1UP Previews: PowerUp Forever - Namco Bandai reveals a new shooter for XBLA and PSN

1UP writes: "At Namco Bandai's press event this week, we saw a very early version of the just announced 2D shooter for Xbox Live, PowerUp Forever, which focuses on exploration and evolving while destroying waves of enemies. As a ship, you fly around a seemingly endless space and shoot down smaller enemies that pour out from larva-like monoliths. Within minutes of meandering through space, you're confronted by a ship that looks like you, only larger and more advanced. After successfully dispatching the enemy, you'll receive an upgrade that morphs your ship into a larger, more deadly predator. Once silent giants, the larva now appear smaller and spring to life to attack the new threat (you), revealing even larger foes that will greet you for the next upgrade."

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