EA says Apple gave them “truckload of money” to delay PvZ 2 on Android, Apple denies

It was revealed during an internal town hall meeting held by Electronic Arts that Apple paid them “truckload” of money to delay the launch of Android version of the Plants vs Zombies 2, a sequel to the highly successful and critically acclaimed mobile game, Plants vs Zombies.

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Transporter471210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

lolz, that's really funny, but honestly I hate when they do stuff like this. What is the point besides hurting the consumer, this doesn't sway people as much as they think. People will wait for Andriod is not like they are going to say oh man PvZ 2 is delayed on Andriod let me get an IOS system now!!

I just want it on my Vita.

cellur1111210d ago

I'm pretty sure Apple is trying to create the effect that they get the games sooner than android and that can sway people.

darthv721210d ago

i want it on xblive. Same with peggle 2.

Eonjay1210d ago

Titanfall anyone... anyway it sucks that people are paying to keep content away from people.

Goku7811210d ago

That's not cool if true, but that is business.

madpuppy1210d ago

Apple is a bag of scum, they have great products if you like being told what to like by Apple and what you can do with them.

mixelon1210d ago

They aren't that bad. They sell tools and software.

The tools have specific software support.. There are well informed apple customers as well as the "sheep" - id be pretty stuck without some of my apple-only hardware and software. Other people wouldn't be. Apple aren't controlling my preferences, there just aren't good alternatives for some usage scenarios.

madpuppy1210d ago

I understand where you are coming from, "the right tool for the job" as the open source pragmatists say.

I have coworkers that have iPhones and are very happy with them, mostly, though...I have seen the generic hipster with them trying to impress each other with the latest model.

soljah1210d ago

so what company is the bigger scumbags

apple offering money to ea to control the market OR
ea for taking money so that apple could control the mkt

maybe both?

1OddWorld1210d ago

Both are bad think SimCity debacle earlier this year.

madpuppy1210d ago

they are both trash, but, there is one difference between the two, a good portion of Apple owners are hipster douche bags that think they are individuals, but what they really are are mindless clones of each other that consider the purchase of an Apple product as some sort of pathetic status symbol.

SonyKong641210d ago

I love when I resonate with a well observed comment.

Couldn't have said it better myself = )

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The story is too old to be commented.