GTA V: A cure for optimism

AWESOMEoutof10's Fraser Brown explores Rockstar's decision to craft some of the most repugnant protagonists in video games, and how it's put some people off, but makes GTA V the best in the franchise.

"It takes the ugly tropes so prevalent in modern media, the fearmongering of news networks, the drive for status and the accumulation of wealth and displays it like it’s airing the world’s dirty laundry. Violence and misogyny have become the focus of discussion in GTA because those are issues that are already being discussed constantly in our maturing medium. But they cannot be treated as if they are in a vacuum. The senseless slaughter and poor treatment of women in Los Santos is part of a package of satire that also includes the Facebook parody LifeInvader, the stock market and a plethora of other games and films. When looked at as a whole, it seems to be denouncing such things, not celebrating them or falling prey to them."

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GentlemenRUs1699d ago

*Looks at the AGE rating on the game*

18 huh?

Honestly... About time there was a safeguard for when making accounts with FAKE birthdays...

Is the account underage? BAN ALL M/R RATED GAMES!