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Opinion: Short Games Are King

Ben - "The day before Grand Theft Auto V came out I could feel the knot in my stomach growing. I wasn't excited. I was nervous. I was worried that GTA would soon consume my life, and part of me just wanted to play something shorter." (Culture, Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

SlapHappyJesus  +   606d ago
Depends on the game and what you are really trying to accomplish with it.
You can't even make the argument of story being better supported with shorter games, being that - as a prime example - GTA 5 proves that you can tell a strong story and not do much to harm it by the inclusion of an open world or length.
With things like optional content, well, that is exactly what it is. It's there to be enjoyed by those who wish to partake. I don't believe it takes away from the game proper and only serves to add value to those who want it.
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showtimefolks  +   606d ago
yes and no, i want games which are atleast 13-15 hours long like last of us, i don't want 8 hours single player for $60 like tomb raider with throw in MP


i just don't have the time to finish the 100 hours games anymore, currently trying to finish GTA5 which isn't easy to do lol. I am just gonna have a take a day off and play all day

yes shorter games are easier to complete but maybe i am not willing to spend $60 on 6-8 hours experience,

here is something i hope but i know will never happen, not every game needs MP, focus on SP and make it longer,better and more polish time


i am sorry i disagree with you 100%, GTA games are not known for strong singe players stories, VC IMO had the best story. Currently i am 15-18 hours in and the story is all over the place. GTA5 is telling the story of real life USA and how the country is going through tough time but does not have a identity of its own

i am a huge GTA fan since the original, i am being told by friends that towards the end the story comes together but as of now i am not sure what the heck is going on, i am doing so many missions for so many different people and i am not sure where the personal interest of each main character is as of now
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3-4-5  +   606d ago
If it's story driven or an RPG, it should be at least 20 hours.

The Magic range for a lot of games is 25-35 hours.

You get enough time to tell a story, take you to cool locations, develop characters, hear some awesome music, & experience a full game.

IF your game is going to be beaten in 5 hours, then only charge $20 for your game.

I think we are all sick of these trash shovelware 5 hours to beat, $60 games.
admiralvic  +   606d ago
Honestly, it depends 100% on what you're trying to convey and how you go about it. Some of the best short games, like Bayonetta / Metal Gear Rising could have really been a LOT better by simply adding more content. Even with heavy exploration you can finish rising in 5 hours, which is a real shame. Likewise, some RPG's that go on forever and ever and evah can have stories / experience that are worthwhile. I love the post game to Disgaea, since so much of that is worth getting to. Especially the anime sequence Laharl gets in Disgaea 2.

On the other hand, you can play Lost Planet 3 and it really feels drawn out. Same goes for a lot of RPG's that toss in a lot of useless nonsense, but I wouldn't say either length is "ideal". It all boils down to how quickly and well you can accomplish your goal in a set period.
Linksmashedmypots  +   606d ago
I hate to disagree, but even as someone who plays to write. The longer the game the better. A great example would be the COD series.. Great for multi-player but I feel I never get enough game when it comes to the story. GTA only appears to have a great length as it entices you to go on side missions that don't effect the overall outcome of the main story.
edonus  +   606d ago
I have felt this way for quite some time. Oblivion broke me and Gears of War put me back together. These days I love potent 6-10 hour games. I am no longer in awe of being able to go anywhere and do anything, I still like it but not all the time. I like different type of challenges and things to master. Thats why I really enjoyed Kinect. I played through Kinect Star Wars like 8-10 times, where some people were complaining about it being to on rails or linear I enjoyed mastering how to use the force and most effectively destroy enemies and fight.

Short concentrated bursts will be the best for me. The only 30+ hour campaigns i want are epic RPGs preferably turn based. I do my grinding and in MP but only real MP. GTA4 MP was crap, there was no real point to it. It was to unbalanced and wild to be seriously competitive.

I havent picked up GTAV yet because I am saving everything for next gen and i know that there are going to be a bunch of repetitive missions but GTA for me has always been great for the grounded story not the over the topness.
SpitFireAce85  +   606d ago
This is the way i see it $10 for a movie ticket.
Lets say 2 hrs long.So a game thats $60 should be
12hrs at least but more like 15hrs
ginsunuva  +   606d ago
But what defines long?

A dev could make an 8 hour game take 12 hours by putting in 4 hours of filler missions that no one wants.
Does that help?
ACwarMACHINE  +   606d ago
longer games and movies tend to be better in my opinion-gta,rdr,tlou,scarface: the world is yours,scarface the movie,goodfellas,transformers, casino,the dark knight.short stories can be great,but it's just not as often.there's just more time to get emotionally involved in the story,same reason you don't love me,and do love your mother.lol
KentBlake  +   606d ago
I like good games. There are some amazing games that are really short (Journey, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Flower, Stacking), some of medium length (Tomb Raider, BioShock, Uncharted) and some long ones (Mass Effect, Borderlands, Dragon's Dogma, Kingdoms of Amalur, Demon's Souls, Assassin's Creed).

What I can't agree with is the "the longer the better" mentality, or calculating if the game is worth my money by the hours it takes to see the end. I can't stand a game that overstays its welcome (I know many won't agree with me, but Darksiders 2 comes to mind).

Games are experiences, and there are all kinds of good (and bad) experiences.
whamlollypop7  +   606d ago
The amount of freedom in the franchise allows people to fall in love with it and never ever play a single mission. I never played a mission of San Andreas my little brother did all that, but it was my favorite one thus far. Haven't played 5 enough to rank it.
KwietStorm  +   606d ago
Variety is king.
mamotte  +   606d ago
Longer games doesnt mean long gaming sessions. For example, I've been playing Red Dead Redemption by a long, long time, the reason? I just dont have time to sit in front of the TV hours like I did when I was young, so I just play a mission a day.

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