'Batman: Arkham Origins': HD vs 4K Resolution

8CN: Wondering what the big deal about 4K is? Well, take a look at what the caped crusader's eye from Batman: Arkham Origins looks like at each resolution.

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Muffins12231670d ago

Theres a game that supports 4k already?I think ill wait 3 or 4 years before i buy a 4k tv or monitor,not enough support yet and to expensive.

Deividas1669d ago

Exactly. Once it becomes the norm, prices will drop and then everyone will have one. I cant wait for games in 4K mmmm

3-4-51669d ago

PS5 will have 4k games.

demonddel1668d ago

The next will do 4K games can't wait

0ut1awed1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

PS4 will actually probably have 4k games. It will be the same way the 360/PS3 have 1080p games.... arcade games.

Games like Rayman run in 1080p on the 360/ps3. I'm sure some similar style arcade games will run in 4k eventually on the PS4.

3D rendered legitimate PS4 games in 4k? Hell no.

DoggyBiscuit1668d ago

@3-4-5 too bad we got to wait 10 years for the ps5

UltimateMaster1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I didn't knew you had an extra 20 000$ for an 4K TV.

I was more thinking buying myself a new car or a mortgage on a new house...

Kennytaur1668d ago

I saw a 4k tv in the mail today, advertised for USD 3337 here in Norway. Thats 20 000 NOK funnily enough. It's slowly getting reasonably priced.

Magicite1668d ago

FF13 and FF13-2 are 1080p

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BG115791669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Apparently the new AMD processor can handle 4K.
They are showing it right now.

xKugo1669d ago

Where? What are you watching?

hazeblaze1669d ago

So can the old ones (7xxx series).

UltimateMaster1668d ago

Anyone here actually has a 4K TV?
They're really expensive for the time being.

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hazeblaze1669d ago

There won't be any support for it on consoles at all this gen... But yes, there is already plenty of support for it on pc's... which is why pc gaming will always be ahead.

Before the hatred starts... I've already pre-ordered two PS4's... one for me & one for my brother... But I will also be getting a new gaming laptop next year whenever Nvidia releases their Maxwell cards.

kayoss1669d ago

actually the PS4 can support 4K movies will be supported but not games. if you have a 4k tv then you can benefit from it.

Nekroo911669d ago

if 4k doesent increase the price of making the game, it will get support. because we all know that pc gamers dont actually buy games, just compare the last year sales 30 million on pc vs hundreds of millions on consoles

mattdillahunty1669d ago


PC gamers don't buy games? when people make such ignorant blanket statements like that, i almost instinctively think they're trolling. because you could not possibly be more wrong.

here's just one example, and it's from one of the biggest game publishers in the world:

"One might think this slump extends to everything PC-related, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Earlier this week, EA posted earnings for the first quarter of its 2014 fiscal year. (The quarter ended on June 30.) EA's numbers include a breakdown of revenue per gaming platform, and they show that the company's net revenue from PC gaming actually rose by 8% compared to the same quarter last year. Not only that, but at $298 million, EA's PC revenue was higher than its Xbox 360 revenue ($256 million) or its PlayStation 3 revenue ($238 million)."


Gorilla_Killa_X1669d ago


Nekroo91 was trolling in another article saying that PC gaming software has only sold $20 billion lifetime sales.

0ut1awed1669d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Yup, I have a 1440p monitor which is pretty much right in the middle between 1080p and 4k. It is AMAZING! I had a 1080p monitor in the same size before this and the difference is staggering. It looks so good that it almost seems surreal. I can only imagine 4k.... The monitor is a PLS panel so the colors are absolutely gorgeous. It also has much deeper blacks when compared to the standard TN LCD/LED panel.

If you're a pc gamer, I highly suggest you look into one of these. Mine is a 27" and I got it brand new with a three year squaretrade warranty for $330. It also overclocks to 96-120hz (lets it output 96-120fps effectively). They actually use the same exact panel as the Apple Cinema displays that sell for $1000. Funny thing is you are stuck with 60hz on the Apple model, along with only a thunderbolt connection for input.

It does have one major flaw though. These monitors are designed with your PC in mind only. The only input is DVI-D so there is no hdmi support. I've heard rumors about hdmi adapters but not sure if it's really possible or not. I plan on getting a PS4 so that kind of sucks. It will still work fine on my 1080p tv though since that's the highest games will probably run nativity.

awi59511668d ago


Your stupid pc digital games companies dont publish most of their numbers because retail threaten publishers not to put their games on shelves. Most of the games on steam aren't even reported because of this hostile nature from retail because they know they are a dying breed and they are holding back games with their petty threats.

Deadpoolio1668d ago

Except for well ya know FACTS like; the PS4 and One80 both support 4K resolution videos/movies....They're just not supporting 4K games considering that 4K TVs are still insanely expensive.

