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Why the Wii U Is Finally Worth It: Games Deserving Of Your Time

SuperPhillip Central writes, "We here at SuperPhillip Central have been enjoying the Wii U for a while now. That said, it's safe to say that the system wasn't for everyone at its launch, and for almost a year it has had releases few and far in-between. Not only did this lead to poor sales, but so did (and does) the confusion among consumers on what the Wii U actually is. However, now the system and its manufacturer are starting to get some semblance of momentum with a fall and holiday season that is packed with some killer titles.

Much like Sony's PlayStation Vita has come into its own game-wise, Nintendo's Wii U has finally reached a point where there are plenty of games out that make the system a worthy purchase. The recent North American price drop and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD bundle make a once-easy-to-ignore system all the more harder to look past. Of course, you could very well see this list of games and prefer more Western-oriented content, which the Wii U la... (Lego: City Undercover, New Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, The Wonderful 101, Wii U, ZombiU)

Chupa-Chupa  +   791d ago
Wii U is the future.
Ps4Console  +   790d ago
My Wii U is sitting under my tv very proudly & i like it , the graphics are better than the current consoles but anyway I like gaming more .
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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   791d ago
@chupa chupa lol i gave you a friendly agree anyway :)

Why the Wii U Is Finally Worth It: Games Deserving Of Your Time

I was in a gamestore a few days ago and saw NOTHING worth getting on it i would say maybe in a year this article might hold some weight but a Wii-u now? Hell no.
Phil32  +   791d ago
Your taste is very limited, then. Then again, looking at your user name, I probably am wasting my time.
Gamingsince75   791d ago | Spam
D_RoyJenkins  +   791d ago
@gamingsince75 you know the same could be said about you're username and avatar
PopRocks359  +   791d ago

Um. No... his username doesn't indicate any sort of bias. If anything it would indicate he's just been gaming for a very long time.
OldGirl  +   790d ago
Are people really defending Gamingsince75? His username might not be biased but if anyone actually reads his comments they sure are.

Figures the biased Nintendo fans would come to his rescue as if that proved anything.. haha.

Why do you think he was banned? Yea I am sure because he is just such a nice person. I mean for christ sakes look at the quote he uses on his page.. Just stupid and unnecessary.

"Sony fans, the only group that will argue by repeating your point. Sheople they'll never let u down"
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PopRocks359  +   790d ago

It doesn't change the fact that he was being berated for something that was inaccurate. Sheesh. Excuse me for pointing that out.

You heard it here folks, only on N4G can someone be asinine enough to call you a fanboy for pointing out an inaccurate statement.
stragomccloud  +   791d ago
Even though a lot of the games are available elsewhere, you'd have to be crazy to say that out of games like Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Assassin's Creed III, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Batman Arkham City, New super Mario Bros. U, Mass Effect 3, Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3, and the wealth of indie titles that there is nothing available. In fact, I would even go so far as to call you a truly blind fanboy that has completely lost perspective. Oh course, we can tell this by your avatar. Poor guy, you've lost your way, and have forgotten what gaming is about. It's not about allegiances. It's about the lost art of playing and enjoying video games.
miyamoto  +   791d ago
is their future about more hd remakes?


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Venox2008  +   791d ago
look how many remakes ps3 has :) muuuch more
Misaka_x_Touma  +   791d ago
know the difference

HD Upscaled = HD Collection
HD Remastered = Like FFXHD
HD Remake = Halo or Zelda Wind Waker HD
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Knushwood Butt  +   790d ago
@ Venox

Yeah, but it has other games aside from them.

Nintendo is so strapped for games that it is forced to release a console bundle with a Gamecube port.
Phil32  +   790d ago
"Figures the biased Nintendo fans would come to his rescue as if that proved anything.. haha."

It was one person, so that = biased Nintendo fans?
And he had an actual reason for doing so.

Please, if you're going to crap up the comments section of an article, do it for one of those click-bait "most overrated game of all time", "BEST GAME EVAR" or "this system sucks, here's why" articles. Some people here are actual grownups and don't have a hatred for some made-up generalized fan base that you seem to have. Thank you.
miyamoto  +   790d ago
What will happen to my games if my Wii U goes kaput?
Can i re-download them again like i do with PSN?
kirbyu  +   791d ago
Apparently that picture is from Wind Waker HD, it looked like Skyward Sword.
AKR  +   791d ago
Sweet list.

Just recently bought Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, loving it so far. LEGO City Undercover and Need for Speed Most Wanted U have also been a major blast to play.

I have a close eye on Pikmin 3 - probably might pick that up later on, as well as DKC: Tropical Freeze and Project CARS.

