Dark Souls 2 is Harder, With More Emphasis on PvP and Co-Op Gameplay

Gameranx: "FromSoftware wants its players to suffer through Dark Souls 2 with the implementation of death penalties."

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Psychotica1671d ago

More emphasis on PvP, I knew they would find a way to screw the game up..

brodychet1671d ago

wtf. to my knowledge everyone loved pvp. lmao. I'm sure they didn't make it any worse.

Psychotica1671d ago

No, there were a lot of people who wanted the option to turn off invasions..

karl1671d ago

im just guessing here but im sure u can just not log into psn or xbox live

that should allow u to play offline...

XboxFun1671d ago

Just remain dead and no one will invade your game. This is how it worked in the last Dark Souls.

Reverent1671d ago

Turn off invasions in DARK SOULS? Lol, are you kidding me? ANY true Demon's Souls/Dark Souls fan LOVES that aspect of the game. If you casual kiddies can't take it, this is the wrong game for you.

Blastoise1671d ago

In Dark Souls 2 you can get invaded while undead now, but apparently there is a covenant that protects you from invasions

Evilsnuggle1671d ago

Yes the pvp sucked it ruined the whole game it never function properly. Demon SOULS played better than dark souls and the backstab was bad for the game in dark souls. Demon SOULS pvp was much is better than dark souls and pvp were the same level of the players.

Enigma_20991671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )


You don't speak for everybody.

And yes, emphasis on PvP makes it worse.


Why does enjoying a challenging game have to include dealing with the a**holes that invade it?

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Summons751671d ago

Pvp is a huge piece of the souls games. As long as you don't invade you have a low chance of being invaded. Demon souls had the soul tendencies for your rate and dark souls I just didn't invade and was never invaded (unless in someone else's world). I made a pvp char, invaded and that's all that I had happen.

Don't like it don't invade, simple, and the rare times you do...know the map and how to use it against them.

I always have a coop char and a pvp char. Coop char rarely gets invaded.

MysticStrummer1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I'd love to see evidence that there were "a lot of people" who wanted the option to turn off one of the coolest things about the series.

Since I love the series, I'll be nervous about the possibility of them screwing it up until I actually play it, but this doesn't qualify as a reason to give up and declare the game a failure.

brish1671d ago


If you don't want pvp just play offline. No one forces you to go online!

Personally I liked the pvp aspects of the game so I'll be online.

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Darkfire3691671d ago

I don't really mind this, but I hope they improve some of the online mechanics, like making it a lot harder to get a back-stab.

abusador1671d ago

Pvp was great and if you didn't want it you just play offline,Smh.
Music to my wars, more online focuss and harder, yessss
There goes another 200 plus hours of my life gone,, soon lol

XboxFun1671d ago

Love everything about this game. I really do hope they get rid of that back stab. I remember playing and just me and the opponent running around in circles trying to back stab each other.

Anyways, can't wait for this game to release.

riceking1671d ago

anyone know when the beta going to be open for NA?

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