Outlast has received Hard and Nightmare difficulties in new update

Rely On Horror: Outlast, one of my favorite games of the year, will be receiving two new difficulty modes in an upcoming patch. Developer Red Barrels has announced that Hard and Nightmare difficulties will be included in the upcoming patch, as well as improvements to the struggle mechanic. General optimizations as well as the option to disable motion blur and on-screen prompts have also been added.

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Giru0171640d ago

*craps pants*
Seriously this game is evil xDD

adorie1640d ago

*hands you a pack of Depends* ^_^

Austin481640d ago

This game is gonna be great

SlapHappyJesus1640d ago

While I do appreciate The Chinese Room's take on the Amnesia series, this is definitely the game horror fans should be flocking to at the moment.

adorie1640d ago

I guess I can agree with you there. I'm lil less than half way through. Been playing FFX Int. I got a day off work tomorrow, so I think I'll catch up on some more Outlast.

The game is eeerrieeee!