It's great to see the Wii U finally get some flames in it's boosters. Coupled with the price-cut, this thing will hopefully do a 3DS and start printing money.
diepdiep  +   791d ago
My Wind Waker bundle is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Can't wait to finally become a Wii U owner :)
ritsuka666  +   791d ago
Welcomne for the new club my friend.
BosSSyndrome  +   791d ago
Ooh you're gonna like it.
LOL_WUT  +   791d ago
About time... :)
MakiManPR  +   791d ago
Welcome man! You'll gonna love it!
COMoneyBags  +   791d ago
When you do get it how about adding me?
Whymii  +   791d ago
Probably the right time to buy a Wii u if you're going to get one. By the time you've finished Wind Waker, Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101, there should be a steady stream of A1 titles to collect. Enjoy.
R00bot  +   790d ago
Congrats bro, the wii u is a great system (just a little different), and it has some great games out now and incoming.
TheRacingX  +   790d ago
Super...I just did the Target buy 2 get 1 ....so i added Rayman, Wonderful 101 and Splinter Cell Blacklist.... will be getting Windwaker (LOVED it on gamecube) and the new Donkey Kong Country.... lots of great Wii U games out now and incoming
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The_Truth_24_7  +   791d ago
zero_gamer  +   791d ago
I got my Wii U with the Wind Waker HD Deluxe bundle.
maniacmayhem  +   791d ago
The WiiU definitely has a chance to still grow it's legs. I wish more games like X were announced. I even wish X had more media coverage because it looks fantastic.
Xof  +   791d ago
Nintendo's problem is that they're relying on, well, Nintendo. They really can't afford more than on X-type game at a time, and X isn't far enough in development to do much more than tease at this point.

What they really ought to do is follow Sony's example and start courting third parties. Get some big Namco-Bandai, Square Enix, and SEGA games on the platform, instead of just scrounging for "hand-me-down" ports like they've been doing.
Concertoine  +   790d ago
I agree. But to be fair, theyve secured 3 exclusives from sega, 2 from platinum, and a crossover with atlus all seeing release by 2014. Safe to say theyre on the right track.
Gamingsince75   791d ago | Spam
Xof  +   791d ago
I'm about as far from a Nintendo fanboy as you can get, and I found myself very impressed with the WiiU, library notwithstanding. But that was more of a first impression. Now, after around 1.5 months of of use, I would strongly argue that the WiiU is -NOT- worth buying, at least in it's current incarnation.

Again, library notwithstanding--the WiiU is and will continue to be an excellent platform, especially when it comes to retro gaming, but also thanks to its borrowed Wii library (something that, regrettably, many gamers--myself included--missed entirely). This opinion is based more on the basic functionality of the hardware.

There are a number of minor issues with the operating system (lack of folders, etc.) and severe issues with functionality (Nintendo's archaic digital distribution service), but the biggest problem with the WiiU, right now, is the gamepad.

(Don't worry, I'm not one of those morons who thinks the Nintendo should abandon the gamepad. It's a truly marvelous input device, and IMHO the best thing to happen to gaming since the NDS stylus).

The main problem with the Gamepad is the battery. It lasts maybe 4-6 hours... and will ALWAYS turn on when the system turns on, even if you turn the WiiU on with a pro controller or Wiimote. You also cannot turn off the gamepad without ALSO turning off the console. And although you can turn off the gamepad display, the battery drains nearly as quickly as if it were on. This necessitates a constant tether between the gamepad and neared electrical outlet.

So I would strongly advise gamers to WAIT on buying a WiiU until a hardware revision, or barring that, a gamepad/OS redesign, or some kind of battery pack. The gamepad is a surprisingly innovative thing (I know how it sounds, people who haven't tried it yet; I thought the same before I tried it; so please, try it out)... so you'll be better served waiting until the gamepad is a more... stable part of the WiiU experience.

I'd also stress that's it's usually a good idea never to buy a console until you've got three MUST-PLAY titles on it, at least, and for most people, the WiiU ain't there quite yet.
stragomccloud  +   791d ago
Actually, though you can tirn off the gamepad, you can disable the gamepad screen from the gamepad options. I do that when I use other controllers to save on the gamepad battery life~
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Tiqila  +   791d ago
he did meantion that you can turn off the display, but not the controller and that the battery will still drain.
Concertoine  +   790d ago
I agree with this completely! I wouldnt say its worth skipping the console in its current form, but it is a very annoying issue.
Xof  +   790d ago
Not so much that's it's worth skipping, but rather that it's advisable to wait for a hardware revision. Even if it's not a new model, it's concievable--or even likely--that Nintendo could revise the design w/ improved battery or software sometime within the next year.

The 3DS or Vita (can't remember which) actually had a similar problem, where the battery would drain just as fast while the system was asleep as off... which was more or less fixed via an OS update.
Neonridr  +   790d ago
yes but if you don't want to use the gamepad, turn off the display and leave it on the docking cradle. No battery power is being used then. Of course if you don't have the included docking cradle that came with the Deluxe Model, then I could understand your slight frustration.

The battery packs already exist, there is a couple of 3rd party options that have released, and Nintendo has their own first party battery that is coming very soon which doubles the battery life.

Must play titles:

Lego City
Pikmin 3
Wonderful 101
Rayman Legends
Wind Waker HD

That's not even including some multiplat games like Need for Speed, AC3, Batman, Black Ops 2, ME3.

