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Submitted by PoisonedMonkey 795d ago | opinion piece

The Big Debate: PC vs Console Gaming

TGR take a look at both sides of the gaming coin, and invite you to take part in the big debate: which is the better experience, PC or console gaming? (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

ATi_Elite  +   796d ago
There is NO debate!!!

If you love PC Exclusives, mods, bleeding edge tech, and customizing your game play to your needs then build a PC.

If you enjoy the console gaming experience and console exclusives then buy a Console.

PC's and consoles are two different worlds.
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thereapersson  +   795d ago
I play certain games on PC's; certain games on consoles. There is no substitution for either one, IMO and I hate it when people write off one or the other or try to compare apples to oranges. Some people prefer the console feel on PC's and vice versa. That is why you see Valve develop the "big picture" mode in Steam and why you have developers creating programs such as MotionInJoy. Both systems of game delivery have things to offer and I am glad they are sharing tech. Consoles still remain the defacto method for "plug and play" high quality gaming, but as you mentioned the bleeding edge of tech goes to PC's.
thereapersson  +   795d ago
In fact, I remember loving the 90's, which was the golden-era for PC gaming. Weekends and weeknights were spent at my neighbor's house playing DooM shareware that was installed via 3.5" floppy discs, all the way to the first time I played Myst on a CD Rom and beyond. On the same token, I remember spending countless hours and missing many homework assignments because I was over at my friends' houses playing Mortal Kombat II, Killer Instinct, Super Mario Brothers, etc. Then PlayStation dropped and my world was changed with full 3-D gaming and stereo sound.

PC games at the time were very sim-like in many aspects, and super-technical in others. Consoles have always provided a streamlined yet relevant style of gaming that has only recently started to overlap in terms of concepts and delivery.
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Dante81  +   795d ago
This isn't the 90s anymore. PCs and consoles have never been so alike.
aceitman  +   795d ago
just like old pc and my 1st Nintendo console I played on them both and I will continue to do it all the time , there is console exclusive and pc exclusive , and u can add in tablets now too. game on .
thebudgetgamer  +   795d ago
I love video games and the ones I enjoy the most are on consoles so I buy that first. I appologize if that offends anyone.
ATi_Elite  +   795d ago
I don't know why it would offend anyone and I don't know why someone would disagree with your comment.

You like certain type of games therefore you play on the platform that gives you those games.

Happy Gaming!
Bathyj  +   795d ago
Yeah, no debate from me. Each to their own, whatever that might be.
Mr Tretton  +   795d ago
This 'debate' needs to go away. Debate...more 'da bait.'
oof46  +   795d ago
Sometimes it seems these articles are written purely to generate hits and trolling.
Bathyj  +   795d ago
You just wrinkled my brain.
Jovanian  +   795d ago
By itself, PC is better than owning any one console. Cheaper in the long run and more bang for your buck.

Though a combination of the two, PC and a console, lets say PS4 for example, is the best option if you have the cash to support gaming on two platforms
JackStraw  +   795d ago
Allsystemgamer  +   795d ago
Uh yup

I get all console exclusives and PC exclusives. Grow up.
JackStraw  +   795d ago
you don't even know what i said nope to lol. you grow up moron.
mr-phillips  +   795d ago
Buy both PC for multiplats and consoles for which ever exclusives look more interesting to you.
starchild  +   795d ago
That's how I do it.
Grave  +   795d ago
Sorry no pc vs console for me. In my gaming world it's pc AND consoles.
mandf  +   795d ago
Are you a old school gamer? Just an honest question.
Grave  +   795d ago
oh ya, started with NES and a commodore 64/128 when I was a kid.
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mandf  +   795d ago
I thought so. I started on Atari 2600. I hate these articles.

To all those taking sides


Games are are fun no matter What system you play them on.
Rodent85  +   795d ago
make sense,,since i own both ps3 and aspire v3-471 *mostly for playing eroge though, is that pc for right?
thehitman  +   795d ago
If you love unique gaming experiences with the best developers on the planet get a console. If you want to play RTS games and your popular MMOs build a PC. I have both since I love both worlds but I would say consoles have the better games while PCs just have the ability to give you higher quality looking games. for like triple the price
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Jovanian  +   795d ago
Lol some of the best games of all time are on PC, and some of the best developers too.

