Myst Is 20 Years Old Today. Go Turn a Crank To Celebrate.

Kotaku - Twenty years ago, if you were getting a computer, you were getting one with a newfangled CD-ROM drive. And you were getting a game to justify it. That game was probably Myst. And if that wasn't the case for you, it was for your mom or grandfather or cousin. Like few games before or since, Myst was ubiquitous.

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Snookies121538d ago

Myst holds a special place for me. I remember playing it as a kid and finding it beyond fascinating. I'd sit at the computer and lose myself in the world. It was a one of a kind experience that I won't forget anytime soon.

ziggurcat1538d ago

great game, but it was upsetting to me at the time when i found out that you can actually beat that game in less than a minute.

Grave1538d ago

Totally agree. Super special game. This is the one the one that got me hooked for life.

SlapHappyJesus1538d ago

I recently played the free-roaming remake of the game, actually. The art definitely doesn't hold up to the picturesque original, being that it was essentially an interactive picture-book, but I still think I prefer it.
I honestly feel everyone should try the series. The games certainly hold a special place for me.
Certainly not going to entertain everyone though.

Dante811538d ago

This is what Bioshock Infinite would be like if it was made back then.

drsfinest721538d ago

Wow time flies I played this when I was around 8-9years old.

Relientk771538d ago

This really brings back memories

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