Destiny Lead Writer Joseph Staten Leaves Bungie

Deej “After fifteen great years at Bungie, from the battlefields of Myth to the mysteries of Halo and beyond, I'm leaving to tackle new creative challenges. While this may come as a surprise, fear not.

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Regis1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Oh no looks like Destiny needs a new lead writer, but he should have left after the game came out.

Wow guys we don't really know however I was just stating an opinion.

thrasherv31728d ago

I'm sure the writing is all done for that game by now :/

Dlacy13g1728d ago

well sort of... I am pretty sure this game is going to have continued support via DLC that has yet to be written. That all said the main job of writing clearly is done.

crxss1728d ago

100% positive the game's main story is set

Jughead34161728d ago

Last week, Bungie sent out their latest Destiny update and revealed that the entire game is playable from start to finish. So, I'm pretty sure the Lead Writer's role is pretty much complete. I'm sure that the future of Destiny is still as bright as ever though.

3-4-51728d ago

Hopefully other's learned from him, and he passed some knowledge down.

A7XEric1728d ago

...and joins 343! Would be cool

CalamityCB1728d ago

I would personally fund Jason to join 343i, he could truly knock some of the dents into place caused in recent fiction.

crimsonfox1728d ago

Not sure on how you can fund him.

palaeomerus1728d ago

A lot of those "dents" were caused by Reach which was developed by Bungie!

lastofgen1728d ago

that would definitely be great, but I still found halo 4's writing to be very well done and tight.

otherZinc1728d ago

Agreed! He would make a great Halo 4 story greater in future Halo iterations.

Evilsnuggle1728d ago

I think that destiny is going to be a epic fail it is no gta 5. The graphics are not great it look like bordland and last generation 720p 30fps

Regis1728d ago

You obviously didn't look really closely. It is played on PS4 hardware. You just dissed how bad the game is. Therefore by this website standard you dissed PS4.

CalamityCB1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

By your logic the whole N4G community have evilsnuglle on their hitlist.

1728d ago
Vladplaya1728d ago

It has nothing to do with what the game was played on. It could have been played on super computer for all I care, if it doesn't look good, it doesn't look good. And Destiny really doesn't look like anything special. A lot of hype created by kids because its game made by people who made Halo, and Halo is really nothing special, just a one of the first successful shooters on consoles.

I will be impressed when I play the game and it will actually be good, but so far it looks pretty mediocre in almost every aspect of it.

nukeitall1728d ago

I'm intrigue by Destiny, but the game play looks incredibly boring. I just didn't feel that excitement I do for other games like Titanfall where the blood pressure starts building and you are on the edge of the seat out of excitement.

I was extremely excited when Destiny was revealed, and I LOVE the art style and apparent depth, but please make the game play awesome!

Regis1728d ago

It is hard to make that decision, they should bring out more game play, because I think a lot of people have forgotten about them, as their game does not release until June next year.

More Gameplay Bungie

hababababababababa1728d ago

PAhahhahahha.............. you are joking right!............ Right?

MysticStrummer1728d ago

If you're talking sales then most games aren't GTA5, but I've played better games that sold far less, and Destiny will most likely be on that list.

OrangePowerz1728d ago

I think you should watch the gameplay video again from E3 if you think it looks last gen.

Evilsnuggle1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Im a hardcore gamers and now PS4 fanboy ex M$ player i own both the first xbox launch and 360 at launch and all PS 1-3 and every nintedo made.never going to buy xbone 180 PS4 pre orders. But i think destiny is going to fail hard the game has over a hundred people working in deployment and i can't see why it last gen graphics it is no killzone SF or gta 5 for that matter sorry guys. EPIC FAIL. Last gen is not 1080p 30fps60

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amnalehu1728d ago

Let me guess; he is joining Sony Santa Monica...

Belking1728d ago

He will be heading back to MS working with 343.

Goku7811728d ago

Is that true? I'm looking forward to this game, but normally that isn't always a good sign. 10 years they plan to push this series.

MysticStrummer1728d ago

Wow what a step back for his career.

Convas1728d ago

A step back? LOL

I would ask you to explain why you think this is so, but then I remembered judging by the very response I'm responding to, it won't be very good anyways.

TheFutureIsBlue1728d ago


It would be a step back in his eyes. He said "I'm leaving to tackle new creative challenges". How is going back to Halo a new creative challange?

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