And if you think all that PC gaming offers is 'higher quality looking games' for 'triple the price' then you are sorely mistaken, or bought a pre-built computer or some other foolish act
thehitman  +   795d ago
I built my PC from hand self picked parts. I game more on my PC than on my console atm will probably change after I receive my ps4. PC gaming has great games but you really cant compare the games that are only on PC vs the only on Consoles games. PC gaming doesnt even hold a fight in anyway. Like I said PC gaming is predominantly for MMOs and RTS games other than that it doesnt really offer much besides eye-candy console ports. If you can refute my arguement give me some facts and I will gladly rebuttal everything you say.
Jovanian  +   795d ago
'but you really cant compare the games that are only on PC vs the only on Consoles games.'

Find me the part where I compared games that were 'only' on PC vs 'only' on consoles.

You claimed 'consoles have the better games' and I called you out on it. Next time try to keep an eye on when you slip up and say an absolute statement like that
thehitman  +   795d ago
Im confused if your not talking about only PC games vs Console games than my original statement is true you only get higher quality looking games for like triple the price. What else are you basing your comparisons off of? Its not like the games that are on both platforms PCs have extra content or things in the game that can only be done on PC? What are you basing your "the best games of all time are on PC".
AceBlazer13  +   795d ago
exactly, pc exclusives are meh compared to consoles exclusives. pc however does have a really nice variety of games and that back catalog.
starchild  +   795d ago
Console exclusives tend to have bigger budgets, but that in no way means that they are better games.

Some of my favorite games this past generation like The Witcher, Dear Esther, Total War Shogun 2 and Outlast can currently only be played on a PC. And that's only naming a few.

PC also simply gets MORE exclusives. So it really comes down to:
Bigger budgets in console exclusives.
More innovation and greater variety in PC exclusives.

Either way, all platforms have good exclusives. I care mostly about which platform gives me the best experience on MOST games. Multiplatform games comprise around 85 to 90% of the market and the PC excels with those games--with better graphics, much smoother framerates and controller response times, and all the incredible mods.
1trillindividual  +   795d ago
There's no debate. There's a game for everyone, and everyone has their preference of which system, control, and gameplay they want. Quit posting stuff like this that are turning gamers against each other.
kingduqc  +   795d ago
Upgradable > not upgradable
2560*1440 > 720-1080p
60fps/120 > 30fps
Mouse or any controller or any stick > 1 controller only
Mods >no mods
insane game deals > minor deals
All genra > No rts,moba,simulators,ect.
almost all indie game > Few indie game
tons of free to play > not many free to paly
No online fees > Online fees
Full Oculus rift support > Very limited oculus rift support
Multitasking king > Horrible multitasking
good Video editing HQ > Shitty video editing low quality
better sound quality > lower sound quality
Easy to repair > Can't be repaired without special tools
Normal hard disk > Proprietary hardware (overpriced)
Real work can be done > No work can be done
Mature audience > Less mature audience
Possible crowd funding > No crowd funding
Can fix software problems > can't fix em
Emulators up to wii > No emulator
Backward compatibility > no backward compatibility
Home of innovation > Home of stagnation

Tricky < Ease of use

It's pretty clear to me there is no debate. There is one obviously a better platform. Now some will bring cost... but frankly if you analyse it.. the upfront cost IS bigger but in the long run with price of games new or older it's still cheaper to game on pc On top of having all the eye candy, the smoothness and the extra content trough mods.

I conclude

PC > Consoles

There is some exclusives that are truly fun to play on consoles and I can't deny it (mainly why I still get some consoles at some point) but frankly there is just to many reason why I don't see console as a main viable gaming platform.
AceBlazer13  +   795d ago
go to steam right now and tell me the price of every game that came out this year so far. now go and look at the price of those same games for ps3/360. better deals my ass.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   795d ago
loads of those games have already been on sale more than once already.....
Xristo  +   795d ago
You don't know what you don't know but you are ignorant to how PC gamers purchase games. I obtain Team Fortress 2 keys (international currency) for $1.75 each (from websites like and then trade them for games on Through places like Russia and China, I trade these keys for extremely low priced games (Steam store is cheaper there) Yes, it's legal and does not break any terms of Steam. I cannot buy games from these countries but i can trade with people from these countries using Steam's integrated trading/gifting system. Example would be that I just traded 6 keys for State of Decay "19.99 on Steam" ... 6x$1.75=$10.50 ... Even without Steam sales I STILL find games cheap. Also, I do not just rely on Steam directly. Most PC games are now SteamWorks games so you have websites like, and gamers gate, that have sales daily and will provide Steam codes upon purchase.

