400, and it would be far more enticing to many more gamers.

They forced themselves into a corner making Kinect required. Now if they backtrack again, and offer a console without Kinect it will look bad, and people will ask "Why'd they do that? Is there something wrong with Kinect?". To save face, they'll charge $500 and require Kinect at launch when systems sell any which way because they're new, and there's demand. But I'd put money on them offering the XBOX One without Kinect, and Kinect not being required by the end of the year.

prodg521883d ago

I doubt there will ever be a Kinect-less SKU. 1- The Xone was built around Kinect. 2- How many developers have already begun making games with the idea that Kinect will be included in every SKU. And 3- Removing the Kinect will make early Xone adopters really angry because they payed $100 more for something they were told is integral to the system.

H0RSE1883d ago

"That's why MS needs to offer an XBOX One SKU without Kinect. Even if it did work well, many either don't want in or don't care. Have a Kinect free XBOX One for $400, and it would be far more enticing to many more gamers. "

- Sounds more like the problem is the added cost, not necessarily the included Kinect. If the X1 was the same $400 price as the PS4, yet still came with Kinect, would people still have a problem? On the opposite side, if X1 retained its $500 price point, but instead of a Kinect it came with a game and a free yr. of XBL gold, would people be complaining about the higher cost?

" But I'd put money on them offering the XBOX One without Kinect, and Kinect not being required by the end of the year."

- Kinect already isn't required. Regardless if every console comes with one or not, the Kinect is still an optional peripheral, so acting like it's a mandatory accessory that you can't ignore using, simply isn't accurate.

mhunterjr1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Your assessment is very shortsighted. Sure there are people who don't want or care for the Kinect and the extra $100 it currently calls for, but demand for the xbox one is such that it well sell through for quite some time anyway.

Developers will have 6-9 months after launch to demonstrate titles that actually use Kinect in ways that justify making the purchase, and by that time, Microsoft will undoubtedly have other ways to increase the value proposition (bundles, xbox live memberships,etc). Believe it or not Kinect Sports and Dance Central sold plenty of people on Kinect and D4 will appeal to hardcore gamers. It won't be long before more titles do the same.

Not to mention reductions in production costs will yield price drops.

The console wars are not won and lost on launch pricing (see ps3)

UncleGermrod1883d ago

hmmm...the only real surprise for me is the issues with kinect. I think as far as the launch games go everything sounds like a fair and probably accurate assessment.

The kinect thing is worrisome. I personally will not use it for much more than gestures etc and maybe some basic supplemental uses in certain games. But to hear that MS is still having these issues with kinect this close to launch?...bad news. This peripheral is supposed to convince people to pony up $100 extra while settling for a somewhat weaker console. It better fuggin work or MS is screwed. Idc all that much since ill end up with both and am by no means "loyal" to any one company.

Getting xbox one day one and holding off for sony 2014 when the real games come in (second son, uncharted? etc). MS better at the very least make sure this $100 spy cam works as stated.

H0RSE1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

"This peripheral is supposed to convince people to pony up $100 extra while settling for a somewhat weaker console."

This is only half true. Yes, the Kinect is a factor for the higher price, but the information that xbox is the weaker console really only applies to enthusiasts, which most have made up their mind on which console to get months ago.

The majoirty of consumers aren't going to have a clue about the specs of each system or which console is more powerful, and in this regard, the included Kinect is not justification for "settling" for anything.

robotgargoyle1883d ago

While Kinect wasn't my numero uno reason for purchasing an xbox one, i was shocked and displeased to hear about Kinect Sports Rivals having latency/ recognition issues. The Kinect 2.0 is supposed to a vastly improved piece of tech over it's predecessor which failed to deliver on grandiose promises. It's been delayed til 2014 so there is time to iron out some bugs. I read another report about Kinect Sports Rivals' jetski game that was positive too so it may not have that far to go.

Ohlmay1883d ago

The game is still in development, it was most likely delayed for these reasons, so judge the final product.

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