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"Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures begins with our hero and his friends being pulled into their TV and into ‘Game World,' with the Nerd then being tasked with making his way through each of Game World’s eight levels and rescuing his cohorts. Each level shares similarities with popular NES games and they are littered with old platforming gameplay mechanics, some good and some bad."

~ Paul Tamburro, GameRevolution

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dbjj120881675d ago

I'm angry this didn't get a higher score. >:(

Agent_00_Revan1675d ago

"These quotes are grossly immature—and in most cases, just plain gross"

I stopped taking this review seriously after that.

rodiabloalmeida1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I didn't even bother to do it so. It's a game for fans. But I honestly laughed at the quote you posted. Whoever did this review is definitely not an AVGN fan.

Angerfist1675d ago

Im angry that this nerd still has made so much of his kickstarter and his trash movie still isnt complete.

Agent_00_Revan1675d ago

Why don't you try going to the website and watching some of the update videos where he explains what's going on.