PurpHerbison1668d ago

Don't try to cover your ass with the classic " I've already pre-ordered two PS4's". You already lost N4G when you said, "which is why pc gaming will always be ahead." N4G doesn't tolerate that.

InTheZoneAC1668d ago

I wouldn't even support a known crybaby company like nvidia...

consoles always have the best games....which is why console gaming will always be ahead.

Axecution1668d ago

yea Volition said most of the revenue from Saints IV came from PC. I dont feel like googling the article it was on here though a while back.

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DialgaMarine1669d ago

I'm 99% sure that PS4 will support 4K, especially seeing as Sony has the first 4K TV on the market.

FPSFox1669d ago

PS4 will never support 4k gaming because it lacks the hardware. Even A GTX Titan which is a $1k card, struggles with 3 1080P screens which is still less than 4k. Also, a lot of the games on PS4 run at 30FPS on a single screen. It will support video though. They have said that.

SoulSercher6201669d ago

Sony already said there's no 4K support for games

pixelsword1669d ago

PS4 won't support it; it hardly matters since 1080p HDTV adaption isn't even 100% at this point.

Deadpoolio1668d ago

You do know that the One80 also supports 4k video also right?

And I'm someone buying a PS4 and can't stand Microsoft nor do I trust their hardware after their stunning 55% failure rate for 4 years with the 360....Can't stand that they want to sell you play and charge kits or headset adapters.....

But I do hate misinformation on either side

Pandamobile1668d ago

You guys realize that next-gen consoles are struggling as it is to maintain 1080p resolution in most games.

You're not going to see Killzone games running at 4K this generation.

Maybe some indie games, but AAA games with fancy graphical effects will be relegated to the 720-1080p range.

Corpser1668d ago

Ps4 can't even do 1080p 60fps as standard, it's not going t be powerful enough for 4k

DialgaMarine1668d ago

Lovin all the dislikes because I misunderstood an article I read several months ago. People get so asshurt over the smallest things.

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TekoIie1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

When 4K TV's get a price drop it might be worthwhile ;)

Lior1669d ago

Almost every game supports 4k native

KONAAs1669d ago

4k is suported by allot of movies and games now its just not well known but there quite a few movies, specially all the recent sony picture ones

kingduqc1669d ago

@game support [email protected]

every mordern game support 4k, the thing is you need hardwar to back it up.

doable with 780 sli at the moment. In 2-3 years it's going to be good for single high end card usage.

Ittoryu1669d ago

Not to mention that you wouldn't be able to see the difference they are showing you with your naked eye on say a 40 inch unless you basically sat half an inch from your tv screen. It's been researched already many times the human eye can't tell a difference at certain sizes between HD and 4k basically 4k is only noticeable at the movies on the giant screens like IMAX.

0ut1awed1668d ago

Half an inch? That's a bit much. I can see pixelation on my 42" 1080p tv from the couch 6ft away...

As I said above I went from a 1080p 27" monitor to a 1440p (in between 1080p and 4k) monitor and the difference is crazy. I sit about 3 feet away from it. Anything that is displayed nativity in the 1440p resolution obviously looks tremendously better than anything the 1080p monitor could output.

It sounds to me like a similar argument about 30fps. People used to think (some still do) that anything over 30fps is useless. Almost every single person that makes this claim has never been on anything over 30fps.

I think you need to spend some time with a resolution higher than 1080p before you start making claims like that.

Anonagrog1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

We take the nominal visual acuity of a person with nominal eyesight at something like 2 minutes of arc, right? I think that's right...

Anyways, for a screen size of 40" (2160x3840), we're looking at a square pixel size of 0.0090789".

The ideal viewing distance to get a minimum of 2 arcmins between two adjacent pixels in a 40" 4K works out to be roughly around 16 inches.

So, exaggerated viewing figures aside, a 40" 4K screen is pretty unreasonable for pc gaming, let alone living room viewing.

I use a 27" 1440p (2560x1440) on the pc. For those 2 arcmins that, too, works out to around an ideal 16 inches (nearly exactly the same pixel size as a 40" 4K). Now, I have it about 2 feet from my face, and I certainly notice a loss in definition as I move further than that.

There really aren't many scenarios where a 4k would be beneficial at home in my eyes. (Pun win... Yay!)

Ps4Console1669d ago

I'am not buying a 4K tv why would I .
The actual tv will be gone now in the next eight to ten years making way for a huge screen on your walls how they do it I have not clue but I know you can actually control the screen from your tablet & it's actually all in 8K not 4K there you go .

kayoss1668d ago

The Oracle have spoken. LMAO

Feralkitsune1669d ago

Most games on PC support it. Metro 2033 did and it's an older game. Just who actually has a PC that can play at 4K? That one guy with 3-4 titans?

static52451669d ago

Actually 4K TVs prices are going down fast. You can buy one now between 1000 and 2000.

kayoss1668d ago

Yeah if you are planning to buy a 13inch tv.

