First images of new Spider-Man game: Web of Shadows

Today, Activision revealed a new Spider-Man game. The first images of this game can be seen here. One image is a screenshots, the second is an artwork.

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kewlkat0073897d ago

in a while. I played the Marvel game on the Original Xbox and Hulk a while back.

Part of me feel these games should stay as "Brawlers" but Brawlers/Fighters are somewhat dead.

I remember batman returns was awesome on SNES. It was just a beatem up.

Jamegohanssj53897d ago

Another crappy Spiderman game.

The Genius has spoken.

fablex3897d ago

Well, hopefully this one will be beter than the previous Spidy games. * still hoping for that GTA meets Spider-Man game * ;)

himdeel3897d ago

...about too many Spiderman games that turned out like flaming hot garbage on a warm sunny day sprinkled in a dash of pure $***! I don't even want to comment on this yet.

Jim Crowslaw3897d ago

spiderman 2 was the best spidey game.

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The story is too old to be commented.