How Important Is Gaming Music To You?

OnlySP: The hills are alive with the sound of music over here at OnlySP. We’ve decided to focus this week’s Discussion Points on Video Games Music and how important it is to us as gamers. Joining the discussion are Connor Sears, Matt Bianucci, Eoin Harnett and myself. Let’s get started!

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xHeavYx1668d ago

The music is almost as important as the acting. TLOU's guitar music is a great example of how music can help a scene to become more memorable. On the other side, I'm still upset at the choice of music for GTA V

iamnsuperman1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I think the GTA V music was okay (I think the general score isn't something to rave over but it was okay, it did its job, but it could have been a lot better and the radio station music is quite good). I do think they will never live up to what the music was like in Vice City purely because of the era. It was the classics and they are much easier to get licences for. Just an issue of going for a modern day setting.

JoGam1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Gaming music sets the tone of the game. It sets the mood of the game. Music is super important. If done correctly it gives the right seasoning to a good game ans makes it great. Immagine playing The Last of Us when Joel is sneaking past a guy or groupbof men and the theme song of Beauty and the Beast was playing in the back. It wouldn't give the same vibe even though its the same scene. I love music and I tell people all the time without music earth would be a boring place. Off the top of my head, Flower is a great example of a game that does sounds effects and music done correcy.

MysticStrummer1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I feel the opposite. I think the general score works great but the radio station music is the weakest of the series.

serratos271668d ago

The music in Journey is great. It's incorporated perfectly into the gameplay, especially towards the end. Gives it that extra "emotional kick".

3-4-51668d ago

Possibly the most important thing.

It's the one element we don't usually know is effecting us until we think about it after.

The Music is what made your favorite game, your favorite game.

You remember your favorite town or village or spot a lot of the times because of cool visuals or amazing music.

badz1491667d ago

I think in-game musics and songs are very important too! thus why I don't get the appeal of in-game custom soundtracks! it takes you away from the experience!

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iamnsuperman1668d ago

For me the music can make or break a story. Like films, the score is so important as setting the mood and what message they want to portray that is shouldn't be over looked. Some games get the score just right but I do feel it isn't seen as important as it should be in games.

Jughead34161668d ago

I still to this day find myself humming tunes from Symphony of the Night or God of War. Music can be just as memorable and emotional as the story. What if Castlevania had sucky music? Wouldn't be the same.

_LarZen_1668d ago

Music and sounds effects set the atmosphere and can make all the difference.

fsfsxii1668d ago

Imagine a GT game without dat jazz music

memots1668d ago

Music is not as important (to me anyway) as great sound effect and perfect directional sound, ambiance is key.

Real life does not have a sound track while i agree that good music background noise can be effective ( think Hollywood ) I would rather have realistic over dramatic.

AceBlazer131668d ago

Have you ever played a video game on mute or just turning off the music?It makes the game feel empty,dull,boring,dead.Music is like a breath of life in video games,in reality.

memots1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

To each is own i guess. That is just my preference. But i like the subtly noise of the environment like in The last of us for example. Makes the immersion way better.

I did mention that in some cases like mentioned below in a game like Zelda its not about the immersion its about the big epic moment and music in these cases are important.

PockyKing1668d ago

Not always, in my opinion. Some games work better without music to carry thing. DayZ? Other survival games?

Ragthorn1667d ago

Try playing Halo 1,2, or 3's ending without the music. With the music it made you feel like you were going through some serious sh!t!

memots1667d ago

agreed music in Halo was awesome.

But like i said it depend on the game. I like more immersion. But some games Music is quite important.

PrimeGrime1667d ago

I wish my life had a soundtrack and this would be the only song I would want to play non stop.

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