The Best Part of Wind Waker HD Isn't The Beautiful Visuals

Kotaku - Sure, Wind Waker HD is gorgeous—absurdly so! But if the Twitter account Linkstagram is any indication, the best part of playing Wind Waker HD actually is having the ability to take ridiculous and silly selfies (aka self-portraits).

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BosSSyndrome1614d ago

Those pictures are frickin great.

ZeekQuattro1614d ago

I agree. Some of the selfies posted on Miiverse are very funny. I can't wait for the retail release. 101 & Splinter Cell should hold me over until then.

zero_gamer1614d ago

I just bought a Wii U Zelda Deluxe. Perfect timing for me.

Xof1614d ago

I honestly think Wind Waker HD is the best-looking Zelda game to date. It narrowly inches-out the previous best-looking Zelda game to date: Wind Waker.

Such a beautiful game.

But the best part?

There is no best part.
Nearly every single aspect of the game is absolutely jaw-droppingly perfect.