I live on a military budget (far from rich) and have over 450+ games on Steam because games are SOOOOO cheap. Here is my profile:
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thehitman  +   795d ago
I would say half your comparisons are flat out false while even more are just pure opinion based.

ugradeable Oki you win that
resolution PCs will win that at a cost
frames PCs will win that a a cost
controller > mouse + keyboard besides in RTS/MMO genre

Mods? no1 cares about mods most overrated PC benefit

PS+ has insane deals better than anything you get on steam

PC doesnt have all genres, lacks in lot of action adventure games such as GoW type games, UC, TLOU, Heavy Rain, MGS no good racing sims you dont see games of those genres of those quality on PC at all

You win I guess more indie games but its becoming a trend all indies are jumping ship from PC and moving to console and mobile devices the indies on PC are mostly shovelware facebook type games. Thats nothing to be proud of.

F2P games you win on that but lot of them are coming to consoles now so you dont get that point.

Oculus Rift? seems like your grasping at straws

Multitasking king if your talking about non-gaming related things then sure. Another grasp at straw.

good video editing HQ? Not a quality of a gaming device and you can always upload to your PC to edit not really an advantage try harder.

better sound quality LOL? You obviously know nothing about consoles try harder next time you can hook any sound system that you can for your PC on your console.

Easy to repair? Well PCs have more problems and break down more so I guess PCs should win this one.

HD? unless you only are reffering to Xbox, My ps3 and ps4 will be able to use any HD/SSD my PC can.

Real work can be done? not sure what you are referring to more grasping at straws?

Mature audience > less mature audience ?? lol you ever read twitch chat for popular games? I would counter your argument in a second.

crowd funding? Kickstarter games are on consoles as well try harder

fix software problems? consoles dont have any nice try consoles are easy plug and play

Emulator? why emulate the console I am using lol

backwards compatibility? Dont really care got it on my PS3 never used it

home of innovation lol? tell me the last innovating game made on PC.

Its pretty clear you know nothing about which is better and console gaming is much better than your ego will admit.

I conclude
starchild  +   795d ago
Bias and hypocrisy is all I see here from you.

You slam him for using opinion, but then most everything you said is just pure opinion. Everything else you just dismiss as not important or "grasping at straws".

For example, you claim no one gives a crap about mods? Give me a break.

Your whole post was a joke.
hiredhelp  +   795d ago
Hmmmm. No big debate move along nothin decent to read here.. Flame bait cough cough
thereapersson  +   795d ago
@ kingduqc

You spent all that time on that horrible troll comment. Well done, sir.
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level 360  +   795d ago
Hate the many complexities, constant upgrade and jibber jabber about hardware one-upmanship that you are being bombarded when talking about PC.

Been through that and hated it with every living blood corpuscle in my body.

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BludoDaSmelly  +   795d ago
I prefer PC but i also play console.
cunnilumpkin  +   795d ago
up next bugatti Veyron vs ford tempo.....

lol....why compare the two

ps4 vs ipad is a much closer comparison
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ziggurcat  +   795d ago
Flame bait article.

And this is like comparing apples to oranges.
Max-Zorin  +   795d ago
PC: Great
Consoles: Great
Their fans: They're crazy. Just stay inside and have a cold beer or something.
Bathyj  +   795d ago
One thing consoles have over PC's. Console owners dont seem to care if PC owners like their machine or not. PC gamers are always rattling off their resumes.

I think because they are more powerful and everyone knows it, but consoles are more popular and most games are made with consoles in mind, they tend to put the hard sell on a bit and over compensate.

Just enjoy what you like, I'm not going to try to talk you into picking up a control pad and sitting on a couch to play a 720p game. Stop being upset that a console fanboy thinks a game of his looks fantastic just because you can run Crysis 3 on Ultra at 120fps.
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