Also not including indie games like Trine 2, Nano Assault Neo, Mighty Switch Force, Ducktales

All games worth playing, which by my count is definitely a lot more than 3.
Dunban67  +   790d ago
I wish I could get 4-6 hours of battery life for my gamepad- I get 2-3 hrs which is a pain at times-

The off TV mode, Miiverse etc are very nice to have on the gamepad but the short battery life and the lack of range for the gamepad diminish its value- these issues effectively tether you to the console- if the battery life was MUCH better and the range was closer to that of an average home wireless router, it would really take the gamepad up a notch-
It slike Nintendo started with some really good ideas re the gamepad but went halfway on its abilities-

The other isse I have w the article is many of the games mentioned as
reason to consider a Wii U now" have not been released yet- several mentioned do not even have release dates and/or are coming out in 2014 at best-

To say the Wi U finally has games then go on to focus on many of the same games we have already been waiting on for a long time does not make much sense- A person that dd not know better might read the article with the idea these games are available now
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LOL_WUT  +   791d ago
I still think it's not enough no GTA no BF4 Nintendo is supposedly sitting on so much money, why the hell can't they make a deal with some publishers? Not buying out Atlus was a big mistake. I guess those N64 games can't come soon enough... ;)
Tiqila  +   791d ago
I also think that lego city undercover is not really an alternative to gta V... maybe for kids.

Zombie U < The last of Us

But I agree with many of the other exclusives like wind waker, monster hunter, pikmin, donkey kong. Concerning Mario I liked Super Mario Galaxy better than New Super Mario Bros. Wii U or that luigi add-on. Hope they will make Mario Galaxy 3!
Misaka_x_Touma  +   791d ago
uh cause Nintendo third party success with NES and SNES and handhelds does not invlove EA or Rockstar.

It the Japanese Companies.
With Wii, DS, 3DS and Wii U.
Partnership with Atlus, Sega, Namco and Capcom were made.

Working with Platinum Games and Mistwalker.

Before they did with Marvelous AQL and Tecmo KOEI.
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Whymii  +   790d ago

I hear what you're saying, but I doubt it's going to happen. I wish it would, but I just don't believe it'll happen.

If you're after those types of games then I think you need to own a PS3, Xbox or PC or whatever comes next. Conversely, if you want to play Nintendo games then you need to own a Wii u. You're just going to have to either accept that or be prepared to be disappointed. It's a matter of horses for courses.

Personally I'm enjoying the Wii u at the moment, though I will be picking up GTA V for the PS3 as soon as I've finished Wind Waker and Pikmin 3. Hopefully by then most of the
patches have sorted out any issues it has.
#11.3 (Edited 790d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Chrischi1988  +   790d ago
It is funny, how you hate the Nintendo. You hate it soooo much, that you feel the urge, the need, to comment your troll comments on every nintendo related topic.

Of course it would be better to have these games, but to act like, without these games, I dont need a console. Both games will be far better on PCs, Graphic-wise and Gameplay-wise, this is why I really dont get these FPS arguments on the other consoles. They should bring something playable, which is actually tailored for a console and not some Game, which is a PC game and make some crappy interface, so it can be played in a crippled way on a console.
Africa-Garvey  +   791d ago
@gamers since 75

what is wrong with Nintendo's name? Are they not there b4 the ps brand came to lime light?

Anyway, the author is right, Wii U is worth it, 4get about POWER
Tiqila  +   791d ago
well yeah, some games are good and some others look good. When will we get Zelda Wii U? in a sci-fi setting please!
WeAreLegion  +   791d ago
There are a few good games, but my Wii U is rarely used for anything other than Netflix or original Wii games. Meanwhile, my PS3, PC, and Vita libraries are so full I'll never have time to play them all. Step it up, Nintendo!
Iltapalanyymi  +   791d ago
still. no.
TheEvilWithin  +   790d ago
Loving my Wii U! Currently playing Wonderful 101 and Earthbound. Only thing I wish they could fix is the battery life of the gamepad. Keeps running out from all the use its getting. I read somewhere that Nintendo was putting out new battery's though so my cry should be heard.
leahcim  +   790d ago
over the wii U sad failure nintendo will launch a new console, I am sure of it, listen to me I see the near future, next year the announcement....

wa mwa mwa mwa

PD: I love nintendo
Phil32  +   790d ago
So you think Nintendo will anger their existing user base and ruin any trust they had by ending their current console and moving on quickly? I'm glad you're not running a game system manufacturer. You wouldn't have many customers for long.

PD: Putting PD at the end of your post doesn't make it any less stupid.
BOWZER35  +   790d ago
It's been worth my time.
thomasmiller  +   790d ago
The wii u has some great games coming out for it, i am glad I got one, the future does look really bright for the wii u, just look at the 3ds, it got of to a slow start, and look where it is now, I can see the wii u doing the same thing. the future is looking bright for nintendo!!
thissguy  +   790d ago
Dunban67  +   790d ago
how can games that have not been released yet be deserving of our time? The games mentioned that have been released I can agree with- but games that will not be out for 2-12+ months (and games w out release dates) can t be deserving of anyones time until they can be purchased and played

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