ZoyosJD1668d ago


There are $1000 50" 4k tvs. The biggest issues are that they have yet to confirm HDMI 2.0 support(possibly update-able), and are lacking quality in other aspects particularly how well they display content under 4k seeing as it is difficult to come by still.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1669d ago

will this make real life look blurry?

IHassounah1668d ago

I do think that the PS4 and the Xbox One already support 4K , but actually a lot of the games will be limited if they want to use that technology , you could expect games like Golf Tiger or something like that to run at this resolution , you could also expect Forza and Gran Turismo to run at this resolution

kevnb1668d ago

i dont think you can actually, im expecting 1080p or slightly better. Gran Turismo on ps3 was 1280x1080, which is still pretty far from 1080p.

UnholyLight1668d ago

I've already noticed 4k tv prices have dropped a LOT from where they used to be. At my local Future Shop they had prices listed online that go all the way up to **WAIT FOR IT**...$50000..YEAH FOR REAL...

The other day I just saw a 4k TV on display for about $4000 so it's on it's way down to affordable consumer prices. I'd say when they initially thought that it would take longer for the TVs to be adopted due to the high price but I guess there must be some people paying ridiculous prices just to be the first to own one. Probably the same people that have 10 Ferrari's in the garage haha.

I'd bet on seeing 4k becoming a reasonable price in about 1.5 to 2 more years.

aquamala1668d ago

many recent PC games already support 4K (Metro Last Light, Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, to name a few), sure you'll need an expensive setup today, but it's already a reality for people that can afford it.

kevnb1668d ago

pc can, but getting a 4k display is the issue. People are playing in 2k already, although its not mainstream just yet.

jmc88881668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Well games have been supporting 5760x1080 for quite some time.

So yeah, there are already affordable 4ktv's. (sub $1000)

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xKugo1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Was actually expecting the difference to be bigger, but this isn't a 4k native game so whatever. I won't be buying a 4k monitor for my PC for at least 3 years so this doesn't affect me anyway. Game is looking good though..

wishingW3L1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

did you see the necessary crazy zooming to notice a difference? Now try to see a difference without the help of the the zoom-in... You'll not even notice it unless you're playing on some insanely huge screen that would not even fit in a normal house.

hazeblaze1669d ago

Any pc gamer knows this is not true... You will be able to tell a significant difference on a 31" monitor for any game that natively supports 4k resolution... just like going from 1080p to 2560x1600 on a 31" monitor... the difference is huge.

xKugo1668d ago

The zoom has nothing to do with it. A native 4k supported game will shit all over Full HD(1080p) every time. The reason this is so minimal is because this nothing but scaling, which is becoming a real nuisance to me ever since I became a PC gamer. I want to see some games that are built at native 2k or 4k, so as to really get a look at how they can look.

Ittoryu1669d ago

@haze no its not I think I'll take the word of research scientist over the average PC gamer.

Bolts1668d ago

In that case you must be so blind that you need a research scientist to notice the difference. In fact if you need to zoom in to tell the difference then every single 27 inch iMac monitor is useless because it's "only" 1440p.

The difference between a computer monitor that is 1440p and 1080p is huge, and the difference between a 4k TV and a 1080p TV is epic.

I know. I have a Sony 4K TV. Once you start looking at 4K content it's hard to go back to 1080p. We are talking about a scale that isn't just Bluray vs DVD but more like Bluray vs VHS.

kevnb1668d ago

if its rendered at 4k, its native 4k. We arent talking upscaling.

PositiveEmotions1669d ago

Theres a $700 4k tv i think thats a reasonable price

MidnytRain1669d ago

Suspiciously reasonable...

Giru0171669d ago

It only has 30hz refresh rate, your gameplay would tear until your eyes bleed.

KazHiraiFTW1669d ago

Gaming is only good at 60fps. Get a 4k TV that supports HDMI 2.0

bumnut1668d ago

Thats not a problem as my PC would only achieve about 5 fps at 4k!

KazHiraiFTW1668d ago


Me too. 4k gaming won't be viable for another couple years. Unless you have about $6000 to spend on hardware right now.

buynit1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

What Size? Must be tiny, like psvita tiny...

That's not a dig at vita i have one i just don't consider that a tv lol...

Better make that 3.0!

ZoyosJD1668d ago

39 in. but lacking in quality.

A decent 50" with HDMI 2.0 should be around $2000 by the end of the year.

I'd be getting one in mid-late 2014 depending on reviews and price.