GTA V: Figures In France

Grand Theft Auto V string of records with such ease that there will be jaded. Yet it is historical figures referred to the Rockstar game, which has sold 1.1 million copies during the week of its release in France according to our information. Figures from the preliminary report from GfK for French results last week, which are not yet final.

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pedrof93951d ago

I own one of these copies, seriously everyone was talking about it one week ago.

HardcoreGamer950d ago

the sales for first weeek of this game are 9 millions units accross both xbox 360 and ps3

this is my estimate, i have my reasons for it. but just gonn play the waiting game now

the first damn week, its MAD

GamersRulz949d ago

more like 13-15 million week 1

This is my estimate.

Prcko951d ago

1.1 million ONLY IN FRANCE, jesus this is phenomenal achievement!

AntoineDcoolette949d ago

So about 1 out of every 60 French citizens purchased the game.