The Big Debate: PC vs Console Gaming

TGR take a look at both sides of the gaming coin, and invite you to take part in the big debate: which is the better experience, PC or console gaming?

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ATi_Elite1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

There is NO debate!!!

If you love PC Exclusives, mods, bleeding edge tech, and customizing your game play to your needs then build a PC.

If you enjoy the console gaming experience and console exclusives then buy a Console.

PC's and consoles are two different worlds.

thereapersson1667d ago

I play certain games on PC's; certain games on consoles. There is no substitution for either one, IMO and I hate it when people write off one or the other or try to compare apples to oranges. Some people prefer the console feel on PC's and vice versa. That is why you see Valve develop the "big picture" mode in Steam and why you have developers creating programs such as MotionInJoy. Both systems of game delivery have things to offer and I am glad they are sharing tech. Consoles still remain the defacto method for "plug and play" high quality gaming, but as you mentioned the bleeding edge of tech goes to PC's.

thereapersson1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

In fact, I remember loving the 90's, which was the golden-era for PC gaming. Weekends and weeknights were spent at my neighbor's house playing DooM shareware that was installed via 3.5" floppy discs, all the way to the first time I played Myst on a CD Rom and beyond. On the same token, I remember spending countless hours and missing many homework assignments because I was over at my friends' houses playing Mortal Kombat II, Killer Instinct, Super Mario Brothers, etc. Then PlayStation dropped and my world was changed with full 3-D gaming and stereo sound.

PC games at the time were very sim-like in many aspects, and super-technical in others. Consoles have always provided a streamlined yet relevant style of gaming that has only recently started to overlap in terms of concepts and delivery.

Dante811667d ago

This isn't the 90s anymore. PCs and consoles have never been so alike.

aceitman1667d ago

just like old pc and my 1st Nintendo console I played on them both and I will continue to do it all the time , there is console exclusive and pc exclusive , and u can add in tablets now too. game on .

thebudgetgamer1667d ago

I love video games and the ones I enjoy the most are on consoles so I buy that first. I appologize if that offends anyone.

ATi_Elite1667d ago

I don't know why it would offend anyone and I don't know why someone would disagree with your comment.

You like certain type of games therefore you play on the platform that gives you those games.

Happy Gaming!

Bathyj1667d ago

Yeah, no debate from me. Each to their own, whatever that might be.

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Mr Tretton1667d ago

This 'debate' needs to go away. Debate...more 'da bait.'

oof461667d ago

Sometimes it seems these articles are written purely to generate hits and trolling.

Bathyj1667d ago

You just wrinkled my brain.

Jovanian 1667d ago

By itself, PC is better than owning any one console. Cheaper in the long run and more bang for your buck.

Though a combination of the two, PC and a console, lets say PS4 for example, is the best option if you have the cash to support gaming on two platforms

Allsystemgamer1667d ago

Uh yup

I get all console exclusives and PC exclusives. Grow up.

JackStraw1667d ago

you don't even know what i said nope to lol. you grow up moron.

mr-phillips1667d ago

Buy both PC for multiplats and consoles for which ever exclusives look more interesting to you.

Grave1667d ago

Sorry no pc vs console for me. In my gaming world it's pc AND consoles.

mandf1667d ago

Are you a old school gamer? Just an honest question.

Grave1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

oh ya, started with NES and a commodore 64/128 when I was a kid.

mandf1667d ago

I thought so. I started on Atari 2600. I hate these articles.

To all those taking sides


Games are are fun no matter What system you play them on.

Rodent851667d ago

make sense,,since i own both ps3 and aspire v3-471 *mostly for playing eroge though, is that pc for right?

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