Amazon Gold Box: Xbox 360 Consoles W/ $50 Credit

As part of their deal, Amazon is selling the Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Console for $250, the Xbox 260 4 GB Console for $179.00, and the Xbox 360 250 GB Spring Value Bundle for $249.99. All of these will come with a $50 Credit with purchase.

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jacobvogel1671d ago

4 GB for $129 or 250 GB for $200?
Also is it late to buy one?

timothyckeegan1671d ago

It is really worth $70 to get the 250 GB.
Many games end up being patched, all of them save data and many get downloadable contents (DLCs).

Legion211671d ago

Definitely the 250, you might not think you'll be downloading much but DLC starts to add up.

Apollo11671d ago

FIFA 2014 Demo was around 1.6 GB
BF3 DLCs are above 1GB each.
So, 250 GB for sure.