Lengthy patch download haunts Metal Gear Online

The Konami clusterfu*k - part 2

There are two delivery options, one which involves peer-to-peer connections, a la BitTorrent. Unfortunately, the hours-long download cannot be background downloaded. PS3 is certainly encouraging a lot more sandwich eating, no?...

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Drekken3896d ago

NOM NOM NOM... Start the download, hit Video source and watch some TV... OOOOR Go outside!

Fishy Fingers3896d ago

What a fantastic suggestion...

Apart from each time I start the download I get a few percent and it crashes forcing me to quit to the XMB and start the process all over again.

I'm having to baby sit it every step of the way.

Bloody joke.

solar3896d ago

thats exactly what i did. watched tv and played tf:2 on pc while i waited. no big deal at all.

Superiorrior3895d ago

Fishy theres more than 100,000 people trying to do exactly what your doing at the exact some time, they're so swamped there probably buying server units in bulk right now.

DarkArcani3895d ago

who goes outside anymore?

thomfilm3895d ago

Outside? When did this all happen? I think I must have missed this outside craze.

Keowrath3895d ago

heh Domultra I agree, this is the beta. First feedback they should be obtaining is that they need a bucket load more servers! They obviously didn't realise how popular their game was gonna be. As long as they take note on this hopefully by the time the full title is released they'll have they're sh!t together... Hopefully =)

Rocko3895d ago

go outside and pretend Konami knows what the f**k they're doing.

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Marceles3896d ago

At least this is happening a few days before the beta begins. I understand if this was on the first day of beta, but everyone has plenty of time to download the beta and patch it by Monday.

LeonSKennedy4Life3895d ago

But it sucks because I still can't get on the website. It's been blocked for the past couple of days.

Delive3895d ago

Though I don't agree with all the decisions Konami (Not Sony) made about the ID's and lengthy patch downloads, I am going to Beta test a game for $5 down on a game I was going to buy anyway on Monday. Half the pre-orders now a days give you a t-shirt, a doll, art book, a stylus or stuff like that. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. I started the patch and went to work. I had actually stopped it at like 6% and it picked up where it left off on the HTTP download option.

Amanosenpai3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Why everybody is pushing so hard a BETA? Yea I know it will be glorious BUT come on give it a break, i mean, the BETA is not even open, you WONT acces till monday 21, you are plenty of TIME, for real (its thursday).

I can already see monday´s news "MGSO beta servers having issues"

just BE PATIENT guys

Bladestar3896d ago

I am not yet a PS3 owner, but I would just do it overnight... many of you do folding... think of it the same way.... if you sleep at least a few hours a day... you should be ok.

cr33ping_death3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

again sounds like a good idea but if the server crashes ou have to exit the game and then re eneter to start off where you last left off. so leaving the PS3 on is pointlee...i should know i did that last night :( but i finished downloading it after like 2 hours of constant crashes.

Max Power3895d ago

and the site was down pretty much all night, i did manage to get on before my internet connection quit on me.

Yipee Bog3895d ago

with the 360 for downloads, until I woke up in the middle of the night thinkin' my roof was falling on my head from the noise. ps3 can get loud too sometimes if you leave it on long enough. Maybe I just like my beauty sleep too much. or I need to quit drinking before I go to bed, to each his own.

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timmyp533896d ago

how konami didn't put it on the PS store.

Spinner3895d ago

Yeah what the hell .. why couldn't they just make it like a regular game update? Sony would have hosted it for free.

Holy sh!t Konami, learn2internet.

UnblessedSoul3896d ago

You cant do it overnight you'll just get an error and not much will be downloaded

DarkArcani3895d ago

you have till monday. take a chill pill. it's not like your missing out on some play time.
Oh and this is a "BETA". It's not meant to be working like a finished product.

Tetsuryu3895d ago

Seriously I'm getting error messages left and right, while downloading at a lighting 0.00463234KB/s. Current progress: 0%

Minutes later...