Take a Close Look at Soul Sacrifice Delta Played on the PS Vita TV and the New PS Vita in Two Videos

Soul Sacrifice Delta was one of the games available at the Tokyo Game Show PlayStation booth to showcase the new PS Vita TV. Even more interestingly, the demo was done with the PS Vita TV and three PCH-2000 PS Vitas at the same time.

In the two videos you can check out how the game looks on a big screen and recorded in high resolution, and a bonus close look at the new Pink and Black PS Vita 2000.

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Wikkid6661517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Garbage video

I'm getting half a green screen

Abriael1517d ago

Maybe you should check your browser and flash player instead of blaming the video.

prodg521517d ago

How many people can play this game at the same time? I played the first SS demo on Vita and the game was fun. This new one seems to have more action/enemies.

FamilyGuy1517d ago

I wonder if there's any chance of them making a PS4 version of Soul Sacrifice. This type of game is right up my alley but I'm not a fan of handhelds as I have no use for them. I'll be picking this up once Vita Tv launches in the U.S. though.

abusador1517d ago

Vita TV is great, Sony aiming to take over living room and other places with vita t, v,, ps4, remote play and gakai

ABizzel11517d ago

Agreed I was concerned how Vita games would look on a HD screen, but they look just fine. They should be perfect on my PS TV, but that being said I wonder how they'll look on a 50" or bigger.

abusador1517d ago

I game on a 120inch screen via 1080p HD projector which looks awesome but anything under 720p looks meh I think the highest rez on the vita TV is 720 p so I should be god igpf not I'll just use it for my 55 inch samsung

dcj05241517d ago

Vita games are genarlly 600-720p so its good.

tubers1517d ago

3 factors:

1.) Distance
2.) Your Visual Acuity
3.) Calibration

tubers1517d ago


No. Games are internally rendered up to 544p.

The VTV will upscale it to 720p or 1080i.

PS. There are several home console games that run below 720p internally like some Call of Duty console games.

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