Square Enix Registers Deus Ex Universe

Square Enix Europe has just registered and trademarked Deus Ex Universe on September 10th, 2013, which could a next generation console game. Deus Ex has been becoming more popular fan wise and with an announcement earlier this month that Deus Ex: The Fall will be coming to the IOS and Android, the future looks bright for the franchise and we here at Square Enix Origin have more on the Deus Ex Universe trademark.

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TomShoe1672d ago


The choice I made at the end of Invisible War still haunts me to this day.

SlapHappyJesus1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

The game gets a bad rap. Is it great? No.
It is far from a bad game though. Definitely doesn't touch the original or Human Revolution.
They really need to announce another proper Deus Ex game. Let us just know it is in the works.

Concertoine1672d ago

i agree, especially with the crap coming out nowadays. i think invisible war is vastly underrated.
that bastard needed 256 megs of RAM back in the day, what a beast!

-Foxtrot1672d ago

It's Sqaure we'll probably end up with an MMO game

Universe does sound MMO-ish

I wouldn't mind a sequel set after Human Revolution, however they could make a game set after Invisible Wars. Adam Jensen in the problem though if you go with a game after IW then you can't have Adam...unless his special augmentations slow his ageing down or something or he's been put in cryo stasis. Oh come's a Sci-fi type game anything can happen

nick3091672d ago

Mmo or smartphone game. Bummer. Though i bought the fall for ios , cant say im enjoying it.

Gamesgbkiller1672d ago

Its a game for IOS .

I guarantee you.

CalamityCB1672d ago

Chances are the outcome of this is going to be an ios game.

matrixman921672d ago

come on...can we just get another amazing single player game thats not a crappy ios game or mmo

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The story is too old to be commented.